The Best Hair Care Tips to Prepare Your Hair for the Spring

Winters are about to end, Yet, the blooming season is coming in! Yes, we are talking about spring. With rejuvenation of nature, the beams of sun will shed over several places that had a long dark cold winter. People will be running to the streets wearing their spring coats and fashionable sunshades. While this floral season adds hues with vivid blossoms, don’t forget that your hair endured wintry days.

Not to mention, the changing weather can have several consequences on your skin and hair. There is no doubt that having lustrous manes not only transforms your looks but also add an aesthetic statement to your outfit. Therefore, to keep your curl tresses shiny and healthy, you need to take good care of your locks.

Nonetheless, the best way to prepare your hair for the spring transitions begins with some caring tips, All you need to do is add these into your hair care regimen. Let’s read more to explore the details about how to revitalize your hair health in spring:

Spring Snip

As your hair endured the harsh cold climate, it probably is dry. It’s no secret that dry scalp or hair can lead to other issues including damaged hair and split ends. Therefore, snipping off the dead ends of your hair is the first step you should follow to freshen yourself for spring. As a rule of thumb, you must get a haircut every 8 to 12 weeks to remove split ends.

Once you get a haircut, follow it up by using Kerotin’s shampoo and keratin renewal conditioner so that your new hair grows healthier and stronger. Using these products will also help maintain those luscious locks and prevent dead-ends.

Buzz For Balayage

When nature is rejuvenating, why not your hairs? The season ahead will include brighter and sunnier days. Why should not your hair color be like that too? If you’re thinking to get highlights, go for balayage. A free-hand painting highlight creates soft yet natural hues of lightness to your hair tips. You can’t deny that these sun-kissed hairs with soft shades will add a great statement to your overall looks.

Once you dye your hair, don’t forget to wash them with Kerotin’s shampoo. Also, make sure to incorporate Kerotin’s argan oil into your haircare routine. Nevertheless, it will help keep your color-treated hair healthier, longer, and stronger. Furthermore, it will preserve your locks from breakage and split ends, while bringing more luscious looks to them.

Boost Your Scalp

There is no denying that a healthy scalp is a foundation for optimal hair health. Furthermore, the cold wintry days probably wreaked havoc on your hair. Your scalp is dry, inflamed, and loaded with dandruff. While winter comes with dry air, heavy moisturizers, and protective styles, the floral season is the perfect time to evaluate your hair health and determine the issues that can develop.

In addition, you must boost your scalp health onset the spring so that when the season comes, you won’t need to take excessive care. For this, you must give your scalp a fortifying deep clean with natural ingredients made a product, such as Kerotin’s shampoo. After you cleanse your scalp, it’s time to give it the deep conditioning with Kerotin's keratin renewal conditioner.

Don’t Forget To Exfoliate

Like your face and hands, your scalp also needs exfoliation to encourage healthy scalp and hair growth. Regardless of the length of your hair or the type of your hair, sometimes shampoo isn’t enough to boost your scalp health. This is especially true when your scalp is covered with dandruff flakes. As mentioned earlier, dry scalp can actually wreak havoc to your hair health while making the locks more weak and fragile.

Hair Care Products You Should Use In The Spring

With the arrival of spring, not only the season is changing up but also your body. Nevertheless, it’s the time when the lifecycle of your hair cells (follicles) leads to revitalization. Consequently, your scalp skin onsets to peel and that lead to hair loss. However, there is nothing to worry about, as hair fall is completely normal in this season.

Yet, you must opt for the right hair care products to keep your luscious looks in its natural state. Whether you’ve to curl manes or frizz-free locks, no matter what type of hair you have, choosing the right hair product is what you probably ponder. In addition, advertisements from different brands can make it hard for you to find the best product to use.

While it begins with determining your hair type and texture, you may remain unsure about the product you’re choosing. If that’s the case, what can be a better option than Kerotin’s products? Formulated with all natural ingredients, keratin renewal shampoo can help make your hair longer, stronger, and healthier.

Whether you want argan oil, vitamin supplements, or conditioner, Kerotin has unique range of products that can rejuvenate your hair within weeks. For better understanding, let’s explore more about what products you should use according to your hair type. 

Dry Coarse Tresses Need More Care

If you have dry hair that doesn’t absorb or retain enough moisture, it would be quite difficult for you to manage them. With reduced sheen and frizzy appearance, your dry hair probably looks lack-luscious and lifeless. Especially when it’s about the hot sunny days, you need to hydrate your hair. For that, you can use a hydrating shampoo and moisturizing products.

Choose the products that contain ingredients like shea butter, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, etc. Not to mention, these natural ingredients help to trap the moisture inside your hair by coating the hair shaft.

Use deep conditioners like Kerotin’s keratin renewal conditioner as it contains essential oils. Note that, it is the best product for hydrating your dry hair. So, if you want to make your dry hair smooth and well-moisturized, make sure to add Kerotin products to your hair care routine.

Oily And Fine Mane Are Not So Fine

Oily hair doesn’t always signify how well you maintain your locks. If you’re wondering about the reason, the excess secretion of sebum is what that makes your hair greasy and oily. However, it’s important for you to know that too much sebum can make your scalp itchy, hair dull, and cause dandruff. In some cases, it leads to seborrheic dermatitis, which is scalp acne.

When it comes to caring tips for oily locks, you need to avoid those shampoos that contain conditioning or moisturizing properties. Using shampoos will worsen the issue, specifically during springtime. So, you have to go for the products that best suit your hair type.

For instance, you can opt for shampoos formulated with wheat protein. This is because such shampoos can help remove excess sebum and oil from your scalp. In addition, these products make your hair look bouncier and healthier. For your oily mane, always choose lightweight conditioners. Nevertheless, a leave-in conditioner is the best alternative to keep your locks fresh and hydrated.

The Stubborn Curly Locks

So, you have wild tresses that are not so easy to manage. Well, people with curly tresses find it quite difficult to take care of their wavy hair. Whether it’s about styling them or maintaining health, there is no doubt that taking care of curly hair is a big deal. Especially in this humid-full season, the sunny weather can give you a harrowing time.

As your hair is dry and thick, you probably have to choose an expensive shampoo with natural ingredients, like coconut oil or shea butter. Now, you don’t have to spend hundreds of bucks for getting the right anti-tangling product. Kerotin’s shampoo contains organic ingredients that help you manage your locks easily.

Furthermore, keep in mind that the conditioners contain silicone and protein in high consistency work best for thick and curly locks. If your hair is extremely frizzy, you can opt for the products that include moisturizing ingredients, like soy and wheat protein, to make them frizz-free.

Keep Your Color-Treated Hair Maintained In Spring!

As the New Year began, you might follow the phrase, ‘new year, new hair,’ and dye your hair with the most trending color. While your color-treated locks usually require extra care to stay healthy, the coming sunny season can sap off moisture from your scalp and the scorching rays can fade your hair color.  After spending hundreds of dollars into getting your hair dyed, you’re far less likely to afford color fading.

The good news is there are a number of color-preserving shampoos and conditioners are available in the market. However, you must choose the one that contains fewer chemicals so it won’t wreak havoc to your hair health. You can use Kerotin shampoo. It not only preserves your hair color but also keeps your tresses luscious and moisturized.

When it comes to choosing the right conditioner for your dyed hair, opt for the one that is specifically formulated for color-treated hair. These conditioners contain UV filters that protect your hair from sun rays and make the color stay for longer. Just remember to avoid the products that contain ammonium, sulfate, and sulfur.

Frizzy Hair With Fuzzy Texture

While the spring showers are the reason for colorful blooms, they bring endless frizzy and poofy hair days. Especially, if you have coily and curly locks, you might have to make great effort to manage your wild hair tresses. But, you don’t have to worry anymore! 

You can keep your curled mane and styles defined with no-frizz play. Wondering how? Just make sure to curb the heating products and go for hair gels and mousse. Try to get the ones that contain polymers and copolymers, such as Kerotin shampoo and conditioner, as they trap in your hair and fight the frizz. 

Spring Snacks For Longer And Stronger Hair

There is no doubt that maintaining hair health is often difficult to manage, especially when you’ve a fast-paced lifestyle coupled with busy schedules. Other than that, you probably have an idea of how important a role your diet plays for manipulating strong roots and boosting your hair growth. In addition to the aforementioned hair care tips, we have some healthy eating suggestions that will make your hair longer and stronger over time.

Eat Proteins

It’s no secret that your hair comprises of a protein known as keratin. For strong hair, it’s imperative to make sure you are consuming adequate amount of proteins. From whole eggs and salmon to turkey and edamame, there are plenty of protein-rich foods you can add to your diet. 

Add More Iron

There is no denying that your hair requires some essential minerals, including iron to stay healthier and stronger. Most people who experience hair loss are iron-deprived. Therefore, boosting your iron consumption is extremely critical to strengthen hair roots and reinforce your strands. Spinach and avocado are two of the most common iron-rich food you can opt for. 

Try Assorted Vitamins

Like keratin, vitamin C plays a critical role in boosting and fortifying your follicles health and hair shafts. If you talk about Vitamin A, it increases the natural luster and helps improve your scalp health. On the other hand, biotin encourages hair growth and volume, whereas vitamin E supports overall hair health. If you’re thinking to take a multi-vitamin supplement, keep in mind that your body absorbs these vitamins through food more efficiently.

Be Sure To Stick To Your Hair Care Regimen

Whether you have curly locks or straight tresses, you surely find it harrowing situation while seeing your luscious strands falling out. Nevertheless, your hair went dealt with rough dry climate all winter long. Now, when the blooming season is about to come, you must keep your hair look fabulous by maintaining their health.

By adding the shared tips into your hair care routine not only preserve your tresses from harsh weather conditions but also ensure to keep them stronger and healthier. In addition, don’t forget to add Kerotin products into your hair care regimen, so you can stand out with beautiful hair wherever you go.