Kerotin Hair Care Tips for Women with Curly Hair

On the outside, your curly hair looks beautiful to everyone, and you may even get compliments for your ‘natural hair’, but only you know how much of a hassle it is to manage it. The dry ends, tresses, tangles and hours of styling can drain the life out of you but it’s also a sign that your hair needs some extra help. There are three patterns of curly hair, 2, 3, and 4, each of which have their own three subtypes i.e. a, b, and c. The letters indicate whether the curls are wide, medium or tight. Depending on the type of curl pattern you have, you can take steps to enhance the volume and make sure that they look great every day.


Now that we’ve gone into detail about the types of curls there are, let’s delve into how the textures are different and how they differ from straight hair. We’ll also explain the types of harsh chemicals that many curly-haired women have had to use for ages to make their hair look straighter.

Relaxed vs. Natural Hair

You don’t hear the word 'relaxers' nowadays, mainly because the word ‘perms’ has replaced 'relaxers.' There are two types of perms, but we’ll be talking about the type that completely straightens curly hair, and not the opposite. People apply a chemical-based lotion to their coiled or heavily curled hair so that it lays straight. Although people are more careful about the type of relaxers they use, these can still cause irreversible damage to the scalp and hair.

On the other hand, natural hair has never been treated or altered with relaxers or chemicals to make it straight or change the pattern of curls. Women with curly hair who decide to go natural have to go through a big transition.

This involves chopping off most of their hair because texturizers and relaxers can weaken the hair, which is irreversible. Applying these chemicals once results in permanently straight or loosened hair. A perm doesn’t affect new hair that grows back, so not chopping off your relaxed ends would result in hair that’s straight at the ends and coiled at the roots.

The Nature of Curly Hair

Curly hair is also drier than straighter types, so the curlier or more coiled the hair is, expect it to be as dry. You can’t use regular hair care products on curly hair and doing so will only make it drier and weaker. Although hair is stronger when it’s natural than relaxed, it has a delicate curl pattern that needs to careful handling. The hair is fragile, so it’s prone to breakage if you try to comb it through, and it requires frequent moisturizing.

Because curly hair texture is drier than straighter types, it’s heavily prone to frizz. You have to keep them fresh so that the curls stay defined. Let’s not forget that kinky hair types, especially 4c, is highly prone to shrinkage.

Taking Care of Your Hair with Kerotin

Now that we’ve talked about naturally curly hair and the problems that most girls face with styling it, we can get to hair care tips. If you’ve just gotten used to the thought of wearing your curly hair as it is, or are planning to wear it naturally, we’ve got you covered from start to finish.

Starting from Scratch

Since most journeys towards healthy, strong and beautiful natural hair start with cutting relaxed hair, we’ll talk about enhancing hair growth. Whether you choose to go for the ‘big chop’ i.e. cutting off most of your hair or want to cut relaxed ends bit by bit, you’ll need to boost your hair growth. You can do this by adding Kerotin Hair Growth Vitamins to your daily routine. These contain a mix of healthy and organic ingredients like Vitamin B6, Biotin, and folic acid that improve the health of skin, hair, and nails.

Vitamin B6 helps in building stronger proteins, which also make up your hair. As a result, you get stronger and well-defined curl patterns. Biotin enhances the elasticity of your existing hair so that you don’t face painful hair breakage and loss while styling, combing or washing.

The folic acid reacts with vitamin B12 so that your body produces healthy red blood cells. In addition, the Hair Growth Formula contains the nettle root extract and saw palmetto, natural ingredients that block the production of DHT, a by-product of testosterone production which is known to be a crucial factor in male and female pattern hair loss.

Nourishing the Roots

Now that you have enhanced hair growth, you need to take care of the hair ends so they become stronger, nourished and manageable curls. Using The Kerotin Enriching Argan Oil while your hair is growing to your desired length is a great way to keep your curls well-defined.  As natural hair grows further away from the roots, they get even drier and need the anti-aging, conditioning and rejuvenating effects of the argan oil formula.

The main ingredient is pure argan oil, which can make hair much shinier, silkier and softer; bye-bye frizz! Natural curly hair is difficult to condition frequently without making a mess. Adding a few drops of argan oil can do wonders for improving the look of your curls.

Harsh relaxers and texturizers can have a drying effect on the scalp, and this has the potential to affect sebum production. Not having adequate sebum production can lead to lifeless hair and even a dandruff problem. Jojoba oil imitates the effect of sebum when applied to the roots, so it nourishes hair that grows out of the follicle and enhances growth rate.

Other oils like sweet almond oil and apricot oil contain fatty acids that make your scalp and hair softer so that it’s easier to style without causing breakage.

Washing your Hair

Washing curly hair is a heated debate, with some people arguing that over-washing it can lead to damage, and others saying that accumulation of dirt can do worse, so women should stick to washing the roots. There are a few essential things to remember about washing curly hair.

For starters, you should stay away from sulfate-based shampoos since those can dry out your scalp and make matters worse for your hair i.e. lead to frizz. Secondly, daily cleansing is never a favorable solution. However, if you want to keep your hair clean, we recommend rinsing and conditioning. 

Curly-haired girls face a big problem concerning hair care since they can’t use over-the-counter shampoos, but on the plus side, they don’t have to wash their hair as often. The Keratin Renewal Shampoo by Kerotin acts as a gentle cleanser that prevents fly-aways and uncontrollable frizz. It contains keratin, an offshoot from New Zealand-based wool, and it holds peptides, which aid in protecting and repairing hair.

The ingredient panthenol is a type of vitamin B, and it can keep your hair from drying out by penetrating through the cuticle and retaining moisture in surface and cortex of each strand. The addition of a UV absorber, Polyquaternium-59, maintains the color of your hair and keeps it from fading.

Moreover, silicone quarternium-16 enhances the strength of your hair so you can experience smoother combing whether your hair is wet or dry, and better protection from heat.

Frequent Conditioning

Moisturizing and conditioning is a big part of looking after curly hair because of how easily it dries up and shrinks. Using the Keratin Renewal Conditioner by Kerotin will seal open cuticles and restore lost shine. Coconut oil will soften your hair so you don’t have to worry about frizz through the day while aloe juice can help in healing the scalp. It contains yarrow extract to prevent flaking because of a dry scalp.

Dryness can cause irritation and inflammation, so the Keratin Renewal Conditioner has white oak bark extract. Its strong anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties so you don’t feel the urge to scratch and mess up your curls.

It’s essential that you work a small amount of conditioner into the ends of your hair to maintain volume without causing frizz, and keeping curls defined so that their pattern doesn’t change because of combing.

Hold for Special Hairstyles 

If you have 4b or 4c kind of coiled hair, you may have some hairstyles reserved for special occasions that require a different level of hold. It’s true that you can experiment quite a lot with kinky curls like these, but the amount of shrinkage means that you’ll require a lot of holding power if you want to keep the frizz from ruining your hairdo.

The Kerotin Shape Shifter Hairspray holds your hair together without sucking out the moisture. Panthenol passes through the cuticle and keeps the cortex moisturized. In addition, it contains ingredients like Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate that provides protection from sun damage and Acrylates, which prevents damage from humidity.

Repairing Heavy Damage

It’s not always possible for you to carry out your complete hair care routine; you might get too busy or have other things to take care of. In some situations, you may have to deal with heavy damage because of accidentally using the wrong shampoo, or exposing your hair to chlorinated water. In cases like these, you need some heavy damage repair to bring your hair back to its lovely, natural state.

The Kerotin Renewal hair Mask possesses various hair building nutrients and ingredients that repair and heal the hair shaft. It conditions your hair to increase the retention of moisture in the cortex and enhance shine.

Enhancing your Natural Hair Look

When you’re wearing your hair au natural on the daily, you’ll need some help keeping it soft and manageable so that it doesn’t get out of control. This calls for natural products that contain organic ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about the harmful effects of chemical-based hair products. Here’s how you can keep your hair looking fresh and frizz-free all day.

Moisturize and Smoothen on the Go

After a day out in the sun, it can become impossible for your hair to look picture-ready. Just a few hours after leaving your home, you’re already starting to miss your just-conditioned hair. The Kerotin Big Surf Spray provides curly hair with essential conditioning and moisture on the go.

It’s made from enriching coastal ingredients like sea salt and sea kelp, which add volume and smoothe out cuticles. You can carry it with you to give a boost of conditioning while you’re out, so you always look your best.

Add Shine and Prevent Dull Curls 

Frizz leads to dull looking curls, and you won’t be looking very presentable. The kerotin High Gloss Mist acts in high humidity to eliminate frizz and increases sheen with ingredients like extracts from seaweed and algae.

The formula is rich with nutrients so you can get back wild and shiny curls with just a spray. It’s also great for days when you’ll be outside because it contains Cyclopentasiloxane, which provides heat protection.

Styling Your Hair

Although we already mentioned that perms can irreversibly damage your natural hair, you should also know that heating tools like flat irons and blow-dryers can do the same and alter your curl pattern. That’s why you’ll need to keep the heat styling tools away if you want to keep the au natural look healthy and free of dry ends.

You may feel that there aren’t a lot of options available for when you have to go to parties and other special occasions, but there are actually plenty of protective hairstyles that don’t damage your curl pattern and retain their texture.

You’ll find a variety of twists, up knots, top knots, braided hairstyles and pompadour-type styles online that specifically suit curly natural hair. Coiled hair is the most pliable, and there are a variety of different styles you can recreate to give your natural hair some style and uniqueness. And on days that you’re feeling too tired to create a beautiful hairdo, throw on a pretty scarf or turban for a pop of color.