What Types of Hair Loss can Kerotin Hair Growth Formula Help With?

Let’s face it, hair loss is the worst, and none of us are really prepared for it when that wave of falling strands finally hits us. Luckily, Kerotin hair growth formulas contain a special blend of ingredients that can decrease hair loss by directly impacting your hair’s growth rate. But before you stack up on hair vitamins and care products, you need to know that not all kinds of hair loss are the same.

 Sure, they all look the same to you; but the reasons can be very different.  Before we go into the different ways that Kerotin can help reduce hair loss, let’s have a look at the reasons why your precious length is receding in the first place.

The Different Types and Reasons for Hair Loss

Hereditary Hair Loss

Hereditary hair loss, or androgenetic alopecia, is a leading cause for hair fall. A progressive condition, it affects men and women in a way that they’re born with weaker hair follicles, which they inherit from their parents. To be specific, their hair follicles are sensitive to the DHT hormone, which causes them to miniaturize over time so that they produce thinner hair.

As time passes, their hair follicles are unable to grow normal strands of hair and leave behind thin hair. In men, the hairline starts thinning at the crown or usually, they suffer from a receding hairline. Women with this condition don’t follow a regular pattern but may notice that their hair is thinning, resulting in patchy loss of hair.

Gradual Hair Thinning with Age

This is called involutional alopecia and it refers to how your hair gradually grows thinner as you become older. This is because the hair follicles can move into a resting phase, and the remaining hair becomes shorter and thinner. This can affect a large number of people but other external factors like stress and harsh care products can expedite the process.

Autoimmune Conditions

Certain health concerns, like alopecia areata, directly affect hair growth because of how the immune system attacks the hair follicles. The result is hair loss across the scalp, as well as other parts of the body such as the face and arms. Genetics play a role in this, and the first signs of this condition appear in childhood.

Hair Loss due to Exposure to Chemicals

This type of hair loss occurs suddenly in the growing phase, which is also called anagen. Usually, it’s triggered by exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins such as those in radiation and chemotherapy, which are part of cancer treatment. Generally, this condition reverses over time and once treatment is over, hair grows back in a month or so.

Aside from health concern-related causes for hair loss, there are some unexpected reasons why you may be losing your luscious locks.

Post-partum Hair Loss

You may have been elated at the sight of a fuller ponytail or fewer strands of hair in the drain during your pregnancy but this is no coincidence; the surge of progesterone, a pregnancy hormone, is what causes your hair follicles to grow stronger, meaning you lose fewer strains when brushing, styling or washing your hair.

Conversely, once you deliver, you might have noticed hair falling out at the slightest tug. Again, it’s not a coincidence. Delivering your baby can decrease the amount of these hormones at an incredibly fast rate, so it’s possible that you lose nine months worth of hair within a short span of time. Fortunately, the hair loss reverses within a few months post-partum.

Hair Loss because of Nutritional Deficiency

If you thought that your hair health has nothing to do with the food you eat, you’re wrong, because they require quite a lot of essential nutrition. The cells in hair follicles divide faster compared to other parts of the body, and this takes up a lot of your energy considering how you’re building the hair shaft out of keratin. A lack of nutrients in your diet can drastically affect your hair growth, eventually leading to hair loss.

You Pick the Wrong Hairstyles

It’s true that certain hairstyles can look better than others but the way you wear your hairstyle can affect your hair follicles. A tight braid, extensions or ponytail can stress the hair follicles, resulting in shedding. To avoid hair loss because of wearing your favorite styles, opt for loose styles at home and avoid sleeping with your hair tied.

You’re Living a Stressful Life

When you’re not living your best life, it can take a toll on your body. Surprisingly, stress can affect your strands as well. Stress can affect your nervous and digestive systems, and cortical hormone levels, which triggers hair loss. This type of hair loss is temporary in a way; all you need to do is manage your lifestyle to reduce stress and your hair growth cycle will improve and eventually return to normal. Not sleeping enough also correlates with hair loss, and while sleep-deprivation may not always be stress-related, there is a connection in most cases of hair loss.

You Don’t Treat Your Hair Right

Hair loss can also occur when you don’t treat your hair right. This refers to various practices like heating or dying your hair continuously.

What Can Kerotin Hair Growth Formulas do to Help

Our products do increase hair growth, but they’re no magic potion. Kerotin products made from a special blend of beneficial, organic ingredients that can boost hair growth naturally. Here’s how products like our shampoos, conditioners, argan oil, and growth capsules can reduce hair loss. It’s important to remember that hair loss occurs on a daily basis; you lose at least 50 strands of hair every day, even more on days when you wash it. Kerotin products work to increase hair growth naturally by making strands stronger, which itself fights hair loss.

Taking Hair Growth Vitamins for Health Concern Related Hair Loss

In cases when you’re dealing with hair loss because of health concerns, Kerotin products like enriching argan oil and rapid growth capsules can prevent hair fall with ingredients like biotin and sweet almond oil. Not to mention, a healthy boost of nutrition can prevent age-related hair loss.

If your hair loss occurs as the result of treatment like chemotherapy or exposure to radiation, adding Kerotin hair growth formula to your routine after treatment will be beneficial. Kerotin Hair Growth Vitamins and Enriching Argan oil can shorten the reversal process and you’ll feel your hair grow back much sooner.  

Taking Kerotin hair Growth Vitamins Post-partum

Using Kerotin Hair Growth Vitamins post-partum can enhance hair growth, which reduces the appearance of thinning hair. Usually, the hair loss reverses once hormone levels stabilize but it doesn’t ensure that you’ll get hair that’s just as strong. Giving your hair follicles the nourishment they need with health-boosting Argan Oil and Kerotin shampoos results in thicker and healthier hair strands.  

Use Kerotin Products to Reverse the Effects of Styling

When you constantly style your hair on a daily basis, it can do some serious damage. The best way to avoid hair fall is to keep your styling tools and hair dye away for a while but if that’s not an option, Kerotin Hair Growth Formula products can help. With various formulas to give your hair a boost of volume and shine, Kerotin has the right arsenal for you to tackle hair loss while staying stylish.

If your hair looks dry and lifeless, you can turn it around with proper care and Hair Growth Vitamins. But in the meantime, Kerotin’s Big Surf Spray contains unique coastal ingredients like sea kelp extract and sea salt so that you can give your locks an amazing sheen unlike any other.

Styling products like gels and sprays can damage the hair cuticle and cause breakage by drying it out, but the Kerotin Shape Shifter Hairspray retains moisture internally while making the outer surface shinier and pliable. It contains a variety of ingredients like Acrylates that protect your hair from humidity and frizzing. It also consists of UV-absorbers like Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate that reduces sun damage, and Vitamin B5 that passes through the outer cuticle to maintain internal moisture. So you get a product that styles and cares for your hair.

It can be hard to have a good time in the summer when the evening humidity takes every possible chance to ruin your hairdo and turn it into a frizzy mess. Using products like a mist can save your hairstyle, but leave it in too long and you’ll have a bad case of hair fall at hand. Luckily, Kerotin’s gentle High Gloss Mist can smooth out any frizz with natural extracts that rescue your hairdo and leave your hair feeling moisturized. It contains algae, red algae, Sargassum weed, and dulse extracts, which prevent dryness, provides moisture, encourages hair growth and condition hair with amino acids and trace minerals.

You can’t argue that for some occasions, silky-straight hair is the only way to go. However, applying all that heat is never a good idea, unless you want flyaways and dry ends within the next couple of hours. The Kerotin-formulated Sleek Silk Serum is ideal for getting that perfect silky-smooth look while keeping your hair safe from heating tools like straightness. It contains natural ingredients like Meadowfoam seed oil, Cyclopentasiloxane, and Dimethiconol, which helps with moisture retention, conditions hair, and provides heat protection.

Using Kerotin Shampoos and Conditioner for Gentle Cleansing and Moisture Retention

It feels great to style your hair and pull off a great look every day but it’s important that you avoid keeping styling products in your hair for too long, especially overnight.

On the other hand, using harsh shampoos that contain harmful, drying chemicals isn’t the best way to deal with the problem either. When you’re dealing with a bad case of hair fall, the last thing you need is a bad shampoo that dries out your hair follicles and causes more damage.

What you need is a safe solution that eliminates dirt and chemicals from your hair, without compromising moisture and nourishment; and that’s exactly what you’ll find in the Keratin Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner. These keratin-infused products gently smoothen out your hair and reduce frizz and tangles.

The conditioner seals the cuticle, keeping moisture from escaping, and makes your hair softer and easier to manage. With ingredients like wool-based keratin, aloe vera, flower extracts, and nourishing oils, your hair will get a softer cleanse, which means less hair loss.  

Using Kerotin Hair Growth Vitamins to Give your Hair a Balanced Diet

Although it’s essential that you give your hair the nourishment it needs, sometimes a hectic lifestyle just doesn’t allow it. That’s when you need an all-rounder solution like Kerotin Hair Growth Vitamins to provide you with Biotin, Vitamin B, Folic Acid, Zinc and nettle root extract that helps in treating baldness, promotes the division of hair follicle cells, improves hair health and develops RBCs. Made from natural and bioavailable ingredients, these hair vitamins are FDA-approved to give you peace of mind. It’s a great way to get a daily boost of nutrients that naturally treat hair loss.

Applying Enriching Argan Oil to Prevent Hair Loss

Hair breakage because of styling and use of chemicals can lead to damaged follicles and a worsening problem of hair fall. Fortunately, you can reverse it naturally with Enriching Argan Oil that protects and heals your scalp with its advanced formula. It contains organically grown ingredients like virgin argan oil, jojoba oil, apricot oil, and pumpkin seed oil. Together, they make hair softer, enhance hair growth, and moisturize the cuticle.   

Even though you can escape hair loss completely, you can give your hair the right treatment to avoid worsening the problem and strengthening your hair in the process. With Kerotin-formulated natural hair care products and vitamins, you’ll be enjoying the look of luscious locks for a long time.