Why Haircare Has to be Your Most Important Beauty Routine in 2019?


For many people living the best life means adopting a certain lifestyle that makes them feel authentic and comfortable. Similarly, for others, it is all about following the same routine. That means grabbing the cappuccino from your favorite coffee shop every day to embarking on the skincare ritual before going to bed, if your repetitive routine is healthy, it can be equally functional. There is no denying that good routines are immensely restorative for your body, soul, and mind.

But is this good routine enough to keep your hair healthy and make your locks rejuvenated? What is missing here? That’s probably your hair calling. Many of us miss including healthy hair care activities when it comes to following a healthy routine, which shouldn’t be the case. May be you have never realized that you hair can benefit from the consistency, structure and an undeniable glossiness that an indulgent and healthy routine provides.

If you have never thought about that before, this year it shouldn’t be missed. 2019 has come with some must-to-follow hair goals that have to be a part of your routine. To help you out, here we have explained why it is necessary to style your locks with some impressive products. They can help your strands look frizz-free and sleek.

Why a Haircare Routine is Important?

There is no doubt that your hair is one of the fundamental expressions of your unique personality.  When it looks its best, whether you agree or not, you feel good. Unfortunately, there are a plethora of reasons that contribute to dry, damaged and dull hair. If it’s not a genetic disorder that is causing hair loss, then it must be related to your hair care routine.

 A number of hair experts believe that your hair condition is a reflection of your health.  It can be used as an indicator that tells you whether or not you are consuming and processing essential nutrients that your body requires.

These indicators are important to assess your hair care routine, and also to reflect on the steps that can be taken to improve hair vitality and longevity. Besides that, there are several environmental factors like over styling and nutrient deficiencies that prohibit not only desirable hair growth, but also hinder hair care routine. Your hair requires certain proteins to help it prevent these factors and to keep your mane healthy and shiny.

If you overlook these factors, they may have a negative impact on both durability and growth of your hair. This is where you need hair products designed by professionals, such as Kerotin, to make your hair withstand the environmental factors and styling products.

Why Hair Care Has to be an Important Beauty Routine in 2019?

That might sound trivial to you but if you have been following a good hair care routine, especially the right way, it doesn’t take long. The point is that proper hair care regime takes only the knowledge and the right products to maintain an awesome-looking mane.

 Don’t despair if you have been unable to figure out where you can go wrong when it comes to following a hair care routine. Enlisted here some reasons to help you understand why adding proper hair care to your beauty regime is of paramount importance this year.

·         Hair Changes with Time

Maybe you haven’t heard that before but the fact that your hair changes with the time cannot be denied.  Similar to any other body part, your hair is in a constant process of growth. It might have been silky and smooth once, but if it is started to feel rough, dry and lackluster, it is probably the right time you should think about revamping your hair care routine.

 A lot of people get overwhelmed when it comes to switching beauty regime. Experts suggest that swapping your current hair cleansing duo is the easiest way to take the start from.  A set of shampoo, conditioner and hair masks containing natural ingredients can help you bring back youthful gorgeousness.

 Kerotin products, in this regard, contain keratin-infused formulas with essential minerals and vitamins that your hair requires to prevent breakage. Plus, they are equally effective for reducing dullness and dryness while adding bounce and shine to your hair. Even better, the products come in a Millennial pink shade, making it a perfect addition to your shower shelf.

·         New Year, New Tresses

2019 is the year of hair experiments according to Kate Reid- a celebrity hair colorist.  Whether you are experimenting with hair color or thinking to try choppy bangs, if you don’t follow a good hair care routine, you will end up damaging your locks. This is what makes following a good hair care routine essential.

Moreover, you cannot ignore the seasonal needs of your hair. For example, most of us change heavy moisturizers or lighter SPF to protect skin when summer sets in. Your locks, in the same way, are susceptible to a number of seasonal damages. Similar to your skin, hair also gets dehydrated. The cold weather is included in some of the major reasons that can make your hair brittle.  

Here is when the role of anti-frizz hair products comes in as your hair requires nourishment. To withstand the seasonal damage, you must include anti-frizz oil treatments from Kerotin to improve the condition of your hair.

The product is ideal for you if you have thick strands as it includes potent natural ingredients that replace frizz with shine and smoothness. It will definitely be a smart addition to your hair care routine this year to add much-needed shine and flow.  Kerotin oil doesn’t leave a greasy residue in the hair that makes styling and tossing your hair a breeze.

Plus, if you are intending to have a hairstyle inspired by your favorite celebrity, but feel restricted due to the humid season, Kerotin oil can even help you with that. It is great to tame flyaways and protect hair from damage.

·         You Color or Process your Hair


Who is not is not in love with Kristin Stewarts’ brunette or Rachel McAdams’ current chin-length blonde bobs?  If you are a person who is not fond of hair dyes, it is hard to not color your hair after seeing these  chic hair dyes.

Whatever your reason is to bleach or color your hair, it is important to think about the treatment that is long-term. Even if you go for a texture treatment such as Keratin or perms this year, it may have negative effects if a proper hair care routine is not followed.

Plus, over coloring can be damaging as it involves chemical processing. It may strip the natural oils and can make your hair extremely dry and dull.  That is why it is important to add restorative formulas to your hair care routine, especially if you dye your hair or take a texture treatment.  The good news is that kerotin has many products that contain a de-frizzing formula. The formula even makes using heat styling tools safe with its heat protecting qualities. 

No matter whether you choose bright, bold colors or pick a neutral shade to achieve your dreamy hair look this year, good qualities products are a must for your hair care for covetable softness and shine.

Things to Add to your Haircare Routine in 2019

You must have been trying a lot of products and remedies to get shiny, shimmery hair. However, if you are still struggling to get the desired results or missing out something in your hair care routine, all you need is to go through your hair care routine.

 It will help you asses if you are using the products that really deliver the results your hair needs. Here are a few tips your hair care routine may need in 2019 to help you make your hair cleaner, healthier and fuller.

·         Hair Pre-wash for Moisturizing

2019 is the time you should try something new for better results. To put it simply, if you haven’t tried pre-washing your hair, it is the right time, especially if your hair is going through a bad time.  A number of dermatologists consider pre-wash an integral part of a hair care routine to prevent dry, damaged, dull and brittle hair.

  Kerotin pre-wash, in this regard, gives you salon therapy, great protection and shimmer. The easy-to-use product cleanses scalp to nourish the scalp and promote hair growth.

·         Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner 

Choosing the right hair care products is undeniably daunting and can overwhelm you if you don’t know how to go about it. Regardless of what year it is or what hair texture you have, shampoo and conditioner come first when it is about hair care routine.

That is why you have to be very careful while choosing these products. Both your shampoo and conditioners must be moisture-rich to boost your hair health. It must be rich in proteins and pro-vitamins to build nourishment and strength.

·         Scalp Replenishing Hair Mask

Replenishing masks do not only work for your skin, but for your hair also. Replenishing masks are included in 2019’s must-to-have things. Many hair stylists recommend these masks to hydrate and repair tresses. 

Replenishing masks are also very effective to restore nutrients and moisture. Kerotin offers some great scalp replenishing masks as moisture therapy, particularly for hair follicle health. It helps you remove frizz and dead ends while promoting natural hair growth. Many natural ingredients, like coconut and shea butter, add extra shine and moisture.

·         Try Leave-In Treatment

Many studies have proven that frequent washes can severely damage the hair as they strip the natural oils. That means your scalp requires proper cleansing and conditioning between washes. You can use leave-in treatment for better follicle absorption.

·         Nutritional Supplements for Hair Care

Washing your hair is not enough as your hair needs a wide variety of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to nourish follicles, scalp, and strands.  Hair supplements can be great to achieve for healthy and strong hair.

·         Hair Serums

It is another must-to-have hair product in your hair care routine that helps you stimulate nutrient microcirculation. Kerotin hair serums are formulated with an adequate amount of biotin, peppermint, and other natural ingredients to make hair stronger and healthier.

·         Scalp Cleansers

Designed with bio-essentials and various glycoproteins, Kerotin scalp cleansers are perfect to reinvigorate hair and soothe the scalp. Scalp cleansers are essential when it comes to promoting scalp health and hair health.

Meet Kerotin Hair Care Range

There is no doubt that Kerotin hair care range does not only promise luxury or superior hair care, but also gives you long -term hair protection. These products are very effective to transform your hair and its texture as they are formulated with a proprietary blend of natural ingredients.

Kerotin Repair System

Kerotin repair system is specifically formulated for damaged hair that needs strong repair. All the products included in this range contain strand-building nutrients that ensure each of your strands becomes stronger.  The products are ideal to reverse the damage signs that commonly include split ends and weak strands.

Kerotin Hair Moisturizing Products

Why not provide your hair the moisture and hydration that it deserves? With Kerotin hair moisturizing products, moisturizing your hair becomes a breeze. These products include hydrating Seasilk and fatty acids that are a perfect solution for dull and damaged hair.

 Providing your hair the right amount of moisture and hydration, Kerotin hair care range treats dry hair.

Kerotin Hair Growth Vitamins

Achieving stronger and longer hair is not possible without following a good hair care routine. There is no need to spend money on expensive salon treatments when you have Kerotin hair growth vitamins. The formula doesn’t only deliver incredible results, but also makes hair strong enough to withstand environmental pollutants or seasonal changes.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, your hair requires the same amount of attention as your skin and needs protection from sun, heat, and pollutants. In the quest for shiny and luscious locks, many of us end up choosing wrong hair products and treatments. That is why overlooking the significance of good hair care routine can be devastating for your hair health.