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My Journey

With hair loss

Product: Hair Growth Vitamins
Since: 2018

Cari had bleached hair beyond repair. She was afraid to touch it because it kept falling off. 'I never wanted to be in photos; I was embarrassed.' She thought the only way to restore her hair was to shave it off, but that wasn't an option for her.

Then, she found Kerotin Hair Growth Vitamins. 'They single-handedly changed my life.' After taking them, Cari saw results within three weeks, and her hair finally grew past her shoulders.

my journey as a


Product: Intensive Growth Drops, Hair Growth Vitamins
Since: 2019

Katie Ostrovsky, a mom of two girls, advocate, and cancer survivor, faced melanoma in 2006 after discovering a discolored mole under her left arm. Two years later, the cancer metastasized, spreading aggressively to her brain, uterus, lungs, and more. Her treatment included painful chemotherapy sessions to halt the spread, resulting in hair loss.

my journey as a

cervical cancer survivor

Product: Hair Support Gummies, Soothe
Since: 2019

In 2022, Amy faced a curveball with a cervical cancer diagnosis, prompting tough decisions like cutting her beloved long hair. Seeking to restore hair health amidst treatment, she turned to Kerotin's soothing vitamins, aiming to balance hormones and promote growth. Amy diligently took these vitamins alongside their hair gummies, forming her regimen for recovery.

My journey with

Postpartum hair loss

Product: Intensive Growth Drops, Thickening Spray
Since: 2023

During her pregnancy, Mahaz experienced hair loss, especially in her temple area. Her usual rosemary oil wasn't working for her so she turned to our growth serum and thickening spray which made her hair thicker and improved her bald spots.