Winter Hair Styling Trends that You Should Know About

It’s winter season and you can start feeling the cold breeze as it hits your face first thing in the morning. But while holiday parties and hot chocolate with marshmallows sound nice, it also means that you’ll have to deal with the dreaded process of coming up with a fabulous look.

Winter hairstyles are all about making coats and high necked sweaters look even more fashionable, which can be impossible to do. A lot of the times, your winter party outfit can look drab in comparison to your amazing wardrobe. Luckily, we’ve got all the details on the trendiest runway-worthy winter hairstyles that you’ll love to try.

Whether you have straight, wavy or curly hair, we’ll give you some inspiration on how you can use protective hairstyles and colors to give your hair a brand new look.


A New Cut

Sometimes, a girl just wants to do a complete one-eighty on her style and change the way her hair looks, which involves giving it a trim, or a dramatic chop. Haircuts can signal a new beginning and can make one feel more optimistic about the upcoming future. Getting a haircut during the winter season is a great way to start off the new year, and here are some cool cuts you’ll find absolutely stunning.

Short Bangs


Remember when cutting bangs were all the rage but you couldn’t get over how annoying it felt to have them in your eyes all the time? Luckily, this season’s bangs are a little shorter and less intricately cut so it looks like you’ve done a DIY job. This year, short, reckless bangs are the new trend, and it’s quite popular. Just getting a cut of these will give your hair an edgier and rebellious look that’ll pair quite well with your winter fashions.


Single Straight Length

Nowadays, hair that’s cut in straight lines is gaining aesthetic value, and many models have walked the runway with this style.

It’s fairly easy to achieve, and your hair will get a sleek appearance, which is suitable if you naturally have straight hair. The whole point of the cut is that your hair is the same length front and back, so there’s total consistency.


Messy or Elongated Bobs

Stop, whatever you’re doing because bob cuts are back in fashion, whether they’re short, messy, or elongated. It doesn’t matter if you have straight or wavy hair, there’s a cute bob-haircut waiting for you. After all, they were all over the runway this season!


If your hair leans towards the wavy side, a messier option would come more naturally, while straight-hair types can suit elongated styles better.

Asymmetrical Cuts

Want a non-conformist look that gives a hint of nostalgia? Opt for vintage hairstyles like asymmetrical styles like a pixie cut that’ll make everyone do a double take. Spice it up with a cool scarf or 80s themed accessory and you’re all set to go.

Get the Angled Treatment

If you’re not ready to commit to the big chop, then perhaps getting an angled cut at the ends will be better. Next time you make a trip to the salon to get rid of those pesky split ends, ask your stylist to cut it in an angled direction towards the bottom. This can be fun if you’re willing to experiment with some color, or even if you just want to throw on a winter hat and head home.

Change the Style

For girls that want to keep their hair like the way it is, there are plenty of ways that you can style your hair to look fabulous all winter long. Whether you want your hair to match your winter wardrobe, or go all out for a holiday party that’s coming up, here are some creative ideas on what styles you should choose from.

Top Knots and Messy Buns

This winter, flaunt your low-maintenance top knots and buns with swift up-dos that look elegant but make a bold statement. Up-dos are well known for being practical; there’s no-nonsense involved, and it keeps the hair out of your face so you can focus on work that needs to be done. Pair your messy top knot with a warm scarf and you’ve made a front cover look. Choose from a variety of hair accessories to tie your hair, whether it’s a multi-purpose hair tie, a hair stick, or intricate ribbons.


Make it Messy

Great news, ladies! Messy hair is trending, and everyone is embracing the natural and unrefined look of untamed hair. Whether it’s the weird hairstyle you wake up with or the way it subtly curls after a shower, it’s all good for your winter wardrobe. If your hair falls straighter than you’d like, ask your stylist to cut a few layers, and style your hair with a brush and hint of texturizer to give it a messier appearance.


Keep it Natural

To all the girls with natural hair, we know how much of a pain it can be to manage curly hair in the winter. Trying to protect it from dryness while suffering from an itchy scalp and dandruff can be frustrating.

However, you can deal with all these issues without wishing you’d have just gotten a perm. Keep your hair natural, add some color, and style it with a texture-enhancing product to keep your hair in place without going through a hassle. Make sure to carry a moisture-boosting product like the Kerotin High Gloss Mist to make your hair pliable and conditioned. 

Tie it Up for Some ‘Oomph!’ 

For a look that has attitude, you can style your natural hair by tying it up delicately into a bun with a soft scrunchie. This protective hairstyle keeps your hair from twisting too hard and leaves room for it to breathe.

Pompadour Galore

Natural haired beauties can flaunt fantastic pompadour-inspired hairstyles this winter because of the flair and confidence they radiate. It doesn’t matter if your curly hair falls in soft and bouncy ringlets or coils up into a pouf, this timeless classic will always remain a staple for natural hair types. For an intricate look, you can add a few twists here and there, and your hair will look fashion-show ready.

Wear it Like a Crown

Heavily coiled hair was mistaken as unmanageable for a long time. That is until the right styling product came to the scene. With moisturizing hairspray, texture-enhancing mists, and conditioning sprays can make kinky natural hair more pliable and easy to style.

By styling it into multiple buns around your head, you can make your natural hair look like a crown. Add some extra accessories and throw on a chic scarf; you’re all set to take on the world.

Sleek with Center Parts

While some women don’t prefer a sleek and straight look, the famous hairstyle has become an acquired taste that not everyone has the patience to maintain. If your hair falls straight naturally, then it may not take as much straightening and brushing as is usually required. And to top it off, middle parts are in the spotlight for giving an avant-garde look. Go on, try it! A simple look like this one can tell a million stories.


If you’re worried about having to go through the hassle of making stylish hairdos every day, it’s understandable. Not to mention, you can’t wear a hat either so an on-point hairstyle can’t really save you from feeling chilly. In this case, you can book an appointment to tie cornrows and call it a day. With your cornrows neatly teased and pulled, you’ll be all set for all your casual and semi-formal winter events. You can set your cornrows in various up-dos for formal events, or simply tie them back during casual gatherings.


Add a Pop of Color

This year, winter fashion is getting flexible to be more inclusive of different colors. This explains why it isn’t completely centered around a single color and offers women a variety of colors to choose from. So your personality gets to decide what shade to dye your hair. Nonetheless, even if you like to keep it natural, here’s some inspiration and details on which hair colors got the most love on winter fashion runways.

Neon Colors

Ah, the neon trend. Although this year’s trend swayed more towards bobbed haircuts in neon colors like from a cyberpunk movie about the future, you can go neon any other way if you prefer. While short and delicate bobs are definitely the norm, you can choose something a little subtle to blend in. On the other hand, if you would prefer a bright and bold color without getting a reputation as an impulsive trendsetter, choose a wig over hair dye. Neon pink, blue and green are the most common but you can choose a distinct color that aligns with your mood.

Natural Red

Redheads, it’s your time to shine. This year, fiery locks got plenty of love on the runway in shades that were somewhere between natural and synthetic. So whether your red hair is curly or straight, or isn’t red at all, this year’s winter trends should give you some indication that red hair pairs well with winter coats, sweaters, scarves, and boots.

If you’re blessed with gorgeous red hair naturally, then it’s preferable to get it treated with a protective hair mask like the Keratin Renewal Hair Mask by Kerotin. This can give your hair added shine and volume that it needs to look like a showstopper. If you want to sport red hair color, then a dye treatment would be preferable in getting that fiery red. Not to mention, it’ll be easier to transition from light blonde to red.

Deep and Understated Browns

Brown tones have been a timeless classic at winter fashion shows, so it isn’t surprising to know that this year, brown colored hair is getting lots of attention. However, things are a little different; understated and deep shades are in vogue. As an enigmatic hair color, deeper tones are less prone to fading, making them a suitable option for light-colored hair.

Brunettes can show off their luscious brown locks in style this season and welcome a fresh change with a new hairstyle or cut. Although long, waterfall waves are always in trend, something more winter-esque like messy up-dos or side-swept bangs.


Blondes: Bleached and Dirty

Although it remains a delicate color that’s highly prone to fading, blonde haired beauties can embrace the holiday season by adding a tinge of brown or going for a completely bleached look. We’d recommend that you add a darker tone but if your hair is already Barbie-blonde, then you’ll need a replenishing hair mask that can protect your color and keep it from fading. Whichever the case, don’t let your blonde hair stop you from making a statement this winter.

Colorful Aesthetic

Aesthetically pleasing pastel colors are far more wearable than neon shades, which are comparatively bolder. This can give you a fresh start, especially if you have light blonde hair that you want to save from fading during the winter. Whether you’d prefer a mix of grey and blue or a rather purplish hue, a tinge of pastel colors can save your winter from feeling too drab.

Spice it up towards the Ends

If you’re looking forward to cutting your hair short, but want to have some fun with your long hair before you do it, highlights are the way to go. What a perfect way to say goodbye to your long hair, before embracing your new haircut. Highlights look trendy during the winter, especially if you’re experimenting with shades of brown that look natural, yet mystical.

Now, that’s about as much inspiration as you’ll need to keep your hair ready for parties, pictures, and even a cup of hot chocolate from the cafe next door. So what are you waiting for? All you need to do is take good care of your hair with nourishing hair products and a color retaining mask, and you’ll be ready to rock your new hairstyle.