We believe that women should stay true to their natural beauty. To support this belief, we provide all women the tools to better their confidence while being themselves.

We are a family, building a community of support and guidance throughout each journey

But here’s the point: every hair journey starts with you and ends with you - that is the beauty of it. It’s all about you and whether your hair journey is about hair loss, showing off your confidence to the world, regaining your self-esteem, or just being able to retake those memorable selfies... 

We are here for you, to guide you, to love you, and to embrace you.

At the end of the day, we are focused on assuring each day you wake up and smile just a little bit brighter.

We welcome you to our family with a warm embrace, no matter where you are in your journey! 

Kerotin Family


How We Started

Kerotin Hair Care was founded in 2015 when we identified a gap within the beauty industry. Kerotin became one of the first brands to provide all-natural products to combat women's hair struggles. It all started with the desire to provide all-natural, and it soon became our mission to support any and every hair journey. 


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