2019 Overhaul for Your Blonde Hair

Whether you spend your money at salons for trendy hair treatments or like to do it yourself, it’s a full-time commitment if you’re a blonde. On the other hand, you cannot deny the fact that blonde hair attracts everyone’s attention, no matter if you have natural blondes or dyed highlights.

That means if we mark 2019 as a year of blondes, it wouldn’t be wrong. Whether light or dark, the shade never loses its charm and remains there with its amazing variations. With that in mind, we found some spectacular blonde shades that will definitely steal the spot this year. 

You’ll be surprised with the shades and choices blonde has to offer. This wide variety of blond choices will also work for people who have trouble when it comes to keeping up with their outgrown roots.

Surprisingly, the variations in the blonde shades are making their way to the internet as they are cool-toned and dimensional.  The shade particularly looks great if it’s taken with the darker roots. According to many colorists, there are many shades of blondes that are ideal for people who prefer a low- maintenance hair color and don’t want to get schedule plenty of salon appointments.

If it has cleared the mist in your mind, it is definitely the prime time to do some experiments with different blonde shades to figure out which one will work best for you. Also, you’ll see how fun it is to go with blonde hues that are not only trendy, but also has a plethora of hairstyle options.

Don’t despair, if you’re not fashion pro or lack the expertise required to choose the hair color that suits your personality, we have you covered here. We interviewed Nicola Clarke who is Color Wow’s creative director and worked her magic on Elizabeth Olsen’s perfect blonde locks. The expert gave us valuable insights and updates on the current trends that will be ‘IN’ in 2019.

Best Blonde Hair Choices in 2019

 Icy white


 The beautiful shades of Karlei, Cara and K-stew are enough to give us a sense the going-to-be trend. Icy white shade in blonde is trending again and who’s is not loving it? The shade is relatively light and is perfect for light skin tones. However, according to Nicola, discussing how light your blond should be is always safe before you opt for this shade.

It is important because “being blonde” means your hair has to go through a long bleaching process that may be damaging for your hair. It might lead to other hair problems, requiring you to cut your locks (which of course no one likes) to keep them healthy.

If you don’t want to compromise on the length of your locks, it is essential to discuss it with your stylist and colorist before dyeing. It means you will have to cut fewer locks post-bleach. Nicola also believes that it is not only about bleaching your locks, but also the history of your hair health that needs to be taken into account while making the decisions. If you have been experimenting with your hair color in the past, it may also affect the color and hair texture.

 Here is when the role of good hair care routine comes into play.  The more you choose quality hair products like Kerotin, the less damage you will have to suffer. That means if you want to keep icy light shade on point, use Kerotin sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, particularly to reduce brassiness.

Yellow Blonde

This may sound surprising to you, but the Cara crew has really brought back yellow blonde to the masses in 2019. The shade seemed nowhere in the past few years, but people are really appreciating this golden shade, particularly with warmer tones. The creamy blondes of Georgia May Jagger have said it all if you are still unsure about yellow blonde’s come back.

The quality that gives it an edge over other blondes is its no-bleach requirement. It is undeniably the best bit when it is about choosing a color that has a minimum risk of damage. A yellow blonde, in this regard, makes an exceptional choice if you are naturally fair-haired. 

All you need to do is ask your colorist to give you high-lift tint instead of bleach. It is the easiest way to have a comparatively less dramatic effect in the beginning.

 However, you’ll have to wait for at least three months until it will get lighter. Bleach only gets dull with time. A number of colorists prefer this shade for their clients who have damaged hair because of its ‘No bleach’ trait. To be on the safe side, using kerotin products to avoid damage and protect color is a smart idea.

Cream Soda Blonde

No wonder if this name sounds like something mouthwatering and delicious edible. Cream soda blonde is an incredibly amazing variation of coffee-infused blonde shades. The hair trend is a perfect combination of brunette and blonde and is definitely going to be one of the popular hair color trends.  Nicola confirmed that a number of her celebrity clients have already tried this shade.

The combination with its warm gold tones and beige brown highlights can do wonders for your looks. In addition to that, the beige highlights can give you a brightening effect and can make your face look better.

Toasted Coconut Blonde

If you have chosen a toasted blonde, do not worry about the look you are going to get. The color has topped the list of the most interesting blonds and it is expected to rule the realm of hair colors. The color covers the base and can be the best decision for your style choices.

This blonde shade is not only delicious-sounding, but also looks tempting with its grungy grown out roots. Toasted coconut blonde is a blend of icy white tips and cream blonde length that you can nail the look of au naturel balayage.

There is no doubt that the color adds to your exclusivity with its dark, rich roots. These darker color roots take a soft transition and slowly melt into sharp blonder ends. The best feature of this blonde shade is that it’s incredibly low maintenance.

Plus, the toastier the shade is, the nicer it gets. However, in order to retain the shade, using purple shampoo is must to keep your icy ends good to go.

Semi-Permanent Pastel

It’s hard to believe it, but pastel shade is still making an impact. The reason is very simple as this shade looks great. Typically, the game begins when you have got blonde locks and want to make them even more stinking.

 Going with semi-permanent toners is the safest choice to get pastel colors. Pastel toners are easy to get as long as the blonde is not too yellow.

Another thing that makes semi pastel a go-to choice is that it can be done at home. To achieve the perfect pastel toners, add drops of the shades you’ve chosen and mix it with a conditioner. You may feel like you’re mixing icing. Use that mixture instead of your normal conditioner. It will boost your color and look more attractive when it begins to fade.

Although your color choice is up to you, mixing orange, red, and a few purple colors together can give you sophisticated rose gold tones.

 Champagne Blonde

Just like creamy soda blonde, champagne blonde is delicious sounding. What makes this shade different is its cooler undertones. According to colorists, this shade of blonde is one of the latest ways to work if you have ashy locks.

 Besides that, mixing warmer tones of this unique champagne blonde shade with platinum and ash streaks is a way to achieve beautiful pale blonde hair. However, if you wish to have an au naturel multi-tone, the mentioned tip works for that also.

A -List Balayage

If your hair is low-key blonde and rainbow pastel doesn’t seem to suit you, then this blonde balayage is probably your go-to option.  Adding carefully placed highlights and shadows can make it look way expensive.

According to Nicola, the shade is known for its beachy look as it is brunette at the top and whisky blond at the ends. You need to 'ask your stylist to color on darker shades to frame your face is in a better way. It will keep your blonder tones prominent.'

You can also add light ribbons through strands and shadows at the root. Not only does it give your look more depth, but also a dimension that looks more polished and expensive. The blonde shade may work even better if you leave some natural hair color exposed.  

Marshmallow Blonde

This list of delicious-sounding blonde hues for 2019 seems to go long and tantalizing marshmallow blondes are here to prove that. Megan Martinez – a California-based colorist - considers Marshmallow blonde an ideal shade, especially for people who want a low-maintenance color.

 It is a mix of creamy pale grown out roots and smoky dark blond that gives it a sweet hue. It looks like a mixture of different colors of toasted marshmallows. Interestingly, the shade is easy to maintain and looks salon-fresh.   

There is no doubt that blonde and bobs make a perfect combination. Considering this, here we have enumerated some exciting and trendy hair ideas for 2019.

Blondes and Bobs- A Perfect Combination

The given blonde hairstyles are amazing to lift your personality and hair game. The gorgeous bobs are trend-setting in 2019 and make stunning hairstyles.

Blonde Short Bob

 This beautiful hairstyle with wavy bob can change your overall impression. This hairstyle is a mixture of platinum and light blonde with a slight wave. This is undeniably an excellent hair idea that carries a vintage glamorous look to it.

If you don’t want to go bold, recreating this style with simple blonde shades you give you a completely new look. You can also pick darker blonde tones.


Short Blonde with Messy Hair

This is an easy way to give your locks amazing lifts with this short and beachy hairstyle. The shade keeps the roots dark and ends blended with a slight blond color. This is a key to get the perfect sun-kissed look as the color uses multiple shades of blonde with a dark tone on the roots.

 This blending keeps your hair looking natural. With this hairstyle, maintaining a summery and bright look becomes a breeze.

 Purple Blonde Bob

The next idea is all about adding a stylish splash to your monotonous hairstyle. If you have light shade blonde bobs, you can rejuvenate your hairstyle by adding a purple shade from the middle to the end, especially to the tips. The hairstyle is no doubt extremely trendy and can help you recreate a prominent vibrant tone for your tresses.

 Warm Blondes

The silky bobs go very well with the warm blonde tone. The dark brown short hair with warm golden highlights makes an eye-candy combination. Interestingly, you can try it with various other hairdos. That means even if you have longer bobs, the hairstyle makes you look dapper.

 Straight Blonde Bobs


It is one of the super stylish hairstyles that we have on the list. With its darker roots, the hairstyle has light blond highlight running through silky straight hair.  The overall look creates a modern appearance, adding a perfect hairstyle to your style to help you look up to date.

Platinum Pixie 

Looking for a fresh and bold hairstyle, then look no further and try this. This new pixie cut with platinum blonde looks incredibly cute and appealing. You will see a number of celebrities trying this elegant hairstyle that includes Jennifer Lawrence and Anna Hathaway. These bobs with platinum pixie make a warmer look and can be your style statement.

Final Thoughts

 In conclusion, blonde is one of the best choices one can help complement your personality. The good news is that now it has a plethora of options in terms of color highlights and hairstyles. The given ideas are ready to be seen everywhere in 2019.