How to Tackle Winter Hair Damage with Kerotin Hair Treatment Products

Ah, winter season! It’s that time of the year again when you get to enjoy delicious Thanksgiving and Christmas treats (you can hide all the weight you’ve gained under warm layers!) and you can wear your favorite clothes without worrying about feeling too warm because everyone knows that winter fashion never goes out of style.

Alas, winter is also a time of woe; when your skin and scalp become scaly like a reptile during shedding season. Brittle, dry hair and a flaky scalp are all the reasons why you reconsider going out with your hair open, only to grab a headscarf or warm hat on the way out. If it’s any consolation, you’re probably not the only girl dealing with winter hair problems; a lot of us do! Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can deal with winter hair damage to get back health locks just in time for New Year’s parties.

Winter Damage Problems Your Hair Faces

A major reason why women face hair trouble during a change of season is that they’re not exactly sure how they’re supposed to take care of their hair during a specific season. For instance, living in a mainly warm climate can make it difficult to manage hair in colder weather, because your hair is used to higher temperatures. A sudden drop in temperature can make it become flaky, and you’ll need to change your hair care routine to keep your hair the way it was.

Dry and Flaky Scalp

To begin with, almost every woman faces problems with a dry and flaky scalp, which results in problems like dandruff. We know just as much as anyone that dandruff can be unsightly and ruin other people’s impression, but it’s simply your scalp’s reaction to the cold. Unlike the kind of dandruff some girls are prone to during hotter months, this tends to be flakier and moves far from the scalp so it’s much more noticeable.


Dryness almost always leads to irritation, which leads to an itch-scratch cycle. While it happens throughout the scalp, it mostly occurs hear the forehead, where your scalp is highly exposed to the elements. Your scalp will also feel awfully tight and you’ll develop an urge to scratch it out.

Limpy Hair

As much as we hate to admit, a little humidity is actually helpful to give your hair some volume. On the other hand, cold and dry winters have lower levels of humidity, which can leave your hair hanging lifelessly.

Lots of Breakage and Hairfall

The dry air during this season can make your hair brittle, which causes it to break and fall. This extra fragility is due to a variety of reasons, including the use of heat to blow dry your hair so you don’t catch a cold.

Faded Hair Color

While darker hair colors tend to fade in the summer because of wind and sun, blonde hair fades during the winter, whether your color is natural or treated. This happens due to the fact that blonde hair is naturally more fragile and fine compared to darker colors, and dry winds and temperatures in winter can cause the color to fade.

Split Ends

Split ends are the ultimate damage that your hair can go through because once it happens your hair can’t repair itself. A major cause of split ends is the use of excessive heat or brushing, but it also occurs when the ends of hair rub against fabric. Since most of us wear hats during winter, split ends are most likely to occur.

Static Charge

Have you ever felt the static while taking off your hat or peeling off your sweater? This happens because of the dry and arid weather, which causes a buildup of electrons in the hair when they rub against anything like fabric, while styling tools can make things worse. As a result, your hair stands on end and winter frizz, which can mess up your hairstyle.

How Kerotin Products can Help Reverse Fix Winter Hair Damage

Changing your hair care routine in the winter season can do wonders for improving how your hair looks, saving you expensive trips to the salon that can cost you a fortune. Kerotin products are a great way to give your hair the nourishment and protection they need during cold winter months. It’s because they contain natural ingredients and beneficial extracts that can boost hair growth, keep it moisturized and protect the hair from dryness.

Kerotin has a wide range of products suited for different problems and this means you’re covered from every front when it comes to avoiding hair damage. We’ll give you the lowdown on what Kerotin products you can use, and how they’ll benefit you during winter.

Keep Your Hair Growth Constant

All that breakage means that you need to make up for it somehow because a flaky scalp can slow down hair growth even further. To keep your hair growth constant, you’ll need to add hair growth-inducing ingredients to your diet.

Keratin Hair Growth Vitamins are a lifesaver when you can’t structure your diet or you’re stuck with a busy schedule that keeps you from eating the most ‘balanced’ diet. These vitamins contain Biotin, folic acid, and vitamin B6, which promote better hair growth, along with other ingredients that keep your skin and nails healthy.

Keep Your Hair Moisturized to Avoid Dry and Limp Hair

Dry winds can strip moisture right out of your hair, which means that you should moisturize your hair regularly to avoid getting a dry scalp that starts flaking at the slightest scratch. Using a rich moisturizing conditioner, like the Keratin Renewal Conditioner by Kerotin, can be helpful to restore lost moisture back to your hair after washing it.

Nourish the Ends of Your Hair to Prevent Split Ends

The ends of your hair are most affected by static charge or what we also call ‘winter frizz’ and it happens because those ends are frail, dry and light compared to the rest of it. Keeping the ends of your hair well-nourished with moisturizing ingredients can help weigh them down and make your hair look more manageable.

The Kerotin Enriching Argan oil is highly beneficial for rejuvenating your hair, especially the ends. Aside from pure argan oil, it contains jojoba, apricot, and avocado oil, which nourishes the hair cuticle, makes it more pliable and strengthens the strands so they can withstand your winter hairstyles.

Ditch Sulfate-based Shampoos that cause Flaky and Itchy Scalp

The root of many winter hair damage problems starts with using regular sulfate-based shampoos that dry out your hair and scalp. Switching to a better solution involves the use of moisturizing shampoos that don’t rely on sulfates to clean your hair. A good example is the Keratin Renewal Shampoo by Kerotin, which smoothly cleans your hair and leaves it feeling softer and shiner.

It contains wool-derived keratin, Panthenol, and a special UV-absorber, which induce hair growth, helps retain moisture and prevents color from fading respectively.

Use a Mask to Prevent Color from Fading

Want to know a good way to give yourself a fun spa day and prevent color from fading? Apply a hair mask, of course. Hair masks are heavily concentrated with moisturizing and color-building ingredients that give your hair a repair treatment and rebuilds its elasticity.

While most hair masks contain a few oils, the Keratin Renewal Hair Mask is infused with bioavailable keratin, which can do wonders for weakened hair. It’s made with beneficial ingredients, like burdock and rosemary extract, aloe leaf juice, wheat amino acids, and meadowfoam seed oil. These ingredients help your hair retain moisture, maintain color, soothe the scalp, and add shine to hair that would otherwise look limp and lifeless.  

Don’t Apply Heat without a Protective Serum

Whether it’s summer or spring, autumn or winter, the story of women styling their hair for seasonal events is never-ending. Speaking of seasonal events, you should know that most parties fall during the holidays, which calls the need for some serious styling.

Even though we recommend that you keep the use of hair styling tools to a minimum, we know that every now and then you just have to get that sleek hairdo or bouncy curls. For those tricky situations, it’s best to rely on a powerful heat protectant. While most products do the trick, they can leave your hair feeling weaker and brittle because of harsh chemicals.

Luckily, the Kerotin Sleek Silk Serum will do wonders to keep your hair straight. Even if you have curly hair, a touch of this serum will make it smoother. 

Other Tips

Although Kerotin has the right hair care products to solve just about any winter damage problem you might face, you’ll still have to take certain measures on your own. This can put you into a habit of making changes that are beneficial for your hair, instead of relying on products to do all the work. Here are some other tips you should practice, to enjoy the holidays with beautiful hair.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Every day

We’ve said it a million times and we can’t seem to stress this enough: don’t wash your hair every day. This applies especially to women who live in warmer climates and are in the habit of washing their hair on the daily, without which it almost feels like they haven’t even started their day.

Washing your hair cleans it, and that means you’re getting rid of natural oils and sebum that are meant to lubricate and smoothen your hair. Stripping the scalp of natural substances will only dry it up, no matter which shampoo you use. Stick to washing your hair once every couple of days to avoid drying it out and if you really want the squeaky clean feeling, simply rinse your hair thoroughly by massaging your scalp.

Pick Protective Hairstyles over Tight Buns and Others

This winter, how about staying away from hairstyles that damage your hair because they require excessive styling product, heat, and force, to stay in place? Choose protective hairstyles that follow your hair’s natural pattern so that you get better hair growth, without compromising on style.

Opt for Regular Conditioning

Aside from rinsing your hair regularly, you should be conditioning it often as well. Although doing it every day can be a bit too much, conditioning your hair every other day can be beneficial to make your hair manageable. It’ll be easier to deal with hair that stays in place, and it’ll feel softer too.

Trim Split Ends Regularly

To keep split ends from getting worse, avoid a bad hair fall problem by trimming the tips of your hair regularly. Chopping off half an inch from the bottom of your strands can actually boost hair growth by getting rid of pesky split ends. Doing so every month can save you the trouble of going to the salon, but if you’re too busy to do it yourself, schedule an appointment with your hair stylist every quarter for a good trim.

Don’t Use Styling Tools Frequently

We know that blow-dryers are your best friend to keep you from catching a cold with wet hair. However, towel drying it is a much better option since it won’t weaken the cortex. Make sure that you pat it dry instead of rubbing it, otherwise you’ll make things worse by causing split ends.

Add a Soft Lining to your Hat to Prevent Split Ends and Reduce Static

So you want to avoid getting that awful static and split ends, but you can’t ditch your favorite wool hat because you need to stay warm. What do you do? All you need to do is add a silk lining to the inside of your hat. That’ll be delicate enough to keep your hair somewhat static free and it won’t rub against your head so harshly as to induce static.

These are some of our best tips for tackling winter hair damage, and it’s ideal that you follow them for every winter season to get healthier and stronger hair throughout the year.