Discover the Secret of Celebrities’ Smooth, Shiny Locks

With fame comes a lot of pressure to keep yourself maintained as well as glamorous.  Whether you agree or not, to live a celebrity life is not easy. You are plunged into a life that is monitored as well as followed 24/7, no matter where you try to hide.  That is what makes it important that you keep yourself ahead and be wary of the public eye; it also increases the pressure to look flawless from head to toe.  This is one of the reasons you find celebrities spending a fortune on their grooming regime. 


Celebrity hair, in this regard, shares half of this pressure as it plays a very important role in creating an impactful appearance. To create a memorable and innovative look, their hair has to go through a lot on a daily basis.  It takes a lot of straightening, blow-drying and plenty of chemical treatments to achieve celebrity-level glossy hair.  That means hairstylists put rigorous efforts to transform ordinary-looking hair into the glossiest strands.

It doesn’t end here as celebrities themselves follow a proper hair care regime in order to prevent long term damage.  Here is when they need to follow a good hair care regime to maintain shiny and luscious hair.  

Luckily, there is a wide range of hair care products available on the market that can minimize the effects of styling tools and chemicals that ruin hair health. Kerotin products are few of those products that many celebrities use to avoid the damage and to maintain glossy locks.

If you want to discover the secret tips that celebrities use to keep their hair gorgeous and beautiful, this article includes all you need to know.

 Before we plunge into the details of celebrities’ smooth hair, let us take a look at what are some key factors that make celebrities take extra care of their tresses.

 Things that Destroy Hair

Whether you are a ruling star of the entertainment industry or a simple working woman, everyone craves glossy and luscious hair.  At the same time, we are aware of the fact how constant heat exposure, rubbing, bleaching and hair dying can be damaging for our hair.

 It is our negligence and lack of attention to hair health that creates havoc on the tresses and if the damage is constant, even these minor damages can turn into major hair trauma. For example, if you have been observing breakage or hair loss more than usual, it is not wise to overlook  these minor signs.

Here are some routine things that everyone needs to be careful about;

Sun Damage

Just like your skin, your hair also cannot sustain sun damage. The ultra -violet rays are hazardous for your hair health as they cannot only fade hair color, but also increase dryness. It is the excessive exposure to UV rays that gives your hair split ends. 

Unfortunately, celebrities are supposed to spend an extended amount of time outside in sunlight for numerous reasons. That is likely to increase the risk of damage by UV rays if sun protectants are not applied.  This overexposure to sunlight affects the protective barriers on the scalp that produces natural oils.  

The heat waves from the sun dilate the blood vessels and can cause scalp inflammation as well.

In addition to that, this damage may cause superoxide synthesis which is a compound that hinders the growth of hair follicles when they enter the shedding phase. That is why keeping hair protected from damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun is of paramount importance.


Over –Coloring



Celebrities are the trendsetters when it comes to hair color. More or less all people take the inspiration from their favorite celebrities to experiment with the latest and fashion-forward hair color trends. Although trying new hair colors may add to the popularity of a celebrity, it can take a toll on their hair.  No matter how exciting you think changing hair color is,  it ruins your tresses. 

According to recent studies, over-coloring is one of the causes that lead to severe hair damage.  Specifically, if you find highlighted tresses fascinating and love to do it frequently, you are damaging the natural shin of your hair.

 Sleeping With Hairspray

With a back-to-back shooting schedule, removing hair products properly often seems tiring at the end of the day. A recent survey has found that many people sleep without washing chemicals and hair spray from their hair.

That does not mean that they should wash their hair before bed as wet hair is more prone to damage.  Hair expert recommends using a leave-in conditioner to prevent the harmful effects of hairspray.

 Top Knot


Buns and top knots never go out of style and are also trending these days. Celebrities, like Alesha Dixon and Alison Brie, have taken top knots styling to a whole new level, making more and more people change their hairstyles. Experts, on the other hand, consider topknots a troubling hairstyle as it may cause hair loss and traction alopecia.

  In fact, any hairstyle that involves excessive hair stretching is not good for your hair health.  Unfortunately, celebrities do not always have the option to choose their hairstyles. A lot of their hairstyles involve tugging and friction that cause stress to delicate hair strands. 

Hair experts suggest avoiding hairstyles, like ponytails or top knot buns, as much as you can.  That means treating hair gently is the key to achieving healthy and strong hair.

 Use of Damaging Hair Products

 As mentioned earlier, celebrity hair has to go through a lot and that includes excessive use of hair products. Apparently, there is no harm in applying those products as they help celebrities get the desired look. However, many of these products include a startling amount of parabens, alcohol, harsh ingredients, sulfates and artificial fragrances that may damage hair follicles in the long run.

 The point is, no matter what hair products you use to make your tresses manageable and look appealing, having a good hair care regime is important to avoid the damage. Plus, many of us do not check the ingredients included in the hair products we are using, which is a necessary step to limit the use of harmful ingredients. 

Kerotin products, in this regard, contain 100% natural ingredients to nourish and soften your hair. Many famous celebrities have included these natural products to their grooming regime because of their unparalleled results.

Skip Brushing

Skipping hair brushing is a big ‘NO NO’ when it comes to maintaining or promoting a healthier mane.  With a busy schedule, not many celebrities get enough time to give this hair-job to their locks. This may contribute to dry, brittle and tangled hair that is fragile and prone to breakage.  

Hair brushing stimulates the production of natural oils on the scalp while distributing them through the hair stands. Brushing your hair before bed is very healthy for hair follicles and also promotes hair growth. 

 According to Gibson a famous dermatologist in New York, brushing is not only healthy, but also very relaxing as it calms the nerves and helps a person drifts off to a peaceful sleep.

Why Celebrities Use Keratin Products?

 Why celebrities use kerotin products is out of the question. There are a plethora of hair problems (mentioned above) especially for a person who tends to spend an extended amount of time in front of the camera. There is no doubt that he/she needs the best hair care products

Kerotin products include tons of natural ingredients to promote hair growth. All the products are formulated with natural and essential nutrients that your hair needs to grow. That is what makes kerotin products not only best to use, but also a celebrity’s favorite. 

Arrianny Celeste, a popular American model also relies on kerotin products for maintaining her lustrous mane. According to her, kerotin products are quintessential when it comes to rejuvenating damaged and frizzy hair. She uses kerotin shampoo that infuses keratin and gently improves her hair texture.

Not only this, she likes the fact that kerotin shampoos and conditioners are a proprietary blend of biotin, zinc and essential vitamins that help her strengthen and soften hair tresses. She also uses kerotin argan oil to revolutionize the hair health.  She considers all kerotin products a great alternative to high-end salon products and expensive treatments.

What Includes Kerotin Products?

 Biotin to Boost Hair Growth

Biotin is one of the most important natural ingredients your hair needs for healthy growth. It is a form of B vitamin that is highly recommended by many hair experts.  It is a growth supplement that all kerotin products include as it promotes hair health.

A number of studies have shown that biotin deficiency may cause hair thinning and breakage. Particularly, celebrities are suggested biotin-enriched shampoos and conditioners to prevent hair damage and stimulate hair growth.

 A study conducted by the National Institute of Health (NIH) has also shown the effectiveness of biotin in preventing hair loss. The study noted that biotin deficiency is synonymous to hair loss.  Considering this, kerotin makes shampoos, capsules, and masks that are biotin rich and tremendously advantageous for people with thinning hair.

 The natural products can help you thicken tresses, add shine and increase fullness.  Also, biotin in kerotin products helps hair follicles produce keratin to improve your cortex’s elasticity.

 Provides Loads of B -Vitamins

Who can deny the value of vitamins for maintaining a gorgeous mane? B-vitamins are required by your hair follicles to create hair structure and provide nutrition to grow. You might not have heard it before but B-vitamins play a critical role in preventing toxicity, reducing stress and providing oxygen to your cells.  That means each B vitamin performs an important and unique function as it works synergically.

No longer do you need to supplement your hair with the B vitamins separately as Kerotin hair products include a perfect combination of vitamin B complexes. Kerotin hair masks contain an adequate amount of vitamin B complexes as a hair loss treatment. The formula is extremely beneficial for rebuilding damaged locks because of exposure to UV and over-shampooing. 

Plus, the vitamin B5 in hair products regulates cortisol levels to reduce stress on your hair follicles.   Vitamin B9 encourages healthy growth and B6 is excellent for breaking down toxic substance, such as food preservatives and pollutants.

 The Power of Vitamin D3

In addition to including B-vitamins, Kerotin products contain vitamin D3, which is a great vitamin to inhibit hair loss. Both vitamins D2 and D3 are equally beneficial for the overall health of your hair. Vitamin D3 stimulates the growth of new hair follicles while preventing hair thinning disorders, such as alopecia and various autoimmune conditions that may cause bald patches. The lower level of vitamin D3 can affect cell growth and calcium homeostasis in the body.

Promotes Hair Growth with Minerals

One reason why many celebrities have made Kerotin products an essential part of their hair care regime is the presence of potent minerals in them. These hair products contain an adequate amount of zinc, magnesium, and calcium that play an important role in the cell division process in hair follicles.

 Plus, the presence of these minerals helps in the production of keratin protein that strengthens hair and improves elasticity. Conversely, if your hair products lack keratin it may lead to fragile and brittle hair.

 Keep Hair Healthier with Vitamin A

 Kerotin products are known for their natural ingredients and vitamin A is one of them.   Hair experts consider it one of the crucial vitamins to promote hair health, particularly for healthy hair growth.  The body goes through many processes and produces free radicals that can be highly damaging for cell growth.

 Vitamin A, in this regard, contains antioxidant properties to combat free radicals and their effects on hair growth while restoring smoothness and shine.

Final Thoughts

 All in all, to meet the demands of the entertainment industry, celebrities need to constantly experiment with their looks. Protecting hair in such conditions is not less than a challenge. However, many celebrities have found kerotin hair products an all-time solution to their hair problems, including hair thinning, styling and hair growth.