Hair Accessory Trends for 2019

You might have heard that 2019 fashion trends are going to be extravagant and beyond something you have tried in the last five years. The trends are reversing and designers and stylists are presenting a mix of traditional and modern fashion to add to your style statement. The interesting thing is that this doesn’t go for only shoes, clothes or bags this year, but this fashion statement is also applicable for hair accessory trends this year.

That means if you have always been a fan of high ponytails and headbands and or a barrette fascinates you a lot, get ready to try all this in 2019.  The headband game is going to be all the rage this year; so, be prepared for a major overhaul in hair accessory trends. You already have seen many hair accessories trending on fashion shows or runways.

Most styles you see feature assortments and ornamentation. Embellished crowns and beads bands are also on their way.  No worries if you don’t feel like giving embellished bands a shot, there are plenty of hair accessory options you can try to rock your style statement. Subtle bows and bobby pins are a few examples that with little innovation can completely modify any boring hair-do.  

Besides this, these hair accessories work equally for people who are dissatisfied with their current hairstyle, but don’t want to change it either. With some simple hair accessories, they can not only make their hairstyle interesting, but also bring a unique touch to their personality. What we mean to say here is that whether you go for a simple headband, clip or embellished head ties, they all are beautiful.

2018 was also a year of hair accessories whereas the styles were a bit underrated. Plus, the way 2019 has added to the range of hair accessories, 2018 couldn’t explore them. For example, 2019 includes beautiful and light-reflecting crystals or a lot of feathered hair bands. As mentioned earlier, the latest trends have reinvigorated some of the old trends which are exhilarating; this is especially true for people who missed that era when wearing something like this refreshed the look.

To put it simply, these simple yet stylish tools are not less than lifesavers to help girls maintain their hairstyles. Not only do they look great, but they can also amazingly manage hair, especially if you have voluminous curls.

 These hair accessories do not require high maintenance or any professionally designed roller-set. All they need is your little attention and they can be your fashion accessories.

However, if you are concerned about your hair health, you need to focus on following a proper hair care regime. For that, you won’t get anything better than Kerotin hair products. No matter what type of hair accessory you choose, Kerotin shampoos and conditioners are the best when it comes to protecting your hair.

These products include natural ingredients and add adequate amount of essential nutrients that your tresses need to grow and withstand the damage.

 So, if you are ready to embrace the hair accessory trend this year, we have listed some of the most stylish yet simple ideas to pique your fashion taste and interest.

 Trendiest Hair Accessories for 2019


Of course, headbands are some of the important hair accessories that are widely used on and off with a lot of variations in the fashion world. Following the tradition, they are ready to become the most popular hair accessory in the upcoming season.

The only new thing you are going to see this year is the strong reminiscence of the 90s style. That includes everything from subtle bows to sparkling embellishments.

The latest look of Tom Ford’s model in which they accentuated the look of leather headbands. That look instantly became the talk of the town. A lot of people started following the trend. Interestingly, everyone who tried that hair accessory enjoyed comfortable width and flexibility tied around the head.

Orlando Pita- the head stylist of the show explained that she didn’t want to make them look professional, so she whipped hair bands and pinned them. That’s what made the style not only unique, but also easy-to-try for everyone.

She further added the stretch zigzag headband and it caught the attention of a lot of people. The style brought back many youthful memories with its 90s inspiration. It does not only look great, but also suits different hair types.

Comb Headbands

This runway showcased the work of Prabal Gurung who reinvented the look of comb headbands with sleek pulled-back locks. Typically, the style was inspired by the casual gym look. The stylist paired that look with simple and stretch zigzag bands. As a result, a wonderful ‘refurbished look’ came out that a number of fashion enthusiasts loved.


Floral Head Bands

Although the style is specifically associated with spring, a lot of stylists in the fashion world have already started experimenting with floral hair accessories, particularly hair bands. Floral headbands are considered a great way to add colors and vibrancy to your overall look. Most of the hair bands are designed beautifully with different flower sizes tucked neatly into the band. Not only does it add color to your appearance, but also a playful romantic touch.

 There is no doubt that headbands work as a complete prop and come with amazing versatility. Whether you wrap it around your forehead like a ring or place it properly on your head, it will look glamorous on you. These fashionable headbands are everywhere, and all you need to do is choose the right style to go with your attire and hair color.

Princess Tiaras

Another over-arching hair accessory that you will be seeing in 2019 is princess tiaras. Naturally, the style is meant to be for summer and spring accessory trends, but they are gaining popularity for their quintessential designs that symbolize romance and opulence.

 If you are unsure how do these hair accessories look like, check out Simon Rocha’s ultra-feminine collection which is undeniably regal and one of the most sought-after collections. The designed tiaras are shaped into beautiful bowls, giving a feminine look.

There are stylists who have added an architectural look to this hair accessory that has made it a unique creation. The colorful jewels and a minimalist twist of gold also add an impact to these tiaras to give you an iconic look.

 That means tiaras make an exceptional personality statement. The three-dimensional glittering representation looks eye-catching and indicates that you are a fashion-forward person. Lo Copins models that represented 2019 hair accessories rocked their look with their tiaras that have tons of sparkling stones.

The elegant stones were top off the natural crowns. The colorful stones in the crowns took the hair accessory game to another level. The large crowns were showy and made a perfect style statement for every model that appeared with them.

 Claw Clips

Whether you call it claw clips or banana clip, it remains one of the most popular hair accessories since the 90s. It is simply because the accessory is convenient and extremely easy to use when it comes to managing your hair.

The good news is that claw clips have made a comeback, but it doesn’t end here. The 90s’ style will be seen decoratively holding tresses. This year, you can use claw clips for holding your hair. That means you can use them for low ponytails and low buns with your hair slicked back.

Hair Accessories with Feathers

This hair accessory might sound bizarre, but it has become people’s favorite due to its standout feathers feature. The accessory is undeniably innovative and hasn’t been seen before. Zadig & Voltaire are the first stylists who came up with this idea and showcased their barrettes. The stylist used colorful and bright feathers, not more than few inches long, to jazz up every day’s look.

 You can go through Dries Van Noten latest showcase in which she created an incredible impression by framing bangs and lining parts with ultra-thin feathers. The stylist used stunning colors to make them even more impactful.

The way Noten uses feathers as hair accessory allows everyone to use it conveniently for an everyday look.

That means if you are looking for something innovative yet trendy, this hair accessory is for you.


It is not only the claw clips that have made a comeback this year. Triplicate-multiple clips and barrettes are also ready to reappear in the fashion world. A number of stylists presented their models with barrettes that were worn with French twists.

The most interesting part of using this hair accessory is that each clip makes its individual appearance no matter what quantity you choose to wear. They can be worn with crystal claws and bows to help you accentuate your hairstyle.

Net Worth

The accessory is for those who want something sartorially fearless and love netted hair creation.  Although the style is situation specific, it can make you look unique. Beside this, it gives you the choice to wear it like a cap or hair accessory. No matter what style you choose, net worth adds a class to your look.


The accessory has already got fashion enthusiasts’ approval as you might have seen a lot of people already wearing it. The sturdy leather band is worn around the head like a crown. It comes ultra padded with engraved or printed metal stars. If you want something more feminine and subtle, there are a plethora of choices.


Scarves are used with all kinds of attires in almost all seasons, particularly on fashion shows that have a travel-inspired vibe. Considering this, a number of stylists in 2019 went ahead and presented scarves around their models’ heads with plenty of innovation. Many of them cemented the wanderlust theme that makes scarves a must-have part of the 2019 spring hair accessory trends.

Not only is this hair accessory appreciated by fashion enthusiasts, but it is also worn by women who cover their head with scarves for religious reasons. That is to say, this year, hair scarves are included in some of the high-fashion options you will see in the stores.

Another reason why scarves will be a must-have hair accessory for the next season is the versatility this tiny piece of cloth has. These printed and colorful scarves can be wrapped around in a turban style.  Plus, you can tie them with a back or front knot or give them a bang for an amazing rockabilly vibe.

Designer Atlein has displayed another interesting way to wear a scarf. You need a comparatively long length to try on this style. Wear it in a threaded way and make a thick twisted braid. It adds color and dimension to your scarf style.

 Bows and Ribbons


Ribbons are cute hair embellishments that can add girlishness to your look. These hair accessories do not only look lovely, but also sophisticated. Many stylists will show their bows on runways as a part of the spring hair accessories in 2019.

Emilia Wickstead used black ribbons to tie off low and high ponytails in her show. The elegant bows worked well with various clothing designs and paired well with various bow-enhanced dresses. This is not the only style as you can also use bows as hair accessories.

They can also be used to tie off braids of different styles. Using velvety material for the bows can make them look attention grabbing and lush.

That means if you how to style bows or what material goes well with them, they can be a key styling element. Bows make a wonderful hair accessory and add diversity to your style. They can be used to decorate and design headbands. Whether you wear them in headbands or use them separately to give a stylish twist to your half ponytail, they look excellent and trendy.

Final Thoughts

All in all, hair accessories are an easy way to enhance your simple hairstyle. Unlike complex hairstyles, using them is a breeze. All the given hair accessories ideas are super cool and are going to be ubiquitous in 2019. So, rocking these hair accessories is very easy if you take proper care of your hair with quality products like kerotin.