The Best Brunette Celebrity Hair Trends to be seen in 2019


Riawna Capri- a celebrity hairstylist and owner of Nine Zero salon in LA, nailed it when she predicted buttery rich colors will soon replace ashy hues. It is just the beginning of 2019 and we can already see buttery shades ruling the hearts of hair color enthusiasts. The cool shades can be seen everywhere and not only celebrities, like Anne Hathaway and Angelina Jolie, but also their fans have switched up from the conventional golden beach hues. People are not merely swinging on the brunette shades, according to Capri, there is a tendency toward neutral territory. Capri called this neutral shade dirt brunette.

 The most interesting thing about these shades is that they have a smoky vibe and are way more neutral than any super warm shade. In fact, many colorists consider dirty brunette a proprietary balance of both icy and warm shades.

 Plus, getting this right strike is a breeze. All you need to do is take Burke highlights with a mellow lifted toner on the strands ad keep them in the lightest shades of brown. The celebrities who experimented with this brunette shade opted for the darkest blondes.  

The results are not only different but gave a slight shift in the traditional color that does not only complement all skin tones, but also features a unique look. Whether you agree or not, the dirty brunette look has already taken over and is going to be the freshest hair color trend in 2019.

Difference between Blonde and Brunettes

 However, there are people who still confuse blonde and brunette shades. Both the shades are not only different, but also have the ability to change your personalities completely. Brunette is a shade between black and brown color while blonde is yellowish golden. The reason why people are often confused between the two shades is that they come from low to dark tones.

 As mentioned earlier, 2019 is going to be the brunette’s year. With a wide range of color shades,   brunette looks absolutely stunning, especially if you have a lighter skin tone. A number of celebrities have transformed their hair appearance just by switching to elegant dirty brunette.

Celebrities with Dirty Brunette

§  Angelina Jolie

When a blonde goddess Angelina Jolie can experiment with her glossy locks, why can’t anyone else? It is this beautiful star who has proven that dirty brunette is an ideal shade for lighter skin tones. Besides this, the lady has a perfect facial structure that has pulled off dirty brunette in a way one could before.

§  Jenifer Lawrence

Another perfect example of blonde to brunette transition is Jenifer Lawrence who looked incredible with her new reddish brunette shade. The color does not only complement her facial structure, but also her eye color.  

§  Jessica Alba

The experiment queen Jessica Alba is a trendsetter when it comes to transforming hair looks. Her blend of brunettes and blonde shades has truly set her apart from other celebrities. The blend appears to be ideal to showcase her stunning facial features.

§  Miley Cyrus

 The beautiful actress has always played a brunette versus blonde game; however, her brunette shades have an edge over blonde locks. Accentuating her personality, gorgeous brunette locks absolutely make a great impact.

§  Lucy Hale

It is a win-win situation for Lucy Hale as her green eyes and dirty brunette locks make the best combination. Highlighting her cheekbones, the brunette shade makes her jawline appear more slender and goes perfectly with her skin tone.

  • Leighton Meester

There is no doubt that Leighton Meester is a brunette star with her iconic personality. Her dirty brunettes have completely accentuated her facial features, making her personality more enchanting.

  • Anne Hathaway

The dark thick brunette locks of Anne Hathaway stun everyone. Her transition from blonde to brunette created a great impact by softening her facial features.

§  Dakota Johnson


The starry-eyes celebrity looks incredibly beautiful with her dirty brunette. Not only does it make her cheekbones look soft, but also make her grey eyes look magical.

Brunette Celebrity Hair Trends 2019

One Shade Dirty Brunette

The color is for those who don’t want to completely cover up their highlights while toning and glossing.  This single shade brunette richens as well as deepens your highlights that you have created in a hair salon. You can try with a couple of light flickers while enriching a nice deep gloss.

Root Beer

 You might have heard this one-of-its-kind shade for the first time, but the shade has already replaced traditional brown colors. Tried by celebrities, like Dakota Johnson and Kristen Stewart, root beer mane looks celestial. It quintessentially creates a blend of the mixture –to-dark brunette with its rich swirls of warm shade.

 Thanks to amber and auburn highlights that make the shade unique and even more classic. Many hair colorists consider that brunette shade trend is more about the syrupy, bold finish to add more warmth to your hair.

Cocoa Butter

 It is not the name of this shade that seems delicious, but the shade itself.  Although cocoa butter has come on to the hair color scene recently, it has taken the brunette shade to an incredible dimension.  Only one single shade of this classic hair color can give new life to your dull hair.

 With its rich chocolate brown base and wild tiny touches of dirty brunette highlights, it looks absolutely stunning. Interestingly, you can change the color of highlights with toffee, beige, or dark chocolate while keeping the base same.

Brunette with Peanut Butter Highlights

The color looks as elegant as it sounds. Like your favorite school-lunch, the shade will definitely become your favorite when you try it once. With simple brunette hues, the shade gives you multiple highlight choices including purple, caramel, and blackberry brown.

 You can take a medium to dark brunette base to give it a new dimension.

 Tiger Eye

 Inspired by Jessica Alba’s hair color transformation, the shade makes a superb combination of bold tones of balayage. The shade looks absolutely ideal on warm-toned brunette hair; plus, it gives you leverage to go for minimal sweeping strokes of gold, bronze and auburn shades to achieve the perfect tiger-eye look.

 No matter what sweeping strokes you choose, your hair color will give you a vibrant and stunning look.

Biscuit Blonde

Don’t want a brunette nor want to go completely blonde? Then, this is your color. Biscuit blonde is a safe option and does not let you compromise your color priority. And it is not the only plus point of this shade as it is also one of the hair colors that require constant maintenance.

 The blonde and brunette blend creates a neutral biscuit balayage that goes well with a neutral brunette base while giving your hair a cohesive finish.


There can’t be a better way to revitalize and revamp your dark rich brunette than getting some summer bronzing. This shade of brunette radiates, making your hair look lustrous. The shade also goes very well with metallic shades.


When it comes to choosing shades from the brunette family, getting over this utter syrup shade is definitely hard. The cohesive finish and rich cinnamon tone are what make it one of celebrity favorites.  The color takes a deep mocha base with a sweet twist of warm cinnamon and can create a decent look, especially if you have a long and silky mane.

You will see many celebrities with deep brown base this year as it works great to revitalize the overall look.

Brunette with Hazelnut

Want to give life to your brunette springy curls this year? Try this brunette shade with hazelnut highlights. The color takes the warm base of brunette and syrupy highlights to make an appealing sun-kissed dimension.

If you are unsure about what look will it create, Jane Jackson’s current hair color will be enough to convince you.

Ashen Mocha

This shade is ideal to refresh your last season’s dark chocolate color to give them a perfect brunette finish. The color adds a subtle balayage from hair midway to the tips in order to bring an amazing cool-toned brunette shade.


Mahogany is the richest and intense shade of brunette. The color can easily embolden your dark brunette tresses with ultra red-brown tint. According to colorists, coating strands with orange-based red is a traditional trend.

If you want to add some dramatic pop to your brunette locks this year, try blue-based red. Not only the color looks incredibly elegant on dark hair, but also makes you stand out from the crowd.

Neutral Brunette

If you don’t want to go with blending and highlights, this is the perfect shade to choose from the brunette family. The shade is seamless and will not register as completely blonde or stripy. Giving a melted and elegant look to your hair, the shade does not seem like a big departure from simple natural shades.

Molly Haugh, a Nine Zero One colorist, considers neutral brunettes a shade for all as it balances the lighter ends and darker roots to give a unique brunette tone.

 Light Brunette

Already brunette and try something new from the same realm? Look no further and go for this gentle color shift. This slight lightening of dirty brunettes shade can change your entire look while keeping your base color same. There is no doubt that it can be a perfect transition for all the color virgins as it doesn’t require a complete color change to get a  new look.

 Sandy and Beige Tone

 It is another form of dirty brunette shade and one of the favorite shades of colorists and celebrities. Achieving the right balance of sandy and beige tones is a tough job and can only be done by master colorists.  Highlights placement needs to be correct in order to achieve the right dark shades.

How Celebrities Protect their Hair Color?

There is no denying that stepping out of a salon with your newly dyed hair gives you a great feeling.   Celebrities, on the other hand, keep on switching their hair colors, with stars, like Katy Perry, who often go from blonde to brunette. Whether you are a celebrity or a businesswoman, it is important to protect your hair color

Here we are sharing some important tips used by celebrities to protect their hair color.

Choose Quality Hair Products

If you want your hair color to look vibrant for a longer period of time, using high-end quality hair products is a key. Shampoos and conditioners specially designed by professionals can make a huge difference when it comes to protecting your hair color.

 Keratin hair products, in this regard, can be the perfect choice to protect hair color while keeping your hair smooth and shiny.  All the products include natural ingredients and are silicone free.

Use Toners

You will not find a celebrity who is able to maintain his/her hair color without using hair toners. Kerotin hair toners and masks are designed with a special formula that refreshes your locks every time you use them. 

These toners are great to prolong your hair color. Contrary to popular belief, masks and toners are not only for grey shades. They are equally good for brunette and redheads. Kerotin includes pigmented masks that help your hair stay healthy and glossy.  

Never Over-wash Colored Hues

This is one tip that almost all celebrities follow strictly to keep their dyed hair looking its best. Over-shampooing ruins your hair color as well as it strips the natural oils from your hair strands. It is best to wash your hair only twice a week if you really want to increase the life of your hair color.

Final Thoughts

All in all, brunette is one of the hair colors that have become a celebrity favorite in the past few years. 2019 is the year of dark, rich and unique brunette shades as many stars have already tried them. No matter what your natural hair color is, the transition to brunette suits everyone.