Wedding Hairstyling Trends that are All the Rage in 2019

Your wedding day is just around the corner and you want it to be the best day of your life. From your dress to hairdo, you don’t want anything to go wrong, especially your looks. When it comes to your appearance on your big day, there is no doubt that your hairstyle is a key part of your appearance. Your hairdo will complement your gorgeous dress and beautiful face.

It will enhance your overall look while bringing captivating beauty to your personality. Most importantly, a perfect hairstyle coupled with an enchanting dress will let you capture gorgeous wedding photos. As today you can easily find everything on the internet, you’re likely to browse the best ideas for your wedding hairstyles on the internet as well.

Chances are that you will come across plenty of hairstyle trends that will eventually leave you overwhelmed and unsure. Moreover, you may have no clue where to start and end up overwhelmed. Lucky for you, we have talked to some of the best hair stylists and come up with the top wedding hairstyling trends that are all the rage in 2019.

1.     Enchanting Twisted Low Bun

When it comes to current wedding hairstyling trends, twisted bun comes on the top of the list. With its sleek and elegant looks, this go-to hairstyle usually suits every girl on her wedding day. In addition to bringing an elegant look, styling your hair in a low bun will keep your tresses in check and won’t let them get messy.

If you want to make your twisted low bun more captivating, accentuate it with an accessory, like a jeweled ornamental hair band.

 Besides, you can add flowers to hold your veil and give yourself the appearance of a princess. You can also use silk ribbons instead of a veil if you want.

2.     Mesmerizing Low Side Buns

There is no doubt that a low bun is one of the most modish bridal hairstyles of all time. Be it your wedding day or reception, this combo of a mesmerizing low side bun with a little bouffant at the nape will look beautiful.

However, reach out to a skilled hairstylist to get your hair done. Besides, you can also try a pin curl bun for a more stylish look. Along with delivering captivating flair, the pin curl bun will be easy to manage on your big day. To adorn your style, you can add a feather or floral hair pin as well.

3.     Charming Braided Updo

 If you love styling your hair into braids, you can also go for a loose braid or braided up-do on your wedding day. Especially when you’re a Boho bride, a braided up-do looks amazingly beautiful. With its gorgeous appearance, it adds a feminine appeal and gives you a modish bohemian look.

However, if you want a simple and decent hairstyle, you can go for half a hairdo where the upper section of your hair is braided and lower tresses are turned into an elegant ponytail.

4.     Modest Updo

If you’re looking for a modest hairdo, there are a plethora of hairstyles that provide such a look. How about wearing a sleek rose up-do? Whether it’s your wedding day or reception, a rose up-do goes perfectly with your aesthetics and brings a classic appeal to your looks.

 If you don’t like a rose up-do, you can style your hair into royal flair that appears as twisted sectioned loops.

However, don’t forget that your hair is delicate and more prone to damage. Therefore, make sure to secure your tresses with Kerotin’s sleek silk hair spray to protect them. No matter what style you choose to wear, applying a hair spray not only protects your tresses from damage, but also holds your style for hours.

5.     Graceful Long Braids

If you have long hair and don’t want to tie them in a bun, you can go for a long loose braid on your wedding day. However, to give your hair a sleek and modish look with this hairstyle, you will surely need a professional hairstylist to manage and don up your hair.

Besides, you can also wear a messy side fishtail braid with a side sweep accessorized with a hair brooch. With such a sleek yet chic look, you are all set to sizzle your wedding floor.

6.     With Flower Crown

For all those brides out there who love to adorn their hair in captivating looks, wearing a flower crown can be a great choice. You don’t need to struggle a lot with your style. All you need to do is to add some curls and you’re all set to mesmerize everyone at your wedding day with your beautiful looks.

However, you can also accessorize your hair even if you straighten them; no matter how you style your tresses, a floral crown looks amazing and gives you a princess-like appearance. Not to mention, this hairstyle is truly simple yet provides a glamorous look. Moreover, you can also add white ribbons to enhance the beauty of your hair.

7.     The Curl Manes

If you want a curly hairstyle, then full-length curls can look great on your wedding day. Whether you curl your tresses from roots to tips or just curl the lower ends of your mane, they will look surprisingly enchanting.

Note that, this is a total opposite to the hairstyle we just mentioned above; it’s a super easy hairstyle and thus doesn’t require any hair expert to style your hair.

All you need for this style is just a piece of crown to have a beautiful appearance. Coupled with dramatic eyes and a bold lip color, you will definitely stand out on your big day with this prominent hairstyle.

8.     Charismatic Half Up Half Down

If you have thick long hair, it’s a perfect hairstyle to don up in on your wedding day. However, if you have thin, delicate tresses, you can use extensions to add more length and volume. Along with bringing charismatic looks, this hairdo will go perfectly with your looks, whether you wear a veil or not.

 It’s a great choice if you want a simple yet mesmerizing bridal hairstyle. Moreover, a white floral ornament will add an enchanting flair to your looks.

9.     With Beautiful Accessories

Whether you go for a tight braided bun or mesmerizing loose curls, adding hair accessories will enhance your hairstyle and bring more modish aesthetics to your appearance. However, it’s important to mention here that a braided bun is time-consuming and requires plenty of effort.

Therefore, if you go for this hairstyle, choose the best hairstylist in your town to style your hair for your big day.

Besides floral crowns, you can also add a fancy hair brooch or white ribbons with any style you adopt for your hair. Using any hair accessory such as tiara or a crown can create a simple yet sophisticated wedding hairstyle.

If you’re wondering how to find them, many bridal shops have adorable fancy hair accessories to match your wedding dress. Well, don’t forget to wash your hair with Kerotin’s hair renewal shampoo to detangle your hair and give them a sleeker look.

10.Greek Inspired Hairstyle

If you love curls, this hairstyle is for you. Adorned with lots of curly manes, Greek inspired hairstyles give you a sophisticated and mesmerizing appearance. That means, even if you don’t add any floral crown or fancy ornament, this hairstyle will make everyone around complement your looks.

Since Greek inspired hairstyles are often complex, you will need a skilled hairstylist’s help to don up your hair into this chic style.

In addition, keep in mind that such hairstyles require good hair length and volume. So, if you have short and thin tresses, you will have to add extensions to achieve this hairstyle with a sleek style. Besides, use Kerotin’s hair mask and hair serum to have a sleek and smooth hairstyle. Nevertheless, Kerotin’s hair items not only protect your hair, but also rejuvenate your hair health.

Top Wedding Hair Tips

While your big event is near, you certainly want to plan all the things well in advance. Of course, from your dress and makeup to hairstyle and accessories, you want everything to be as perfect as possible. Especially, when it comes to your wedding day looks, you would be quite nervous about your appearance.

Moreover, it’s highly likely that you want gorgeous and captivating tresses on your big day. However, along with some trendy hairstyles we have shared above, you may need to know some hair tips to have a flawless hairdo at your wedding day.

Whether you have curly tresses or straight locks, these hair tips will help you achieve the look you want.

1.     Prep your Hair a Day Before

When it comes to wedding hairstyles, your hair needs to be in an ideal state to embrace a style impeccably. Some hair experts suggest getting a blowout a day prior to your wedding so that your frizzy or curly tresses remain tame.

Nevertheless, if your locks are naturally smooth and easy to tackle, taking a shower in the morning will be enough.

However, it’s essential to keep one thing in mind; never straighten your hair with a flat iron before getting it styled. These hair heating tools not only damage your tresses, but may also make your hair thin.

2.     Schedule your Trial

One of the most important wedding hair tips is to choose the right time for your trial. However, scheduling a trial too early might result in making you indecisive. Some stylists recommend setting up a trial four weeks before the wedding.

This is especially true because you probably would have figured out your wedding style, your dress would be ready, and you would have purchased your accessories. Once you have all these, it will be easy for you and for your stylist to decide on a good hairstyle that fits you perfectly.  

3.     Don’t change your Hair

When your wedding day is near, getting a hair cut or hair dye can be disastrous. Therefore, if you need a haircut, make sure to trim your hair 3-4 weeks before your wedding day. This way, if you find any flaws with your haircut or dye, you will have plenty of time to correct it.

You can imagine how devastating it can be if you get your hair ruined just a day before your wedding.

4.     Stay Realistic

Most brides want their hair to look exactly like a specific actress. Eventually, they sometimes end up with unsatisfied results. This is because every person’s face symmetry is different and so are their features.

That means it’s not necessary that you will get the exact look that you want. Therefore, you should always select a hairstyle that goes perfectly with your appearance and personality.

Moreover, when you are finding hairstyles to show your stylist, try to find ones that best suit your looks and style. For instance, if you feel hair-down style looks amazing on you, then don’t go for a sleek updo.

5.     Adopt a Perfect Hair care Regimen

Whether you have long hair or short tresses, straight locks or curly manes, you will agree that your hair is delicate and need extra care. Especially when you’re a to-be a bride, you need to prep your hair in an effective way. For that, craft a hair care routine that includes keratin based natural hair products, such as from Kerotin.

In addition to essential hair products, such as shampoos and conditioners, incorporate other items into your hair care regimen. These may include argan oil, hair mask, and serum. Besides, tailor your diet for robust hair health by adding protein-rich foods and leafy greens into your meals.

The Bottom Line

From enchanting braids to classic buns, you will find a plethora of hairstyles for your big day. For your convenience, we have shared the top wedding hairstyling trends that are all the rage in 2019. Once you’ve worn the most suitable yet mesmerizing hairdo, you’ll certainly rock on your wedding day.