Curly Hairstyles to Rock in 2019


If you have been looking for trendy ways to style your wavy and curly hair, you’ve come to the right place. People with curly hair feel helpless when it comes to styling their locks. The reason is simple: curly hair is difficult to manage and style as well. On the flip side, a well-styled curly hair look gives you a unique look and adds to your personal style statement more than any other hair textures or types.

In fact, curly locks can make you look downright glamorous and cool when styled properly. It is not only styling here that you need to take into account. Curly locks are demanding, with coils and curves, plus it has a lot of twists and turns that make it delicate and fragile. Not only this, because these tresses have a curvy nature, the hair oils produced naturally to soften strands have a problem reaching to the hair ends. This is one of the main reasons why curly-haired girls often have to suffer from hair dryness and low moisture levels.

The lack of moisture leads to hair brassiness and dullness. In essence, wavy locks mean your hair is “thirsty”. This makes following a good care regime extremely important for women with naturally curly and wavy hair. That means if you really want to experiment with super chic wavy hairstyles, taking care of your tresses is what should be in your top priorities. Kerotin hair products, in this regard, are the panacea of your stubborn wavy locks. Whether it’s about locking moisture in hair or rejuvenating dull strands, the products cater to all your hair issues.

Healthy hair allows people to try a plethora of hairstyles. The good news is that 2019 brought endless curly hairstyle possibilities for people yearning for trendy hairdos. The only challenge is for women with wavy locks to pick the right style that suits their face shape, personal style and give them the desired length.

Below, we share with you some of the latest curly hairstyles that are in vogue in 2019. Whether you wish to have long curly locks for movement or volume or short curls for a low-maintenance look, these styles will definitely transform your locks.

If you are not sure what to do with your wavy hair, this article will guide you and help you choose the best hairstyle for your curly locks.  Also, it’ll give you the tips which Kerotin product you should use to keep your locks Frizz-free.

Before we plunge into the discussion of hairstyles, let’s see some options that are trending in 2019 for curly locks:

Curly Locks- Best Styles for Different Hair Lengths

Short Curls

If you have short curls, bouncy curls are your go-to hair-do, especially if you have bangs. You can straighten the bangs while keeping the rest wavy (it’s an option). Adding highlights is a good idea when it’s about enhancing the texture.

Medium Length Curls

Shoulder length is best for curly locks. It gives you enough room to experiment with various hairstyles. You can try springy curls, small tighter rings, and loose curls for medium length. Beachy waves are another good option if your natural look. With this length, there is an option to thin out your hair for appropriate style.

Long Curls

Curly and long length is the ideal combination and offers you a plethora hairstyle options, from breezy waves to refined curls. Even applying various layering techniques become easy when you have long curly hair.

 Try out the given hairstyles for your curly hair

 Trendy Hairstyles for 2019

 Halfback Locks for Thick Curly Locks

Do not be fooled by how complicated this hairstyle looks, it takes hardly 60 seconds to make. Whether you try it with short bouncy curls or long beachy waves, the hairdo works exceptionally well.  A number of hairstylists recommend it with side swept bangs if you have short curly locks. Halfback with locks gives a stunning effect.

 Breezy Frizy

This one is surely for the long curly locks as it allows your tresses to flow freely. The style is for girls with loose curls. The short bangs with bright color (be it blonde or brunette) can make you look sun-kissed.  

There is no need to worry about getting your locks tangled and dry as this hairstyle looks good with open hair. Use kerotin anti-tangling shampoo and conditioner to keep your tresses smooth and manageable. The hair product comes loaded with the goodness of natural ingredients that can nourish the wavy locks as no other product can.

Brunch Bun

Are you tired of leaving your wavy locks open? Try this wow hairdo to keep your curls tied.  The hairstyle is typically for girls with medium or long curly hair and who are looking for hairstyles that are easy-to-manage yet stylish. However, if your curls are loose, you can use a curling iron to slightly tighten them. Tie your locks into a bun; don’t worry if they look bit messy (that is the beauty of this hairstyle).

You can add a variation to the hairstyle by concealing your hair tie with a colorful floral scarf. Pull out some random strands from the front and you are good-to-go. However, it is always better to be gentle and work your hands slowly while untying your bun to prevent hair damage. The best way to strengthen hair strands is using Argan oil from Keriton for hair massage. It will allow your curls to lose tangled spirals and minor knots caused by the bun.

Snatched Ponytails

This is one of the most favorite hairstyles of celebrities that you are going to see in 2019. Not only does it look breathtakingly beautiful but also one of the easiest ways to control you curly and wavy locks.  All you need is to slick your locks down with the help of a wide-combed brush. Once the front part is completely covered with gel, pull the rest of the hair back into a ponytail (high or low is up to you).  Let your waves in the back create their flow.  Fluff them with a comb if you want good volume.

Pineapple Updo

Debunk the myth that people tend to wear Pineapple updos when they go to sleep. Since Bianca Alexa has started wearing the hairstyle with an enviable accent, it has become a trend. One of the easy-to-go hairstyles for natural curly locks looks absolutely stunning, no matter where you are going. Not only the hairstyle is super easy, but it also an absolute go-to for your rushed weekdays.

Bianca recommends using a curl refresher (a water bottle with leave-in conditioner) or you can use Kerotin products to tame your wild frizzy tresses. Using Kerotin serum before making an updo is also a good idea to get a sleek look.

To make this hair, all you need to tie your hair in a high ponytail (you can leave the bangs out if you want). Secure your ponytail with the help of scrunchie and bring your tresses forward to your face. Use your fingers to set the curls until you are satisfied with the shape.

 Low Bun with Twisted Braids

Whether you agree or not, this is one of the most amazing hairstyles that work for all types of curly hair with natural texture. If you have doubts, just take a look at Yara Shahidi’s stunning hairdo. The actress has epitomized her look beautifully. You may find it a little complicated, especially if you are making it for the first time. However, once it’s made, the hair-do will make handling your curly locks super easy.

To create this style, begin with tiny braids. You can choose a braid style (loose or tight). There are a number of tutorials available on YouTube if you are a first timer. Once the braid part is done, pull them into a comparatively low bun or ponytail.

If you want to give it a little twist, leave a braided strand before securing the bun. Then, wrap that left-out strand around the bun’s base.


Who is not inspired by the look of Ruth Negga’s amazing minimalistic approach to handling her gorgeous wavy locks? The actress has proven that you don’t necessarily have to have long tresses to elevate your overall looks.

If you’re a person with curly hair short hair, there is no harm in trying beautiful headbands to flatter your curls. The best way to rock this hairstyle is to use Kerotin shampoo to remove tangles and frizz from your short curls. You can also apply defining creams to add an amazing smell to your hair.

Choose a head band that suits your personality. We recommend you use a head band which can subtly camouflage your hair. Go with that crystal-entrusted shown in the picture that symbolizes 2019’s latest trends.

 Half Buns

Gone are the days when half buns were supposed to be for straight hair only. 2019 has changed many traditional concepts like this as a lot of celebrities have tried and accentuated the look. The point is that half-buns look good on almost all kinds of length and texture and probably that is the reason it’s going to be the trendiest look in 2019.

Making this hairstyle is easier than you may have thought. Tie your hair above the ears into a ponytail. Make a crown by wrapping your ponytail. The most interesting thing about this hairstyle is that you don’t need to be worried about keeping your half bun neat, because the messier it is, the nicer it looks.

Space Buns

Never heard about it before? Well, hairstyles like these are what set 2019 apart from other years. The year is all about making your style statement no matter what hair texture you have. Space buns are a great way to keep your curly hair in place.

The side spheres look quintessential in any type of day festivals. You can even sleep in space buns as they offer an easy way to avoid tangled curl.

A number of hairstylists recommend using Kerotin hair mask and serum before trying space buns to keep hair frizz -free and avoid damage.

Braided Top Knot

Since you know what a half bun is, you already know this drill. This hairstyle works equally well for frizzy curls. This bun is tied a little higher than the half bun. Plus, it’s the twisted braid that gives the hairstyle a celebrity look. You can adorn the hair bun with suitable accessories to give it an expensive look.

Kerotin- The Best Wavy Hair Products

With Kerotin hair products controlling your curls, you don’t need to use anything for your hair. Each shampoo, mask, conditioner, and oil is formulated with high-quality ingredients to help you keep your curled manes in shape.

  •  Kerotin Shampoo

Not all shampoos cater to the needs of your wavy locks and that’s where you need something special to softly manage your curls. Kerotin shampoo contains natural ingredients that rejuvenate your dry and frizz hair.

  • Hair Growth Vitamins

There is no doubt that your curls need essential oils to stay longer and stronger. Gone are the days when you have to spend thousands of dollars on expensive shampoos and oils to rejuvenate your hair health. Made with all organic ingredients, Kerotin’s hair growth formula can help make your hair healthier and bring those luscious looks that you desire for.

The product keeps your scalp fresh and helps stimulate growth. All you have to do is take capsules of hair growth vitamins a couple of times in a day.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, if you know how to manage your curls there is no denying that you can rock any hairstyle with style and confidence. Whether you have longs or short curls, these hairstyle tips can change your appearance.

With Kerotin protection, do not hesitate to give your waves a new and trendy look. Plus, the products are great to refresh, rehydrate and rejuvenate your chunky curls. All you need to do is use the products regularly to keep your curls shiny, and shrink-free all day long.