Celebrity Hair Trends to Look for in 2019



When it comes to grooming ourselves, we do not make the rules, we follow them. This is one of the reasons why the visual account is of paramount importance to explore what is trending in the current and following year.  Just like makeup trends, hairstyle trends are constantly changing and this diversity is what makes glamour and fashion industry even more exciting.

That means with each new generation comes new colors, styles, trends, and techniques. Not all people add these trends to their beauty regime, but for fashion enthusiasts, these trends set the stage for a complete makeover. A lot of people pay close attention to changing and popular styles and they know what trend is in and what style is fading out.

There is no denying that there are some styles that get out of fashion quicker than platform flip-flops, while others stay for quite a long time. The phenomenon is the same when it comes to hairstyles. 2019, in this regard, is going to surprise you with some amazing hairstyle trends, especially if you love to follow celebrities and their fashion taste. These trends are not only innovative and bold, but also great to boost feminine confidence.

 2019 is all set to break the stereotype of long and one-shade hair. You will see your favorite celebrities enjoying the freedom to try bangs and chops to give their appearance a distinct flair.  If you are looking for the latest hairstyles that are going to be seen in the fashion world this year, the article will help you. The given list is ideal to take inspiration for new and stylish hairstyles you can try to make your hair stand out.

Rocking Celebrity Hairstyles 2019

 Side-swept Bangs

Who didn’t fell in love with Jennifer Aniston when she chose side swept bangs? Whether you agree or not, she looks fabulous with her side swept bangs. One of the interesting features of side bangs is that they go well with all types of faces.

Side-swept bangs have seen a great transition from 2000 when they used to be straight. The bangs were left to grow out until they were ready for trimming that created a choppy yet feminine look. In 2019, the style is more manageable and properly curled up so bangs don’t fall in front of the eyes. It makes this hairstyle not only stylish, but also versatile.

 Chin-length Bobs


Bobs are here with all the swing and vengeance. The hairstyle does not reflect 1945s any longer when wearing locks longer than the shoulders was considered outdated. 

2019 is the year of short hair and chin-bobs are totally a rocking way to wear an absolutely classic look.  Rachel McAdams’ current look is a perfect example of how chin-bob can uplift your appearance. The gorgeous actress has revived chin-length waves. She has kept it short to make the bobs look even more voluminous. Getting these short curls is a breeze if you know how to use your flat iron properly.

 The cool hairstyle can even enhance your looks if you combine it with a side part. The combination can add layers, volume and movement to your flat boring bob cut.

 Full Chops



There is no doubt that it takes a lot of courage to pick something incredibly bold and going for a head shave is one of them. 2018 has seen a strong inclination toward the full chop; this is especially true for many celebrities who have gone for this hairstyle, leaving their fan in awe. 

Kate Hudson surprised her fans when she switched from her curly long blonde tresses to full chops. The drastic change becomes a trend and many celebrities including Kristen Stewart, Katy Perry, and Ruth Bell followed the trend by taking inspiration from her. Keke Palmer is another example of how the shaved head can get a dreamy and interesting look with a little purple buzz. Similarly, Halsey – an activist and actress has swapped her beautiful natural afro style and shaved her head.

The transition of these celebrities demonstrates the growing popularity of full chops that 2019 will also see.


Whether it is a bold choice in outfits or in makeup, Kristen Stewart knows how to nail her look. It is no surprise that her hairstyles have always been an area that she constantly experiments with. Her latest hairstyle is what has become the talk of the town nowadays. The lady with undercut has gone wildly popular for her bold choice. Kristen Stewart is an inspiration for people to lose some locks and opt for an utterly bold hair cut.

With undercuts, you don’t need to compromise too much of your hair length or even volume. In fact, undercuts with long pixie make your hair looks voluminous while making a perfect face frame.   According to hair experts, undercut is an ideal hairstyle for people with thick locks as it is extremely easy-to-maintain.

Natural Hair

Bold and confident are the words that describe 2019 and that means embracing your natural locks no matter what texture or type it is. Whether pin straight length or crazy curls, you can find many celebrities who confidently rock the shows with their natural locks. Amandla Stenberg is an example of a brave girl who sees no limits when it comes to pulling off her natural hairstyle.

Although the actress has been trying different hairstyles, her pure natural look has become a fan favorite. The curl and volume with raven-colored tresses of Amandla Stenberg have inspired millions of her fans to embrace the natural hairstyle.

Soft waves



The winning tight curls are now one of the legitimate styling techniques. Although it requires some time to get a hang of it, the style is totally worth it.  If you are still uncertain, check Lucy Hale’s hairstyle with soft waves that can be conveniently achieved with a curling iron.

 According to celebrity hairstylists, using flat irons for soft curls gives you a better result than any other styling tool. All you need is a curling iron that has a minimum width. Plus, the smooth barrel in these small irons is really helpful with twisting motions you need to get easy curls. It protects your hair from tangling and smoothly slides through it.


We all admire Lady Gaga for her amazing vocals and songwriting skills, but that is not the only thing people like about this diva. Being a part of the music industry the singer has maintained her glamorous personality with fabulous hairstyle.

Her outgrown, long fringe is an example of her pretty hairstyle. The star singer has revived the long and short bang fashion that declined in the 70s. Fringes cannot only make you look younger, but are also one of the easy -to- manage hairstyles. It takes your minimal effort to style them. Whether you have short or long hair, these bangs look awesome and can help you frame your face, not in an outdated or typical way, but in a stylish way.

The best part of having fringes is that when they outgrow, they don’t look messy.  Because they are already fringed, they appear bold and striking.

 Punkified and Choppy- A Cool Hairstyle to Impress Everyone



 If you don’t mind the idea of ‘just going for it’, then anything that is punkified and choppy will suit you this year. In other words, choppy bangs are on their way back in 2019 and it‘s no surprise. The trend was quite ‘IN’ in the 90s, not only in the US, but also in other parts of the world. However, with celebrities picking up this hairstyle with confidence, people can see how flattering these choppy bangs actually are.

 It is the variation and trendy cuts that basically add a unique dimension and style to your forehead. Not only does it look stylish, but also draws the attention toward your face, instead of just framing the eyes. A lot of celebrity hairstylists prefer these bangs with a layered and choppy haircut.

 If you are not sure about the final look, you can look at Zendaya’s hairstyle. The easy-to-manage hairstyle is fun to have and looks absolutely ethereal with both straight and wavy locks.

Full Sidecut


As interesting as its name, a full side cut is undeniably one of the boldest hairstyles you will see celebrities experimenting with in 2019. The versatile haircut gave a popular rebellious look to many celebrities and Natalie Dormer is just one example.

The way she carried the hairstyle made this brave variation an absolute must try. The hairstyle includes a part of your locks or lower head shaved. The chic hairstyle is cool looking and extremely convenient.  That is why more and more celebrities are opting for this hairstyle, regardless of their hair length.

Buzz cuts

Many of you may have heard this name for the first time, but it is going to be the coolest trend this year. We can say that after seeing Cara Delevingne’s hairstyle breaking all boundaries. Having your head fully buzzed with platinum or brunette hues can seriously bring out your natural features.

Besides this, it is one of the easiest haircuts and requires almost zero maintenance and that is what makes it most hairstylists’ favorite. All you need to do is get some occasional trims in case you find your tresses have outgrown.

 Baby Bangs


It sounds surprising but baby bangs have their place in 2019 that once used to be a popular hairstyle in the 90s. The style is again in demand and the trend is slowly reviving as many celebrities are picking up on this hairstyle. Baby bangs were nearly attempted by everyone decades ago. People really didn’t care what hair texture or facial features they had while choosing baby bangs.

 One reason why baby bangs are gaining popularity again is that they work great when it comes to covering up your broad forehead. Plus, bangs help you draw attention to the eye by covering your eyebrows.  

 According to hairstylists, the best way to pull off this look is to start bangs from far back on the head.   This way, they will appear longer while giving you a unique punk-rock vibe. Also, the trick works perfectly when it is about adding volume to your hair and making it look more in shape and fuller.

 Sofia Boutella’s hairstyle is enough to take a major inspiration from, especially if you are not really fond of the straight-across look.

Unnatural Hair Colors with Bobs


Halsey is not the only celebrity who blazed the hairstyle trend with bright unusual colors, giving a new dimension to hairstyle goals this year. You may think that it was her personal hairstyle choice, but this is something everyone loved and intended to follow. The most interesting part of dying locks with unusual colors is that it becomes a trademark while adding a unique touch to your personality.  One of the glad tidings of colorful dyes is that it is not considered a taboo any more unlike in the 90s.

This is 2019 and you get a wide range of colors to choose from, especially if you have bobs. You have some crazy color choices to make an unusual combination that depicts your personality. Choosing the right colors with a bold hairstyle can be absolutely flattering and will compliment your skin tone.

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Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, changing your hairstyle can give you a major beauty makeover. That is why knowing the latest trends is essential if you really want to make an impact with your looks. The given hairstyles show the celebrity hair transformation and can really help you take the inspiration to make 2019 a great year.