Hair Care and Styling Tips that Help You Beat the Heat

Summer means more dips in the pool, soft cool shades, crazy prints, fizzy lemonades and margaritas, sandals, tans and care-free hair. Okay, I got the last part wrong; when your otherwise gorgeous hair is stuck to your neck and forehead, it is not so pleasant in the sweltering heat. Yes, that’s true and like always your hair can mess up your good look in a second.

Naturally, those who already have short hair can cope with the heat better than people with medium to long hair. However, we are all in the same league as far as frizzy and greasy hair is concerned.

You think like everybody else that your best bet to deal with the heat is either to stay indoors or just let your hair be and forget about them. Well, that’s an approach you don’t want to think about much as that’s restricting your options.

 You have plenty of ways to tackle your hair with the right hair care and suitable hairstyles to beat the heat and look splendid.

Keep a Water Bottle Handy and a Hand Towel too

Keep a water bottle with you everybody to stay hydrated and prevent dehydration in the body - in all seasons, particularly when it’s blisteringly hot. You can guess what the towel is for; dip the towel in water and keep it on your head to cool yourself for a while when you are out and about in the sun shopping or just chilling with your friends on the beach or the nearest poolside.

The damp towel will provide slight relief to your hair from the blazing heat and also cool your head (something we all need when the thermometer goes crazy)

Fight Frizz with Argan Oil

You always have awesome products available on the market for all types of hair; however, if you want to avoid overloading your hair different types of creams and serums, then simply apply tiny quantities of argan oil on the frizzy ends of your hair. Since argan oil is quite light and smells wonderful, the frizz will be under control, without weighing down your hair. You can apply Kerotin Argan Oil as it’s a blend of all the right oils in the right ratios.

You can apply it on freshly washed hair tips to allow them to dry without becoming frizzy, and then comb with a wide tooth comb and dry as usual.

Wear Sunscreen

You can skip this step if you are going out for a short duration, like 10 to 15 minutes; however, it’s better to cover your hair with a scarf or a wide hat. And if that’s out of the question due to formal reasons, then a sunscreen for your hair is your best bet.

People who use shampoos and conditioners with SPF protection, such as Kerotin keratin products, can stay without sunscreen sprays for short durations with ease.

 You can also use sprays that contain water and a few drops of oil (essential oils, like rosemary, peppermint, and argan) that create a barrier to protect your hair from heat damage.

Comb not Brush

Although this should be the case in all seasons for all hair types specifically those who have dry, coarse, curly or thick hair, you should make it a habit during summers. The reason why people prefer brushing their hair instead of combing is because it’s easy to remove tangles with brushes; however, brushes cause hair to frizz up compared to combs.

Your hair can easily pass through the gaps in the comb though you would have to untangle it gently by starting at the tips. You can comb your hair when it’s partially wet with a wide-tooth comb and then use a fine toothed comb when your hair turns dry. If you plan to blow-dry your hair, then use a round brush as it’s perfect for styling.

Shampoo Less Often

Yes, you have heard it too often given that many celebs have admitted that they rely on this trick to let their hair down and absorb those natural oils. Of course, you might still prefer washing your hair with a shampoo every day since celebs are not always right.

 In this case, however, they are. It sounds counterintuitive to not shampoo often in hot weather when you are all hot and sweaty.

A shampoo removes impurities and excess oil from your scalp. And if you shampoo too often, then you won’t have any natural oil on your scalp. This lack of sebum (natural oil) causes the sebaceous glands to trigger oil production which can lead to oily or limp hair. Just rinse out sweat with water and Kerotin keratin conditioner everyday or every other day.

Cooling Mask

When the sizzling heat wreaks havoc on your hair, it’s time to bring in the cooling packs and natural masks to cool it down a notch. Any homemade mask with natural refreshing agents is ideal, but if it contains aloe vera it is even better. This is because the gel like substance from this plant soothes the sunburned scalp and heals the hair shafts. Traditionally this plant has been associated with moisturizing and antibacterial properties.

If cutting an aloe leaf, removing the gel and applying it on your hair is difficult for you due to time constraints, then you should apply Kerotin Hair Mask with Aloe Vera and Rosemary extracts to give a cooling yet nourishing treatment to your hair. Besides being soothing, this mask will also counter the damaging effects of the sun and replenish the keratin loss.

Nibble on Greens Often

You don’t have to eat the whole salad bowl in one go, but make this a habit and keep nibbling on it often because your supply of natural vitamins and minerals gets depleted due to constant perspiration and sweating.

If you don’t have time to make fancy salads, keep lettuce, arugula and cucumbers in your fridge, then just pack a little box of these greens (break lettuce and dice the rest into bite size pieces) each time you plan to stay longer in the sun. People who can’t munch frequently should have a big serving of greens during meal times.

Keratin Treatments

You love changing your hair color when the temperature goes up and love to lighten it to match the sun-kissed skin. You also add some warm tones to your hair to take your look to another level. You can experiment with your hair if you use keratin treatments regularly during summer months.

Say goodbye to ordinary shampoos and conditioners and buy a Kerotin keratin shampoo and conditioner to protect your hair shafts and hair color.

Applying Kerotin hair mask to your hair gives you an added layer of moisture and nourishment, making your hair cells strong, supple and sleek. Your color lasts longer and maintains its vibrancy better without any brassiness.

Go Heat-Free as much as possible

Oh, don’t make such a miserable face, you don’t have to forego it completely; rather use it less frequently. The heat is already killing you and to beat the heat you need to turn it off a bit. Style with straight irons and create voluminous hairdos on date nights or when you are having a girls’ night out, but go au natural during the day as often as you can.

You can look sophisticated without depending on heating tools. And the easiest way is to either get a haircut that suits the shape of your face and your lifestyle. Ladies who have hectic schedules with career demands and family responsibilities can increase the glam with chic short hair styles and beat the heat in style.

The ones who still cherish their lovely long locks should opt for buns, plaits, and pony tails.

1.     Bangs or Baby Bangs

Yes, bangs are in this summer again and they suit almost all types of faces. They are not for you if you hate it when hair get in your face and prefer low maintenance styles. Baby bangs are popular on the runway this year and are ideal for women who are bold and daring.

Rest of us can stick with traditional bangs that cover the forehead. Those who have a heart-shaped face look best with side bangs whereas people with a round face look better with a fringe in front. Go ahead, look amazing with textured, blunt, side-swept bangs this summer.

2.     Bob

Many women’s favorite hair cut that’s popular this year again is the bob cut. You can opt for a really short bob cut or get a cut that’s just touching your collar bones. This style has always been a favorite with celebs and some kind of bob with a variation here and there makes it a perfect style for the summer. You can have an asymmetrical cut; mid-part cut or you can make it more eye-catching with bangs.

You can add more oomph to this look by creating a mixture of textures with your ironing tools; curls, waves and straight will make you rock this style on the dance floor. You can keep the edges shaggy for a fun and understated look or you can keep it polished with straight angles.

3.     Good Old Buns

Who said buns are so archaic? The world of fashion craves for them and they are perfect for medium and long hair, no matter the occasion. You can have a polished look by making a ballerina bun (for a few hours only) or opt for a messy bun with all your hair gathered and rolled up on top of your head.

Ladies with bob cut can also dabble with buns by creating a half bun with the top hair and leaving the rest of the hair free and loose. You can also make a low bun at the nape with a pin or two and leave a few hair tendrils in front on either side of your face to create a more feminine look.

4.     Pony Tails

Try mixing buns and pony tails together to make a fun combo; a small ballerina bun on top adds a wow factor to the pony tail underneath. Don’t want to experiment with such a hairdo, then try an extreme side parting pony tail and slick it down with a comb and pomade for a sleek style.

You can also show-off your gorgeous locks by tying a partial high pony tail on top and creating voluminous curls in the rest of the open hair with a mousse and blow-dry.

5.     Pixie

This is not a slick hair cut (you can do that if you want), but a more textured one with a hint of shagginess to it. It’s a bold, but easy way to beat the heat without any hair worries. You can part it one day and create volume the other day.

If you have never had such an extreme hair cut, then ask your friends and your stylist for their input, and give it a go.

6.     Braids

Braids are simple or complicated but they are the easiest way to beat the heat, without chopping your precious locks. Yes, they are easy and you can never go wrong with them if you keep changing them from time to time.

With limited time, it’s a tad difficult to tie a French braid for work, but your normal braid done to the side will also do the job. Braid your hair at the back, to the side (with a side parting) or create a braid on either side of the head, bringing them together at the back with your hair open. The braids will keep the hair from getting in your face and will look neat as well.

You can also tie a braid starting at the top part of your hair, bending it to the side or pulling it to the back to add some drama to your braid routine. You should also give pony tail braid a try as they are really in this season and are super simple to tie.


With these hair care and styling tips you can rejoice this summer. With the right care you will have frizz and grease-free hair so you can experiment with fun hairdos and cuts to bring that oomph to your summer hair styles. You can play with various hues and textures to keep your hair sizzling hot if you have ensured good healthy hair by following your hair care regimen.