Hair Color Trends to Rock 2019

New year, why not new you? Even if you haven’t made any New Year’s resolutions, we have officially stepped into 2019.  There cannot be a better time to forecast hair color trends that are going to rock the hair spectrum this year. Discovering new hair color trends is absolutely essential if you really want to refresh and rejuvenate your outlook this New Year.

There is no denying that 2018 has seen some of the most unforgettable and trendiest hair colors. But the hair shades we will be seeing in 2019 maybe a complete game changer.  According to hair experts in the fashion industry, new hair shades are not bound to specific hair type, complexion or face frame, but will work for everyone.

2018 was a year of metallic shades and hues, including light grays or pastel strands, while 2019 seems to welcome more natural hair colors.  Plus, this year some naturally blended color techniques will definitely be the surprising thing for you.

If you have already started feeling a yearning for unique hair color, knowing which hair colors will be trending in 2019 is worth exploring. Given below is a list of new hair colors that will surely inspire you to make your next appointment.

Hair Colors Trending in 2019

Chocolatey Rich Brunettes

There is no doubt that 2019 is going to be something more you have experienced in the past few years. That means the words chocolatey and rich are not only synonymous to brownies, but the words have also expanded their meanings to embrace other shades. For example, brunettes, in 2019, are glassy and rich with mocha shades woven through. If you want to make it look more natural, keep the mocha highlights within four different shades of base color.

The key point is that if you are choosing a chocolatey base color with highlights, then make sure to pick hues that are close to your chosen base color. It will make your tresses look more natural while keeping the contrast minimal.

 To achieve a glassy and glossy hair color, you can use kerotin products with milk, coconut, and meadowfoam. Not only will it help you protect your color-treated locks, but also make them shiny, soft and vibrant.

AU Naturel

Many celebrity colorists think that 2019 will be the year of more natural colors. However, the word natural does not simply mean a natural outlook, but a seamless blend of natural hair colors.

The best way to achieve this is by choosing a traditional single base, such as copper or gold ash, to add freehand baby lights or highlights to give a sophisticated and refined take on your natural hair color. It will work for all the shades because freehand highlights are not only natural-looking, but also more subtle.

If you do not have the slightest idea of what traditional base colors qualify for, you can make a combination of neutral base color and subtle blonde highlights. Not only this, you can add more natural-looking blonde shades, like neutral reds, bronzes, and browns.

Nude beige is another natural-looking hair color that you will see everywhere in 2019. It is suitable for both blondes and brunettes. If you feel that shade does go with your skin color, you can ask your colorist for a mixture of warm and cool tones in order to flatter your color palette or complexion.

 For maintaining naturally- blended colors you need to make sure your hair stays shiny and healthy. You can go for in-salon treatments or may use color neutralizing conditioners from Kerotin.

Icy Blondes

When it comes to blonde hair, you will see brighter shades in 2019. Icy, platinum blondes and icy gray are going to be a must-pick in 2019.  Icy blonde has been one of the celebrity favorites in 2018; however, maintaining it is definitely a challenge, but extremely versatile at the same time.

Beside icy blondes dominating 2019, the super pale blonde will also be seen as a new trend this year. This heavily highlighted and pale shade is powdery blonde and has a slight hue of blue color. The fact that it is white blond makes it more neutral than ashy blonde.

Brown with bluish-white blonde tresses is going to be an alternative trend for golden-toned platinum shade. One reason is that it is less damaging since your hair gets highlights only instead of bleach.

 Inky Black

It is not only blondes or brunettes that are going to rule 2019, but there are other shades too. Many hair colorists think traditional shades, like inky black, will be another major statement this year. Inky black with deep and rich blue hint makes an absolute mix and match with the new glass locks trend. Pure black color is what will give your tresses the celebrity shine you always wanted for styling.

 Plus, the color works extremely well with neutral and darker tones. Not only this, the shade does not only look good, but is also low-maintenance.


Coppers shades have been very impactful in the past few years, and this tradition seems to continue in 2019. Making a strong statement, the hair color will be more natural while giving you more options to pick from the copper-gold family.  

Added highlights will keep the shade tone-to-tone while accentuating and complementing the copper base.

Copper tones will be more playful whether you pull off a single shade or go for some highlights. Adding some golden tones to your copper shade will make the hair color more dimensional and attractive.

 Living Coral Shade

Living coral is going to be the color of 2019 as many people tried it last year that has made it trending.  Colorists describe it a life-affirming and animating hue that looks perfect with subtle golden undertones. Another trait that makes living coral suitable for everyone is its attention-grabbing and empowering impact. It is an everyday color that enhances eye color and softens all kind of skin tones.

The shade is a perfect edgier version of soft pastel pink that is not bound by season. Whether it is summer or winter, the hair color defines the boldness of your personality perfectly well. Living coral has seen a natural progression over the past few years from its real orange hair trend.  

 Mushroom Brown

There is no doubt that mushroom brown has been in the headline in 2019 hair color spectrum. The effortlessly stylish and multidimensional color is definitely beyond comparison. The earthy shade gives you a perfect transition from summers to winter and winter to spring. The mushroom brown shade is earthy- neutral as Portobello mushroom.

To achieve that perfect look, you can begin with an ashy brown base color and add some dimension with soft beige blond lowlights. The hair shade is neutral so it easily picks up all the added shades quite nicely.  

Moreover, mushroom brown hair color is extremely customizable. You can ask your colorist to add a bit ashier blonde for a monochromatic finish. Adding some buttery shades can also give you natural-looking hair.

Caramel Highlights

Caramel highlights are the easiest way to keep your locks all natural if you are looking for a softer look.   You can add this color easily in any brunette tresses using balayage techniques. It is important to distribute the highlights evenly on the right strands to mimic a natural sun reflected color.

 Plus, it gives your hair a better dimensional look.

The best part of choosing this trendy color is that it suits all complexions. The warm natural caramel hues complete your look. If you choose subtle pops against some darker piece, adding caramel highlights can bring life to your dull hair. The yummy highlights do not only look modern but also add a unique texture to your hair.

Flannel Hair color

Another hair color that has taken the internet by storm as one of the best hair colors of 2019 is the flannel hair color. Mostly looks good as a fall fashion, these traditional copper, red and cidar hues make your tresses look foliage flair.

 The hair color is perfect for people who love experimenting with different shades. You can get creative by adding some cinnamon and auburn to try out something completely unique and out of the box.

Glowing Neon Hair

If natural hair color is not what you are looking for, neon is the latest and coolest hair color that is worth trying. The trend is more popular in young generation that seems to fall in love with it. As this trend evolved with time, glowing neon hair has become the next bold and big thing in 2019.

It is a fun concept that looks great in not only the dark environment but in different lights as well. The hair color idea comes with a lot of room of creativity. Here are some more ideas you can take inspiration from.

Neon UV Reactive Color Melt

UV mega glow with rainbow color looks great as it makes your hair look bright-vibrant. The UV trend is all about interesting and twisty hair to make your style statement.

Tangerine Neon Glow

This is another neon glow you can choose to rock your New Year hairdo. These deeply pigmented neon shades include both bright and light colors. The shades can include a blend of green yellow, tangerine, and pink that looks stunningly well together. The glow-in-the-dark neon hairstyle looks remarkably soft and brilliant at the same time.

 Faded Pastel

If you are looking for a color that is easy to wash, this is better than a saturated pastel. The trendy hair color gives you options to choose from pale-pink hue or light blue hue.

Dark Blonde

One of the most versatile hair colors, dark blonde is trending as the most favorite color of 2019.  Although choosing the right shade may be overwhelming, once you pick your favorite, the dark blonde looks very pretty.

  It winterizes your blonde hues while keeping it low-maintenance. Dark blonde makes a great combination of strategically-placed blonde pieces and warm brunettes.

Antique Gold

Let your white blondes take a back seat this New Year for this incredibly beautiful platinum hair color.  With a strong impression of old but famous Hollywood glamour, the color basically takes the color of pure champagne. The warm and cool hues are more beige as compared to ice-blonde and make your hair look stunning.


Blackberry is one of the looks many people tried in 2017 and 2018.  The unique and playful color is ready to be around in 2019 also. First tried by Megan Schipani, a famous hair stylist from Maryland, the color has dark purple tone including little blue to add some different dimension to it.

The shade looks perfect, especially if your hair is already dark and you want to get that same feeling you get from dark hues. However, you can use blue tones if you want to go lighter.

Hollywood Opal

Opalescent, pastel color like this is all over your Instagram and seems like a nice New Year addition. It is a great color combo of opal and light blonde with prominent dusty tones for sexier yet sophisticated hair color. Hollywood opal enhances the light blonde shade to make it more reflective.

 Iced Caramel Latte

The color is undeniably a delicious-looking trend in the hair spectrum of 2019. It is a mixture of butter blonde and ash swirled in with elegant brown hues. The hair color is perfect for those who don’t want to spend much time on hair maintenance due to its terrific balayage technique. The technique uses surface painting and results in a stunning and permanent look.

 Final Thoughts

All in all, hair color can make a huge change in your personality if chosen wisely. The given hair color ideas are not only unique, but also trendy to go with you modern New Year’s look.  All of them can definitely bring an unexpected change to your look.  These hair colors are going to be huge this year.