Beautiful Hair Highlights for Blonde and Brown Locks in 2019

There is no denying that adding highlights to your tresses is one of the easiest ways to enhance your overall look. Simple touches of brunette or blonde can refresh your dull mono-color hair. The good news is that this year brought a lot of hair color variations to give you ample choices to opt for the color that complements your personality. Whether you choose vibrant highlights or a natural-looking shade, if your stylist knows his/her job, your highlights will grab the attention.

2019 is a year of chunky highlights so far, especially if you have blonde or brown locks. These highlights have already become this season’s hottest trend. So, if you haven’t thought about giving a slight twist to your hair color, this is the right time to reinvigorate your natural browns or blondes. All you need is to consult a hair colorist to explore some delightful choices that suit your base tone.  

Besides this, getting the same shade of highlights you want is a little tricky. There are some shades that take time to develop on blonde and brown hair.  For example, if you want a sun-kissed balayage effect on your highlights, you need to wait a little longer after dying your tresses. Despite the fact that they are effortless highlights, the color doesn’t develop quickly on blonde locks. Many people go through a lightening effect if they choose a subtle tone or a tone that’s brighter than their original hair color.

If you can relate to this, we will recommend you to consult your hair colorist, especially if you crave something natural-looking or bronzed highlights. It is important to discuss things with your colorist to achieve the desired color.

Moreover, consulting your hair colorist will not only help you find out the right shade of highlights but also know about your hair health. If you don’t take good care of your locks, the hair color, no matter how subtle or bold, can damage your hair. There is no doubt that highlights bring out the best of your hair by giving it shimmery look and bone structure. But if you take a wrong step, the results can wreak havoic.

That is to say, the highlights can turn your locks brassy and stripy quickly. This reason is why dermatologists suggest using high-quality hair care products that protect both your hair and highlights.

Kerotin products, in this regard, are the best choice for maintaining highlights for a long time. You can choose from a wide range of premium products that are low-sulfate and also color-safe. The highlight-friendly shampoo helps you retain hair moisture and can be a thermal protector for your locks.

Having said that, there is no doubt that properly cared for highlights look gorgeous. Here we list some amazing hair highlight choices that will be trending in 2019:

Highlights to Rock Your Brown Hair

You love your brown mane but want to add some dimension and shine to it? Consider the given highlights for your dark brown locks to make them look naturally lightened. That means dark-haired brunettes also have plenty of choices.

Partial Balayage Highlights

The first idea we list here is one of the simplest choices you can opt for. The partial balayage is considered a top shade for brunettes. This option is perfect for women who are not ready to go for a big change. The shade is sought-after because it doesn’t lighten all the strands of your locks.

Apply the color to certain places where it blends with the dark and light brown colors. You can go with two shades brighter if you want or if you have a lob cut. The balayage highlights accentuate the long strands that go down to your shoulders in a lob cut.

Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

This is one of the common highlight ideas people usually go for. This lighter and darker combination of brown and blonde adds warmth to your hair texture. Plus, these highlights can be an ideal choice for women who want a lift in their tresses. It is not necessary to go for glittery golden highlights if you have the choice to go a few shades lighter.

Subtle Balayage Highlights 

Don’t want something vibrant or bold? Then this color is for you. Adding a subtle color to your locks, the highlights make a perfect combination of chocolate brown and balayage. A number of hair colorists prefer choosing the similar base color tone to give your hair a refreshing look. This way, you can also keep the highlights natural-looking while accentuating the highlighted strands.

Dark Brown with Ash Blonde Highlights

Celebrity colorist Johny Ramirez created this highlight shade and tried it on many celebrities. According to him, it looks stunning on beachy hair colors but if you have dark brown locks, giving them ash blonde highlights is the best way to alleviate the base color. The highlight shade looks absolutely lovely with textured layers.

Dark Brown Hair with Chestnut Highlights


Choosing this shade is an ideal way to keep your dark brown locks more golden-toned. Johnny Ramirez tried these chestnut highlights on many brunettes while complementing their front tresses with honey-colored highlights.

Caramel Highlights


The highlights are for dark brunettes who are looking for something light yet bold. Caramel highlights are a complete contrast from the traditional golden highlights and keep your natural hair color intact. So, take heed to this subtle shade, especially if you have a medium skin tone.

Dark Blonde Highlights

The highlights look incredibly stylish if you have dark brown wavy tresses. The highlights subtly enhance the spirals by giving them a glittery look. That means blonde highlights can really lift the waves while giving a brighter and bolder look to them. 

However, that doesn’t mean if you have straight dark brown locks, you cannot try these blonde highlights. They look equally gorgeous on silky straight hair.

Dark Red Highlights

This shade is perfect for a dramatic makeover and is already trending as many celebrities opt for it. It is a dark-dark combination in which dark brown hair is highlighted with a dark red tone. A lot of colorists called this shade cranberry wine.

Red highlights do not only look stunning, but also give your locks an edgy lift.  No matter what your complexion is, these dark red highlights suit all skin tones.

Medium Brown Highlights


According to famous hair colorist Natalia Josh, dark brown is a neutral color and gives you a plethora of options when it comes to highlighting your hair. Just by going two shades lighter or two shades brighter you can create interesting and different looks. 

The given highlights idea is an example of a unique blending of dark and medium brown hair. The shade has a dark brown base with medium brown highlights. The color changes as you go down to hair ends. It gives a stylish lift to your tresses and makes an ideal combination for women who want a subtle color change.

Light Golden Brown Highlights


These highlights will surely update your looks for the coming season, especially if you have to attend any fancy event. It is a beautiful combination of dark brown hair and golden brown highlights. If you want a bold look with prominent highlights, you can use brighter shades of golden.

However, you can keep it light by choosing golden brown that is one shade lighter. Going for golden brown blended highlights is another trendy option you can go for.

Classic Caramel

The highlights are perfect for creating extra dimension. The combination is an example that you do not always need to go for the brightest blonde to lift the base color. The tennis star Serena Williams has quintessentially proven this with her richer caramel ends. That highlighted effect made a lot of difference to her looks.


Brunette or blonde?  The highlights are an incredible combination of both the colors and seem like melting into the light brown base. The highlights tone accentuates your skin tone while maintaining a soft look.

 There is no way you can get a better combination of both brunette and blond than this. Jessica Alba has rocked her 2019 look with her elegant Bronde highlights.

Honey-Colored Baby Lights

This is another trendy highlight color that can boost your overall look. It takes few pieces of rich blonde color throughout with deep caramel toffee highlights. The highlights look even better in the sunlight. A lot of celebrities have already tried these to enhance their dark brown base and Jessica Biel is one of them.

Butterscotch Brunette Highlights

Baby highlights with butterscotch color are all the rage these days. The highlights are one of their kinds when it comes to creating a subtle look. The dark brown base color has subtle hints of new-born blonde lights that give your tresses warmth without overshadowing the brunette color.

 Summery Blonde Balayage


This combination might sound bizarre to you, but trust us it is one of the best highlight shades you will see this year. The way icy blonde balayage accentuates the features of dark brown hair, no other highlights can.

 Not only this, these blonde highlights frame your face so the tresses will look lifted and refreshed.  Another interesting feature of blonde balayage highlights is that it makes a perfect match to whatever tone you want to have to recreate the look.

Natural Brown Highlights


Ever tried brown over brown?  Well, that is why we called 2019 a different year. This option is for those who want to keep and maintain the finished hairstyle look. The highlights use a dark brown tone with lighter highlights of the brown color.

The idea is undeniably stunning if you want a stylish and a bolder look. A number of hair colorists recommend using the lighter shade on hair tips.

Multi-Tonal Highlights


Considering the fact that a lot of multi-tone colors are rocking 2019, looking flashy and vibrant is one of the options you can choose to rock your look.  There is no doubt that multi-tonal hair colors with dark brown base create a look that is stylish and cute at the same time. Not only does it rejuvenate the look, but also makes your locks healthier.

Warm Hair Highlights

The shade lies somewhere between caramel and balayage and it is included in one of the fashionable highlights. These highlights are meant to be for brunettes as it gives a unique touch and warmth to your tresses.

Although you can place these highlights from the top layers to the tips, they look stunning if you focus especially on the strands that frame your face.

Bright Highlights on Dark Brown Base

When thinking of highlights we usually focus on subtle or warm colors shades. But very few of us make bold choices. Don’t worry if you have never tried the bright colors so far, in 2019 bright highlights can be your style statement. That means bright highlights on dark brown base look strikingly beautiful.

 Yellow is the brightest shade to have on your color palette when it comes to highlighting. According to hair colorists, yellow makes an ideal choice for people with dark hair. Jet brown hair becomes incredibly eye-catching with bright yellow highlights. Although you have a choice to go for lighter colors, the darker base shade will make your hair look flashier.

Keratin- Your Color Protection

There are various ways to gain dimension to your dark brown hair. However, to highlight dark brown hair, it is hard to avoid bleaching. Even if you go to an experienced colorist, bleaching is a part of their highlighting technique. That is where the role of good hair care techniques comes into play. High-quality color protection products are the only way you can maintain healthy hair.

 Kerotin can provide you ultimate protection when you bleach your hair, especially for highlights. It has a color protection formula that has natural ingredients, such as biotin and vitamins.

 Final Thoughts

Overall, highlights on dark brown color are a great option to reinvigorate the look without changing the whole color. They are the safest option if you use Kerotin color protection products.