Is Your Hair Healthy? How to Determine (And Some Great Ideas to Boost Hair Health)

Okay, you already know that looks matter and oh, we must not lament the modern world and its shallow ways, this preference for looks has always been there since time immemorial. Of course, we all can turn into a very attractive version of ourselves given all the modern tools and cosmetics and hide the blemishes. What about your hair? Or did you just forget that they are as important (and to some even more important) to your appearance as your face.

 In fact, you can use a lot of make-up tricks and enhance your features, but with hair there’s no hiding really. You either have great healthy hair or you have damaged tresses, there’s really no middle ground here.

You might be into long luscious hair, like so many of us, or maybe you are a fan of short to medium hair because of time management reasons. Healthy hair is an asset all of us crave for and why shouldn’t we, after all looking beautiful and feeling beautiful is our birthright (Wink!).

None of us can say quite honestly that we haven’t treated our hair with harsh heat or chemical treatments, but if your hair has survived that and still looks fabulous, then either you are really lucky or you are very disciplined in your hair care regimen.

 It can be either of the reasons or maybe both; however, on the off chance it is the former, use a great hair care routine unless you don’t mind damaging your precious locks.

You know a thousand things that can damage your beautiful locks; so, I guess you should count your blessings if your hair shows the following signs and feel proud as most of us are more often than not suffering with bad hair days on average.


Natural Hair Shedding

We all shed skin and hair; you might not know about the first one but I am quite sure you know that losing 50 to 80 strands a day is natural for us. And if you lose this number of hair or less, then you are doing quite okay.

 In fact, we envy you since you are not clogging up the shower with your hair.

You can also check your pillow, brushes and hair styling tools and see if you have just a few strands or one too many. If you are not shedding too many hair, it is evidence of healthy hair.


Silky Texture

Your hair should feel soft and silky, no matter the hair type. Even curly healthy hair feels smooth and supple when you brush your hair with your fingers instead of getting knotted up. So, move your hand across your hair and see if they get tangled up in your hair or not.

Your hair will have retained moisture if it’s healthy and feel luxurious to the touch.

Humidity Test

Your hair health can easily be judged with how well it copes with humidity. Dying/coloring your hair tends to increase its porosity because the chemicals raise the cuticle in order for it to absorb the dye.

The more porous your hair the more moisture it will absorb from the air and as a result become dry and frizzy.

 Porosity means the hair cuticle (the outermost layer of hair) is raised instead of lying flat against the hair cortex (the thickest layer of the hair shaft).

So, how does your hair behave in excess moisture? If it becomes dry and frizzy, then it is not a good sign. On the other hand, if your hair retains its natural shape-curly, wavy, straight-and you are good in fact great on the hair front.

Itch and Dandruff- Free

Generally your hair scalp itches due to dandruff and other scalp infections. It’s a no brainer that if your scalp is covered with these white flakes, then something needs to be done to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Healthy scalp is just one step to healthy hair which means no sore, red itchy areas and definitely a big giant no to dandruff. That’s bad for your hair and your confidence; nobody feels better with those annoying white flakes on their shoulders.


Strong tresses are synonymous with elasticity as they bounce back to their original shape and length after being stretched out. If your hair becomes frayed or is prone to breakage when you pull it, then it’s not nourished enough and lacks flexibility.

Lustrous Look

You don’t have to put a ton of hair products in your hair to get that shiny look. Those natural hair oils that the scalp produces give your hair a kind of luster and sheen as they help the cuticle to lie flat on the hair shaft.

The rule is light reflects better on smooth surfaces; hence, when light bounces off the flat cuticle, your hair appears glossy and sleek. Unhealthy hair won’t respond to light this way no matter what.

Less Breakage

If your hair does not break while you are combing your hair with a wide tooth comb or styling them, then it is a good sign. You can judge your hair condition by seeing how it reacts to a little tug here and there; healthy hair can take it quite well.

 If they break easily then they need to be moisturized because dry brittle hair break even under minor stress.

Bounce and Volume

These are common signs of hair that’s full of vitality. Healthy hair has that bouncy feeling to it, allowing you to flip your hair and move it freely without getting worked up. So, twirl around and see how your hair flows in one smooth motion.

Natural hair also takes more space, which giving you a voluminous look compared to processed-hair which lies flat against your scalp.

Hair Growth

A visible indication of healthy hair is that it grows at a steady rate. On average, you should see half an inch of growth per month, according to Center for Disease Control, in the U.S.


Water Absorbent or Repellent

Healthy hair doesn’t absorb water readily as it’s not porous. You can either do the water bowl test by placing a few of your hair strands in a bowl filled with water. Healthy hair floats whereas damaged hair soaks up water and submerges.

You can also note this after you finish showering. When your hair dries, how does it feel, soft or dry? Dry hair tends to absorb excess moisture and stands up when the water leaves the hair shaft.



Damaged hair develops split ends frequently and needs to be snipped regularly. Although you should get a trim after every two to three months, if you need it earlier than that, then it’s time to invest in some “hair” time for the sake of your locks.


If your hair has done well on a number of these tests, then chances are you will get admiring glances from the opposite sex.

Hell, great hair is not easy to come by. You have nothing to worry about and all you have to do is keep up your nutritious diet and your hair care rituals so your hair remains superbly healthy and glamorous.



Boost Your Hair with these Ideas

 There are people who are less lucky than these gifted damsels with glossy manes (ladies, it’s mostly the regimented care and less luck), but don’t worry, you can get those amazing and enviable tresses with a few tricks up your sleeve.

Sleep on it

Yes, you have heard that sleep is good for you and it’s true in more than one case. When you get a solid 8 hour of sleep, your body recuperates and heals the damages it goes through every day and the same applies for hair regeneration.

If you want healthy hair, then sleep on it, no pun intended. Skipping on the snores will not only lead to haggard skin in the long run, but also cause hair damage and loss eventually.

Berry-your New Best Friend

No, you won’t gain pounds having this yummy little fruit, but your hair will thank you for it as these little foods are packed in vitamins and healthy compounds that boost hair health.

 Do I have to mention that in general, they are good for your overall health too? No, I don’t think so. For luscious hair dreamers; “berries for hair” is good enough to get the message across.

Put in the Extra Effort

We all love to use a straightening iron and many other tools to create killer looks, don’t we? You can do as you please with your hair as long as you make the effort and apply a heat protection as mentioned on the label.

If you are in a hurry and don’t have enough time, then skip the ironing tool, or pay the price with damaged hair; it is eventually, your call.

Remember to remove all that protective serum from your locks at the end of the day with a keratin shampoo. My favorite is Kerotin keratin shampoo as it heals and repairs the damage caused by heat and chemical styling.

Cut Back on Unnecessary Work

Do you feel tired often? Research suggests that one in five people are tired most of the time and one in ten feel ongoing tiredness which becomes a cause of many issues, including hair loss.

While you won’t lose chunks of hair overnight, if you are often tired but doing more than you can handle, it can add to your stress, which is never good for your mental or hair health.


Get help and if that’s out of the question, cut back on work by applying the minimalistic approach in as many areas of your life. A relaxing atmosphere will do wonders for your hair. You can boost your hair health by taking Kerotin vitamins as it will counter the deficiencies in your meals.

Don’t Ditch your Hair Oil

Yes, you know it and yet you skip it, all because you don’t have time to sit with sticky oil for over an hour. None of the divas would have superb hair without this essential step and they go through much more than just sitting with oil in their hair for 30 minutes.

Okay, you can manage your locks by applying light oil, such as Argan oil, just before going to sleep. The gentle massaging will help you sleep better too. You can shampoo in the morning with a gentle shampoo and conditioner.

Kerotin Argan Oil is an option for you if you want quick results and can’t tolerate sleeping with an oily head. This elixir is light and you need to keep it on your scalp for a matter of minutes.

Drink that Glass of Milk

You already know that your hair needs a balanced diet to stay healthy. Well, milk is a part of that because it contains many vitamins and minerals besides calcium that are essential for your hair. Milk is also a good source of Biotin, which is necessary to repair hair damage and boost hair health.

Shower with Cold Water

You can shower with hot water with a shower cap on. Your hair doesn’t like to be at the extreme ends whether it’s hot or cold water. Room temperature is the most suitable for your hair, when you use hot water, your hair experiences a shock and the heat from the shower also damages the hair by making it dry and brittle.


Showering with scalding water and then switching to cold water has been touted as good. My experience has taught me otherwise, it’s refreshing and all that but it wreaks havoc on your hair. The sudden temperature change gives your hair a double shock and leads to hair fall. The middle ground is the best option for strong lustrous locks.


It doesn’t matter that you have great hair today or not, what matters the most is that you take care of yourself and your hair on a daily basis. Consistency is the key if you want silky tresses that not only make you look beautiful but also boost your self-esteem.