Fall Hair Trends that You should know to Up Your 2019 Style Game

All of us have already said goodbye to 2018 and welcomed 2019 in style. Some fashion trends have the power to transform your looks and hairstyling is one of them. Hair trends change with seasons just like other fashion trends.

Now as the summer has been gone, we are witnessing an era of entirely new and unconventional hair styling trends. Unlike previous years, 2019 is a year of experimenting and taking risks to achieve amazing looks. We have seen runway models with creative hairstyling, multiple textures, hues, and even classic looks with a modern touch.

Whether you have short hair or long hair or prefer simple or fancy ways to style your hair, there is definitely a hairstyle in the fall 2019 catalog that suits your taste and preferences. This year's fall hairstyle trends offer something for everyone so that no one feels left out from the trend parade.

If you are looking for some inspiration to transform your look for the fall, then these hairstyling trends will be making waves throughout 2019!

Ahead, you are going to get a sneak peek of fall hair trends that are gaining traction among cool girls and will rock the fall season. Consider it a handy guide for your next hairstyle appointment and prepare yourself for a happy year ahead.

Short Bob never Fades Away!

Short bob has always remained a part of the hair fashion scene. During the past few years, it was the center of attention for many fashion divas that prefer to have smaller hair. This famous haircut is getting shorter this year and falls anywhere between your ears and chin. You can either go for a short straight conventional bob cut or go for the unconventional bob cut aligned with your jaw, shorter from the back while 1 to 2 inch longer from the front below your ears. This creates a trendy style yet streamlines the bob cut.

It is perfect for the fall season because it keeps your hair in shape even during the windy weather. The short bob is an easily manageable hairstyle and has a go-to effect that many people prefer. There are different ways in which you can style your short bob. 

Straighten your bob or Leave it Loose!

If you have frizzy or curly hair and like a sleek straightened short bob look, try the keratin treatment. Through this semi-permanent hair straightening treatment, you get manageable, straight, smooth and shiny hair for 4-6 months.

If you already have straight hair and want to add volume to your short bob, try adding loose beach curls through your top hair layer. This messy look gives a sexier touch to your look. For extra definition you can use a keratin hair spray along the ends.

Another way to manage your bob look is fringe bob. If you already have a bob cut, cutting a few more inches will freshen up your look. Comb your fringe as per your preferences to add distinctiveness to your style.

Spice up your Short Bob

Plain black bob may not be what you are precisely looking for. Adding colorful hues to your hair is a great way to spice up your fall hairstyle game in 2019. This year it is more about natural, virgin hair tones, which is a move away from fashion ‘done' shades.

The colors suitable for the short bob look are brown hues or dirty natural blond. Ombre blond is also a fantastic option. If you already have colored hair, it may become difficult to achieve that natural virgin hair look again; so, visit a salon with pictures of the look that you want to achieve. Ask the hairstylist to add gloss and shine as well. The best way is to get keratin conditioning treatment, which helps your hair recover from previous color damage and restore their shine. 

Something for Retro Style Lovers

Well, you have long hair, and you are not ready to give them up. Don't worry as these fall season hairstyle trends have something for you as well. There is no need to cut your lovely long hair to look trendy and stylish. Your retro style look can be styled to look chic and glamorous.

With falling waterfall bangs, you can wear a retro style look. Nothing can beat the classic retro bangs falling on either side of your face, like a waterfall. If you are undecided about how to style your long hair without compromising their length, then go for retro style falling waterfall bangs. This fringe is suitable for those with shoulder length hair and longer hair.

It is recommended that you experiment with waterfall bangs before you cut your hair into a full bang fringe. There are many different styling options which go perfectly well with waterfall bangs.

You can tie up your hair in a loose ponytail, leaving some strands out to accentuate your face or form a loose and untidy bun for a little classic queen touch. This fringe is a great way to transform and uplift your facial frame and look younger.

To keep your waterfall bangs manageable and frizz free, use keratin protein treatment to get the best results. It gives strength to your hair, promotes hair growth while making them smooth and shiny.

Hair Color Vibes for Waterfall Bangs

Keeping your natural hair color is beautiful with waterfall bangs if you are not much into dying your hair; however, adding a little color will undoubtedly give an exciting twist to your appearance.

Pastels and dark hues, especially brown, ash or burgundy, provide a ravishing look for your bangs while a blonde touch can add a flirtish flare to your overall look. You can also blend both the looks for a more dramatic and bold style that pushes the boundaries.

Have a single color with an average length and get it subtly low toned. This mix of dark and faded tones is enough to create a stunning look.

Nothing can Beat the Immortal Beach Curls

Are you bored of your monotonous straight hair, but still don't want to have tight curls every day? If this is the case, then the timeless beach curl style is for you. These are soft curly waves that flow down your shoulders. These are neither very tight curls nor loose enough to look straight.

The best thing about this style is its easy maintenance. You can tie them up in a high ponytail or leave them untamed. In both styles, beach curls look simply ‘WOW.'  Leave them long and laid back and sway this fall season!

However, if you want to give them a neat look, you may need little maintenance. If you have thin and curly hair, beach curls can provide a very untidy look, which you may not want. To keep them manageable, soft and falling, you can get the keratin protein treatment.

You can go for this treatment once in a month for shiny, manageable and lustrous beach curls throughout the month.

Be Fearless with Dirty Brunette!

Now coming to coloring your beach curls; a dirty brunette is perfect for spicing up your entire hairstyling game. It's a natural brunette shade that incorporates some dark blonde tones for a more neutral and smoky vibe. You can go for a hint of copper, auburn, or maroon strands to glam up your look.

Sleek and Stylish Hair Up-Do’s

As far as hair do's are concerned, keeping your hair neat in the front and a parted from the back is all you need to meet this season's hairdo trends. The credit for this hair-up goes to this year's catwalks and the wedding up-do of newlywed Duchess of Sussex.

The sleek up-do is the best way to reveal your facial features in a flattering manner. Create an effortless and carefree look with a loose bun or a ponytail, giving you a perfect look, which is neither too formal nor too casual. It offers you the best of both worlds.

To achieve these looks at your home, you only need a regular hairspray. Whatever style you adopt, just spray a little hair spray on your palm, rub your palms and run them over the sleek front part of your hair. It will help settle any flyaways in an effective manner. For creating a bun or a ponytail, use tongs and then use texture spray to get a finished look.

Glam Up with Accessorize!

Big glamorous and shiny clips are all you need to glam up your hairstyling game. Zadig & Voltaire and Chanel and Max Mara runway show clearly show this year's hair accessory trend. They proved how these simple hair accessory pieces have the power to steal the show. The plus point with hair accessories is that you need not make elaborate hairstyles, the simple addition of hair accessories is enough to achieve the dream look. 

There are many hair styling accessories which you can choose from to adorn your hair, such as flowers, glittery pins, big clips, headbands, rhinestone accessories, bow ties and so on. You can expand your collection based on the event or just to create a formal or casual day-to-day look.

If you are one of those who hates when your hair get in your face, then accessories are the best choice to keep them in control. Serving dual purpose, these accessories add a glamorous touch to your hairstyle and keep your hair away from the face.

Bonus tip: You can make your hairstyle charismatic with accessories and twisting and turning your hair while leaving their ends free and pin the hair accessories to the desired place. Finish off your hairstyle with hairspray to add more definition.

Let’s Wig it!

A relatively new trend has made its way into the hairstyle trends of 2019. Since famous celebrities, like Beyonce and Kylie Jenner, have declared their fondness for wigs, wearing wigs has become trendy these days.

For those who are more into experimenting with stylish looks, wigs are a perfect way to add some flair while keeping their hair shiny and healthy. 

Wearing wigs is one of the old hair styling trends, but in the past people usually preferred to use natural looking hair wig pieces to conceal their real hair. Now it's not about looking natural, but bold and fearless. Wigs in unnatural shades, like pink, citrus, and pastels, etc. are reigning supreme with either sculptural, boxy or blunt cuts.

Invest in a few trendy good-quality natural human hair wigs to experiment with different looks without compromising your hair. Wear a different look every day to create your unique style statement.

Make it Fall off on Your Side with a Swept Hairstyle

The swept hairstyle is another hairstyle which has been given a lot of attention in the catwalks. And do you know why? Because it is utterly chic, stylish and perfect!

If you are not happy with your current state of hair, but not in the position to get a haircut, the change in the direction of your fringe or bangs can definitely help freshen up your look. There is no need for a visit to a hair stylist.

Just stand in front of your dresser and try sweeping your hair to the left or right side. Select the side which satisfies you. To further glam up the look, try twisting your hair from one side and pin them up on the other side using a suitable hair accessory. And you are ready to rock the party.

For a neater and cleaner look, you can use a mist hairspray for swept hair. You can even tie a side bun and leave some strands out for a formal look at work.

All these hot and stylish fall hair trends would surely help you up your style game in 2019. But don’t forget to keep your hair healthy, growing and shiny because healthy hair can add something extra to any hairstyle. Oil your hair, have keratin protein treatment or use keratin shampoo with conditioner to maintain good hair health, volume, and shape.