Why Keratin is Important for Hair Growth?


Dry air, cold water, harsh winds, blow drying, and hot tools can wreak havoc on your hair. Not many of us are aware of the damage we do to our hair on a daily basis. This is particularly true if you hair is dry, and controlling hair damage or repair becomes a daunting task.

 Hair damage is not just confined to split ends. If your hair is extremely damaged, it may develop hair cracks in the cuticles. Once these cuticles open, it may lead to further hair breakage or damage. Not only does it make your hair look frizzy or dull, but it also makes them difficult to manage.

Hair damage, however, is not only caused by the aforementioned factors. Sometimes there are factors like illness, hormonal problems, and genetics that may cause hair problems. Monilethrix, for example, is a congenital disorder that damages your hair shaft. Causing severe fragility to your hair, it reduces hair growth to a great extent.

Unfortunately, these factors are more harmful than any chemical that may cause cosmetic damage to your hair. Your hair becomes brittle and prone to hair loss as well.

People who are experiencing any of the above hair conditions might be wondering if there is any way to restore their hair health. Although severe hair damage is often permanent and beyond repair, there are ways to prevent further damage.

With targeted treatments and a good hair care regime, preventing cuticles from wearing away is possible. Plus, using dietary supplements and seeking professional help can also promote healthy scalp and hair growth.

Once you notice your hair has started getting dry or brittle, it is the right time, to begin the healing process. But what if your hectic schedule does not allow you to alter your hair care regime or take expensive hair care treatments? Do not worry; just by restoring the keratin in your hair naturally, you can easily fight the breakdown and strengthen your hair. When your hair undergoes any damage, it primarily affects the large amount of keratin in your hair.

That is why restoring keratin is substantially important when it comes to protecting your hair from wear and tear. Before we plunge into the discussion about what keratin products can be helpful to provide an adequate amount of keratin to your hair, let us dig deep to find what keratin is and what other things may be harmful to your hair.

What Is Keratin?

The term keratin refers to a protein group, which is typically made of a fibrous structure. The tiny keratin monomers, when combined, create big bundles to produce intermediate filaments. These filaments are insoluble and tough. They combine to form strong un-mineralized tissues that are found in amphibians, mammals, and birds.  

It is a protective protein that is less prone to tearing and scratching compared to other type of body cells. Keratin can easily be derived from wool, horns, and feathers to use in many hair cosmetics. However, it can be damaged due to several factors, causing hair reduction and dullness.

Effects of keratin on Hair

Keratin is one of the most important proteins that are found in your hair naturally. The essential protein helps you nourish your hair by filling cracked, dry and damaged hair cuticles. According to hair experts, keratin is non-permeable and plays a critical role in forming a protectant layer on the hair. There are a number of hair care treatments that comprise this essential protein.

Many dermatologists have found these treatments extremely useful when it is about straightening frizzy and frayed hair. As mentioned earlier, your hair is subjected to a variety of chemicals and styling tools that cause considerable damage.

This is where you need keratin to not only repair damaged hair, but also prevent future damage.  Precisely, keratin treatment or products can have a huge impact on your hair health by making them shinier and healthier.

How Does Keratin Deficiency Affect your Hair?

When your hair does not produce an adequate amount of keratin, it suffers. Generally, it happens because of mutated or defected hair follicles during the process of keratinocytes. Your body’s natural defense system removes the defected keratin.

However, if the process happens in your hair follicle, the chances of your hair being removed with the defected keratin increase significantly. This may result in hair loss. The process tends to continue as defected follicles keep combating hair until hair loss becomes visible.

What things may Ruin Your Hair?

There is a myriad of factors that may ruin your hair. Whether these factors are nutritional, medical or cosmetic, they may cause keratin deficiency.

The protective protein plays an important role in fortifying your hair both internally as well as externally. Following are some of the causes that do not only reduce keratin production, but also lead to hair thinning and scalp disorders.

  • Diet

Ever heard the phrase ‘you are what you eat’? Whether you believe it or not, it is true when it comes to your hair health. There are certain nutrients that are essential for your hair growth and stave off hair damage. 

For instance, folic acid, biotin, iron, and protein keep your tresses damage free. If you are not consuming all the nutrients that your hair needs to grow healthily, your hair is prone to damage.

  • Stress

Stress is another inevitable factor that may cause hair thinning, particularly, Telogen effluvium stress.  This type of stress can make hair follicles dormant and combats growth cycle.  Many studies have shown how managing stress can result in shinier and healthier hair.

  • Heat Damage

There is no doubt that hot tools have become an integral part of our grooming regime. Only high heat settings while using a blow dryer, curling iron, or flat iron often give you the best results. This is where you risk damaging your hair cuticle as extreme temperatures can cause heat damage and also break hair strands.

Not only this, these styling tools may affect keratin production by damaging hair growth cells.

  • Dryness

Dry hair is a precursor to breakage and damage. Dry weather, humidity and high temperature are some more factors that contribute to dry and damaged hair.  People who wash their hair with hot water often suffer from dryness. As mentioned earlier, heat may inhibit the production of keratin in your hair.

  • Over-processing

There is no denying that professional straightening, perms, and coloring make your hair look stylish as well as healthier, especially after the first two sessions.

However, when you over process your tresses, cuticles can be damaged and break down. There has to be a gap of at least 8-10 weeks between these treatment sessions.

  • Over-washing

Washing your hair daily if you have an oily scalp is fine. On the flipside, daily washes may cause dry hair to damage. According to Nemours Foundation, dry hair needs only weekly shampooing. Over-washing can influence your hair’s ability to produce keratin and may lead to hair thinning and shedding.

  • Improper Towel Drying

This may sound bizarre, but rubbing your wet tresses with a towel right after a shower may damage them.  Wet hair is prone to breakage. Hair experts recommend blotting with an absorbent towel rather than rubbing the towel on your hair.

  • Elastic Hair Ties

When it comes to managing your flyaways, nothing works better than an elastic hair tie. These handy hair ties are an easy option to manage hair, especially when you are in hurry. Apparently, hair ties make your hair-job hassle free but at the same time, it pulls your hair cuticle and may cause hair fall.

  • Lack of Hair Trims

Hair trimming is essential to keep your hair healthy and split-end free. Lack of hair trimming is one of the reasons that lead to hair breakage.

  • Incorrect Brushing And Combing

If you think the more you brush or comb your hair, the more it becomes healthy and shiny, then you are mistaken. Vigorous brush strokes and frequent brushing makes hair weak, especially if you are using plastic bristles.

  • Eating Disorders

Many of us do not realize how eating habits can affect our hair health. Poor eating habits or eating disorders, such as bulimia nervosa and anorexia, are some of the major causes that weaken hair follicles.  Due to malnourishment, your hair does not get essential nutrients it needs to grow healthily. These disorders combat your ability to produce new hair, affecting your hair growth cycle.

How Adding Keratin Products may Help Your Hair?

Keratin, one of the substantial compounds for hair production and hair growth, can be consumed by a better diet or balanced meal plan.  Sweet potatoes, spinach, egg, and mangoes are great sources that you should add to your diet for more keratin.

However, getting a sufficient amount of keratin that supports hair growth is not that simple if you rely on these foods only. To put it simply, keratin works best when it is combined with vitamins and minerals like vitamins B and C, sulfur and zinc.

Combined with essential nutrients, this filamentous biomaterial does not only help hair grow from its follicle, but also enables it to scatter properly on your dermis.

One easy way to provide protein and essential nutrients to your hair are keratin products and treatments. These products and supplements restore keratin to your hair and protect it from damage while making it stronger.

 Below are some of the keratin products that can repair your damaged locks in the best possible way.

1.     Freshening Shampoo & Conditioner


A Dual Treatment that promotes hair growth by improving scalp health and strengthening hair strands. This combo is designed to unclog hair follicles, while moisturizing the scalp and combating hair loss through its biotin-infused formula.

Some of the key ingredients in our formula are Apple Stem Cells, Coconut Oil & Sea Kelp Extract that work to stimulate dormant hair follicles, strengthen and nourish hair and scalp. 

All you need to do is wet your hair thoroughly with warm water and squeeze a small amount of Freshening Shampoo onto the palm of your hand, then massage. Rinse throughly and apply the Freshening Conditioner to clean hair. Use your fingertips to work conditioner throughout the hair. Leave the conditioner for 1 to 2 minutes and finish the process by rinsing your hair thoroughly.


2.     Freshening Mask

It is a multi-functional mask designed to deeply nourish the hair follicle and strand with penetrating moisture. Rich in vitamin E, it promotes hair thickness and hair growth without weighing the hair down. 

Our mask is an excellent solution if you are looking to improve the appearance, texture and health of our hair. 

After shampooing, rinse and towel-dry absorbing all excess moisture. Apply a dollop and liberally comb through hair to distribute evenly. Leave on for up to 5 minutes before rinsing.

Note: Because this formula is rich in proteins, it is suggested to use no more than twice a week.


3.     Keratin Hair Spray

Keratin hair spray is another easy way to protect hair from damage. The product is perfect for people who have a busy schedule and do not have much time to spend on their hair care regime. Spraying the product before using styling tools can protect your hair from heat damage. It penetrates deep into your hair cuticles and locks the moisture not only in the cortex, but also on the surface. 

The formula includes vitamins B5 which has powerful humectants for shinier and healthier locks. Plus, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate is another important ingredient in the spray that protects your tresses from harmful sun rays. It also provides humidity protection.

Final Thoughts

All in all, there is no denying that keratin is one of the most important components that protect your hair and promote hair growth. Keratin production is usually influenced by different factors and needs extra treatments if the diet does not help. The aforementioned products may help you repair damaged hair, add smoothness, and protect hair color. Thus, Keratin-infused shampoo, masks, and serums are what you need for healthy hair.