Everything You Need to Know about Weightless Hair Styling

We have all been there with dull and lifeless hair, haven’t we? Our hair gets plastered to our scalp and forehead without any bounce, life and movement to it. This makes our head look big and not really attractive.

It’s easy to act on advice that tells us not to do this or that, but when you implement it, you realize that it’s not for everyone; it definitely won’t work on your hair. I have faced that problem myself (I bet everyone has and still does) often even after using a slew of products, the hair just lies flat and, in fact, gets weighed down even with all the hair styling serums and sprays.

 Hair products, techniques and styles that we used five years back don’t work the way they used to any longer. Five out of ten times we blame the quality of hair products and the rest of the time we believe we are accursed with hair and that no product or styling tool would make any difference.

We jump from this mousse to that volume spray, switch shampoos and conditioners in a row with the hope that something will add a zing to our dull limp hair without causing irreversible damage to  hair shafts.

Naturally, we shell out considerable amounts of money on these brands to accomplish our goal, which is to create voluminous and big hair that is almost weightless and full of life and shine. I can almost hear so many sighs of so many women reading this blog. You don’t have to give up the idea of ever having such hair if you are ready to keep changing your hair and keep updating the techniques you are using.

The hair texture changes due to a number of factors; the most common being the products we use, environmental effects, hormones, and medication, etc. The hairstyle that you sported a few years back or the way you blow-dried your hair for that oomph factor might not produce the desired effect now.

Let’s follow your heart’s desire and get rocking with hair that is full of vitality and weightless volume with the following tips and techniques:

A Biotin Capsule A Day  Keeps Your Hair Fuller

You can create an illusion of volume with the various techniques in this article and countless tutorials you have been through on the internet. However, if you have thin hair, you need to increase its thickness to really work up and apply the tricks.

You can take a biotin supplement capsule everyday as it enhances hair growth and lends fullness to your head, making your hair look fuller. Even if you get a bit of added thickness, it would only work in bringing out more volume to your hair.

You can get biotin supplements off the counter or you can use Kerotin Hair Growth Supplements as it is a blend of essential vitamins besides biotin that help promote new hair follicles to develop and grow, giving you strong, voluminous hair in a short duration.

Go For an Opposite Parting

You want volume at the top of your head more than at the base to create a weightless feeling. If the tips are voluminous and the roots at the crown are not, your hair will just get weighed down and lie flat. Suppose you always part your hair to the right, then it is time to switch to parting it to the left. Why? Because your hair won’t get used to this new change quickly and will not lie flat, giving your hair the look of fuller hair without much fuss.

If you love to part in the middle, then go slightly off-centre and notice the volume this subtle change brings to your hair. Once you achieve the volume, you can use a light hairspray to lock your hair in place. You can experiment with deep side part on the opposite side of your hair or try middle parting as your hair roots will remain upright in a new direction, resulting in natural volume.

Blow-Dry and Straighten the Tips

It doesn’t matter what your hair length is, this works for all. You might have tried it and might swear by it, but those who haven’t done that should try it immediately. Flip your hair upside down and blow-dry it keeping the nozzle down on the hair lengths.

 Before flipping your hair back up, use a flat iron on the tips for a weightless voluminous look that is simple yet amazing. Now, flip back your hair gently and voila! (Note: If you are tempted to use a hairspray then opt for those that don’t contain ethanol as that is damaging to your hair shafts and makes them dry and brittle)

Blow-drying upside down allows the roots to dry up in the opposite direction which raises them off your scalp, giving you big hair without big work.

Tease the Lower Layers of Your Hair

Yes, I get it, back-brushing is not really all that healthy, but it’s not that dangerous either if done gently. You don’t want to make it an everyday habit, but once in a while it’s more than okay to take advantage of back-brushing.

Tie the topmost layer of your hair on the crown and then divide the hair in small sections and secure them with pins.

Begin with the section on the back of your head. Remove the pin and stretch one section of your hair away from your head and comb in backward movement two to three times. You can use a large brush too for back-brushing each of the sections.

Do the side sections after you have back-combed the back portions. Mist each segment with a hairspray and untie the top most layers once you are done. The look will be easy to carry without any hassle and won’t weigh your hair down in any way.

You will feel as light as ever. It will also look neat since the crimped hair is underneath well-hidden from view, giving you sleekness and weightless style in just one go.

Volume Building Shampoos

You have tried a gazillion shampoos and conditioner combos to improve your hair texture and build thickness without much effect. Try keratin shampoos as they are designed to increase the natural hair protein and boost hair health.

The more you experiment with weightless hair styling techniques the more you would need to counter the dryness your hair will go through due to blow-drying, hair mists and other products. Get your hands on Kerotin keratin shampoo to remove product build-up gently and de-frizz your hair while adding volume to your hair shafts due to the presence of guar gum derivatives. After all you want moisture to be locked in for all that styling to try weightless hairdos.

Keratin Conditioners

I was quite skeptical about this one as conditioners usually give you sleek and shiny hair by smoothing the hair cuticle, allowing the hair to lie flat. However I stand corrected due to hair care experts; keratin conditioners penetrate deep into the layers of your hair and deposit keratin into hair shafts, making it denser and thicker on a sub-level which helps in building volume.

You can apply Kerotin keratin conditioner after shampoo or a shower to lift your roots and increase the fullness of your hair.

Twisting Your Hair

This works best on freshly-washed hair (with shampoo) and can be done after every couple of days given  your hair is not dry or damaged in any way. Since you are going to need heat and mousse to set in the twists in your hair, it is better if you air dry your hair first.

Apply mousse on your hair shaft just an inch or more above the roots and create twists with your fingers or a round brush and then dry each twisted section with a blow-dryer for 5 to 10 seconds each.

Create as many twirls for big hair that exude glamour. The longer you leave the hair like this the longer the waves will last. Don’t comb your hair with a brush instead just run your fingers through them and loosen the rings slightly for a style that doesn’t bog you down with weight.




Root Boosters

You can benefit from root-boosting products if you have really fine straight hair. As the name suggests, you apply them to the roots on damp hair and let them dry. These are designed to hold your roots up so you can easily layer up with additional products to style your hair without weighing them down.

It’s a good idea to use all the different products in the market for weightless voluminous locks, but it’s also favorable for your hair if you invest in regular scalp and hair massage to keep it in shape for all kinds of looks to experiment with.

Argan oil is a potent one as it is a blend of various oils-jojoba, apricot, avocado-not to mention vitamin-E as that’s necessary for hair that’s losing its natural sheen because of constant heat and excess product. Kerotin Enriching Argan Oil will repair and revitalize your hair and prep them for different hair styles and techniques.

You can do so much with healthy, well-nourished tresses; it all depends on your imagination.

Ditch Your Curling Iron for Hot Rollers

The old-fashioned ways can be the best sometimes as you don’t need to be an expert to do them really. All you have to do is roll-up your hair using hot-rollers. Apply mousse. You can begin by dividing your hair in four quarters and roll your hair keeping the rollers vertical to your scalp instead of horizontal if you want a loose and natural look.

During the time it takes to get your make-up done, your hair will be ready so you can party as hard as you want; your weightless hair style won’t weigh you down.

You can brush your hair with your fingers gently for a neat modern look and set it with a hair spray. This is a great way to deal with dry hair as you won’t have to first blow-dry your hair for prepping, mousse and hair rollers get the job done quite effectively and add volume to your locks.

Bun or Twisted Plaits

Both methods require you to sleep with damp tied hair and are perfect for straight or wavy hair to create volume. Shower your hair during the night, wipe them using a soft-cotton tee or with a microfiber cloth and then gather them up high on your hair and make a lose bun with a soft elastic hair-band.

Your roots are raised up while they are damp and will take that position once they are dry, giving you great volume when you untie your hair the next morning.

You can also divide your hair in four to six sections, twirl them up and then tie the twisted hair into not-so-loose plaits (you need it slightly tight to keep your hair twirled in the plaits). Untie your hair next morning and enjoy texture in your hair without a plethora of products. You can opt for a hairspray if you want to keep the style locked in for longer.

Those who can’t make this little sacrifice for creating texture in their hair during their snoring period can do the same thing while doing some chores around the house. Apply some mousse to your hair and tie your hair in a bun or a braid.

Leave in for half an hour or longer to set in. Let your hair down and brush gently with your hair upside down. Lift your hair and seal it with hair spray lightly for an eye-catching look.

Dye Your Hair

No, you don’t have to bother about touch-up as you can use gentle high-lights under the lower layers of your hair to bulk up your hair. The beauty maestros are right when they use bleach on fine strands to give them a bit of a boost.

The hair colors work by opening up the cuticle to penetrate deep and get absorbed in the hair shaft. This opening of the hair cuticle lifts it up, giving your hair an illusion of puffed up or bigger hair.

High-lights and low-lights are two options to add glam and volume to your hair.

Keep the coloring on the lower hair; the lower strands will push up the top layer from underneath and no one would be the wiser. If no style works on your super fine hair, try this approach. Do ante up your hair care regiment and use Kerotin hair mask as hair colors can deplete the natural oils from your scalp.


You can try all the techniques given in this blog post without any real damage to your hair if you are careful and don’t use these styles excessively.