New Year, New Hair: Trendy Hair Styles for 2019


As New Year rings the bells, it is the right time to display the trendy hairstyles that rocked the fashion industry last year. When it is about analyzing fashion trends, we often think about ramp models wearing fabulous accessories that make bold style statements.

However, fashion shows are not all about catwalks or displaying innovative attires, but also attractive hairstyles. Displaying the new hairstyle trends for the coming season, these fashion shows demonstrate how a hairstyle can be portrayed through sheer imagination, experimentation, and creativity.

2018 has been the year of some dazzling hair sheds and original hairstyles. The hairstyle trends experienced some dynamic renewal while showing a slight deviation from traditional ones. Hairstylists experimented with some brazen tattoos and vivid hair colors with unconventional silhouettes. The year embraced natural texture with knots, tangles and hair oils. These meta-trends include immaculate coiffing, bangs, bobs and luxurious curls with some bold hair colors.

Luckily, most of these hairstyles seem to be followed as next year’s big trends. Plus, easy low ponytails with two or three rhinestone pins, waves created with a flat iron, and messy buns are few more trendy hairstyles that may rule the next year. The good news is that most of these hair-dos are effortless and can be tried by anyone. 

If you are bored with the old hairstyles, what can be better than trying some new hair-dos this New Year? Below we have enlisted some of the latest hair-dos fpr 2019 that will definitely inspire you to make a unique change.

Trendy Hairstyles for 2019

1.     The Messy Bob

There is no denying that the messy bob is included in the list of universally flattering modern hairdos for women. Gone are the days when long tresses were the only symbol of beauty. The ultra-trendy bob is the new inspiration for women looking for a stylish change.  Not only does it look versatile, but it also makes your hair manageable. 

Not only this, the trendy hairstyle looks absolutely amazing with both messy texture and pin-straight style. Here are a few options you can try with messy bobs.


Rose Gold Bobs

It is a versatile transition between messy texture and straight hair. The gold rose color adds subtleness to this modern hairstyle. The blunt layers in messy bobs do not disrupt the volume and texture of your hair while adding versatility.

Shoulder length Wavy Bob with Balayage

Featuring blunt ends, this modern shoulder-length bob gives your look a perfect finish. It is a subtle and messy style, but adds a unique flattering texture to your hair, making them look voluminous. The balayage highlights in this hairstyle are also subtle, but give a brighter finish.

 The interesting thing in this hairstyle is its darker roots that are really helpful for your hair growth, and reduce the need to visit the salon frequently.

Bleached chin- Length Bobs with mini Bangs

One of the trendiest hairstyles to frame your face, chin-length bobs perfectly define your features. It is the blunt bangs and textured layer that help draw attention to your hairstyle. This 2019 hairstyle angle chins length while emphasizing the best features of your face. This messy style is not only bouncy, but manageable and cheerful. 

2.     Flowing Waves Style

Other than straightened or curly hair, the flowing loose wave style goes perfectly with any kind of outfit.  The hairstyle is for everyone because of its best dyeing options. Whether you have super-long hair or short messy bobs, the flowing waves look magical.

 The modern hairstyle is for women who are not obsessed with straight hairstyles. There are some options when it comes to flowing wave style that you can look for in 2019.

Textured Soft Waves

Let your flowing wavy hair embrace your neck or shoulders and get a feathered finishing in an inward direction. You can try chin-length side bangs to make the hairstyle look more charming and appealing.

Black Intense Waves

The style looks best with side-parted hair while creating an intense look with flowing waves. Let your hair rest on your shoulder in a casual way with an elegant side sweep that covers a certain part of your face or eye.

Fiery Red Curly ends with Layered Waves

The bold and beautiful style is best to define your signature look. The curly ends with wavy layers make a long lasting impression if you try it with fiery red dye.

3.     Smooth Hair

No matter what haircut you have chosen, straightened hair can add sleeker and chic looks to your appearance. It is known for a fact that straight and smooth hair makes an effortlessly gorgeous hairdo.  It definitely does not require much effort on your part when it comes to styling them.

While giving you a plethora of options to sculpt various trendy styles, it is the natural shine that makes smooth hair appealing for everyone.

If you are looking for products/treatments you can use to have smooth hair for long, enlisted here are some great options.

Kerotin Hair Care Bundle

 Maintaining smooth, shiny hair is undeniably a real struggle. Kerotin Hair Care Bundle, in this regard,   can be the best solution to get long-lasting luscious tresses. The bundle comes loaded with every necessary hair tool to keep your hair radiant.

 The product may work best for you if you have damaged, dull or brittle hair. This hair care bundle has vitamin capsules and argan oil that makes a powerful combination when taken together.

 Plus, the keratin shampoo is great and can soften and smoothen your locks while strengthening them.   Not only does it reduce fly-away and frizz, but also prevent it from breakage.

 Keratin Hair Growth Oil

It is another formula that can help you maintain smooth and shiny hair. Not only this, growth vitamins in this oil are great if you want healthier and stronger hair.

4.     Waterfall Haircut

It’s a haircut for those who don’t want to give up their long hair. This loop-based haircut can be styled, and dyed in a plethora of ways to complement your signature hairstyle. Waterfall haircut is your go-to option if you want a new haircut, but at the same time do not want to compromise on your hair length. 

However, we understand that one-length, edgy hairstyle certainly lacks panache. This is where the waterfall haircut idea comes into play. The eye-catching water-fall layers can completely transform the look of your tresses.

With these face-framing layers, you do not have to sacrifice the length of your long hair, just a few trims and layers can do the job. This is what makes this hairstyle trendy and one of women’s favorite.

Waterfall Braids

A style that is hard to get over with, waterfall braids is the trendiest way to keep the fly-away of your long hair at bay. Offering you a glamorous feel, waterfall braids are the perfect hair-do for high-end events.

Waterfall Braid with Blonde Curls

It is a double bonus if you have long tresses and they are blonde. Waterfall haircut makes a perfect pair with blonde curls. Braid adds some robust texture to your hair as it is tossed together, cascading and an illusion of femininity.

Highlighted Waterfall Braid

Making a striking combination, the hot red and mix blonde looks appealing in a waterfall braid. You can try this unique combination to make each swirl and spin look prominent with each plait of your braid.

5.     Timeless Braids Style     

Gone are the days when braids were considered the hairstyle for younger generation only and 2018 has proven that. The good news is that the braided styles are ready to rock 2019 also with some trendy and glamorous looks.  For example:

The Braided Bun

Braided buns never go out of fashion and are suitable for both old and young women. This incredibly versatile hairstyle is one of the perfect choices for a bride-to-be who is looking for a trendy, yet traditional hairdo.

Dual- Textured Side-Braid

This timeless braid style looks really glamorous, especially if you have long illuminating locks. Dual-textured braid is age appropriate and provides extra grips than any regular braid, resulting in a hairstyle that is full of thickness and life.

6.     Side-Swept Bangs

For those who want to retain their long hair, but also desire to bring a slight change in their looks, side-swept bangs are in. Its versatility is great as you can style your locks with them in various ways. The best part of choosing this hairstyle is that it works for all type of hair.

 No matter you have straight, thick or thin hair, the hairstyle will look great on your face. Plus, if you go with long side-swept bangs, it is an easy way to draw attention away from a broad forehead as well as fine lines on the face.

7.     Short Bangs

Although bangs are a little part of your hairstyle, they can create a whole lot of difference in your overall look. It fits perfectly with different lengths and can give you a noticeable makeover.  

Here are some chic hair-dos inspiration for your new look.

Baby Bangs

Baby bangs are going to be the trendiest thing this year. The latest trend goes along well with oval faces, making them look more confident and stylish.

Curly Bangs

These oh-so-chick hairstyles that can make you look super gorgeous if you have natural curls. The style looks perfect with heavily- textured bobs and is ideal for both long and round faces.

Rockabilly Bangs

Rockabilly bangs are the coolest choice you can try this year. If your hair is smooth, this straight bob will give you a modern style.

8.     Elongated Bob

Elongated bobs have become the talk of the town in 2019. Giving you limitless hairstyle choices, elongated bobs cannot only enhance your looks, but also define your neckline and jaw. Elongated bobs ideally work with medium or thin hair, making it look voluminous.

9.     Messy Buns

Needing a quick hairdo, messy buns are included in one of the most beautiful undone looks. This timeless and playful hairdo creates a chic-look regardless of what event you are attending. Weddings, formal gathering or family events, the style looks best at any event. 

10.Wild and Wet Style

Wild and wet style has a modern update with its sleeker and sophisticated looks this year. The trendy hairstyles are effortless, fast and easy to pull off.

11.A Style that Goes with your Hair Texture

Knowing the texture of your hair is of paramount importance to make the most of your hairstyle. That means you simply cannot ignore the density and texture of your hair while styling your hair. Here we have included some hairstyles while keeping different hair textures in mind.

Coarse Hair

This type of hair is undeniably one of the most difficult textures to handle. Women with coarse hair should avoid graduated styles, choose razor, and layer cuts that are conductive and lessen the volume.

Thick Hair

Having voluminous hair is good if you know how to handle it. High-density tresses can look better with layering as it removes the bulky finish.


Ponytails or up-do is a complete high-fashion overhaul. Ponytails do not only look super chic, but also going to be the hairstyle of this year. Embellished ponytails with natural texture are the all time favorite of many celebrity stylists. 

13.One Length Style

Layers, bobs, and bangs work as the icing on the cake, but one-length hairstyles are an absolute go-to for all seasons. Effortlessly stylish, these hairstyles require minimum maintenance. Plus, if you have thin hair, one length style can make it look thicker.

14.Slicked Back Hair

Slick hair is a classic hairstyle you can choose as your new style statement this year. Not only does it look smart, but can also make any simple hairdo stylish. Whether you want a modern fade cut or traditional pompadour, slick back has something for you.

Final Thoughts

Overall, New Year is the best time you can try out something new and trendy. With the given hairstyle choices we have discussed, you can definitely transform your look.