Curly Hair Hacks: Get Rid of Frizz and Let Your Locks Shine!

Curly hair speaks its own language. Curly hair has a natural volume that makes them light-filtering and gives them an ability to frame faces. There is no doubt that whether you have small or looser ringlets if you know how to manage them, they become indicative of your personality. Not only your natural curls save a lot of time you spend on ironing or straitening, but also look absolutely gorgeous if you’ve styled your hair properly.

On the flip side, having curls is not always a joyful thing. Whether it is springy ringlets or classic small curls, there are times when managing them becomes a daunting task. Your hair becomes tangled and frizzy that often leads to breakage.  Besides that, curly hair is naturally dry and in a spiral shape and may cause hindrance in other processes.

Because of the thick and spiral texture, your scalp’s natural oil doesn’t reach or slide down the strands properly. That is one of the reasons why wavy locks are less hydrated and dry. If you don’t follow a good hair care regime or provide the moisture your wavy locks need, the dry cuticles will lift, causing frizzy hair. That is why dermatologist and hair experts emphasize incorporating hydrating conditioners in your hair care regime, especially if you have wavy locks.

For example, Kerotin products are an excellent choice when it comes to taming your frizzy curly locks. They add the much-needed moisture to your hair, especially Kerotin leave-in conditioners help you define your curl while providing nourishment.

If you are a wavy girl, this is the time to embrace your natural curls. You no longer need to worry about your spiral ringlets, tight or loose curls if you know the right hacks to maintain and nourish curly hair.  The article is worth reading if you want to find out the reasons why your wavy locks get frizzy and how you can easily manage them.

Why Your Curls Have Frizz?

It is not the spirals, ringlet or volume of curly hair that frustrates people when it’s about managing curly hair. The real trouble comes when your curls become extra bouncy because of unwanted pesky frizz, ruining the look you want to create.

Do you know that frizz is an integral part of your wavy locks? Whether you agree or not, frizz in curly hair is something that you can never get rid of. To put it simply, finding curls that are frizz-free is nearly impossible; however, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make efforts to reduce it. All you need to do is figure out how you can you make the most of your curls with frizz and make them look gorgeous.

 That might sound bizarre to you, but a little frizz in your curly hair makes it look lively, touchable and reflects your carefree personality. That means a little frizz can be your personality statement only if you know how to make your frizz functional.

Before we let you plunge into the discussion of how you can do it, it is important to understand what is frizz and why curly hair is frizzy?

Why Curly Hair is Prone to Frizz?

Frizz seems to be a common problem that leaves every curly girl frustrated, especially in the hot months when humidity is high. As we mentioned earlier frizz is an integral part of your wavy locks, but it can be reduced only if you know what causes it and how you can you make it functional.

Frizz typically occurs when your hair’s cuticle layer is raised. It permeates all the moisture, leaving your strands swelled. This result in hair dryness, making curly hair looks rough and damaged. In general,   wavy locks are prone to this condition as compared to straight hair due to excessive dehydration in hair strands.  The lack of moisture makes curly hair more vulnerable to frizz.

 Following are some other reasons why your hair becomes dehydrated

  • You are not taking the nutrients your hair needs or your diet is not healthy
  • You are not drinking an adequate amount of water
  • You rub hair against harsh or dry material, such as a towel or other accessories
  • Scalp oil is not reaching your hair strands
  • You are not using quality hair products such as a good hair conditioner
  • You are using shampoos with sulfate that is drying your curly hair
  • You are not maintaining the right balance of moisture and protein; excess protein can drain moisture
  • Your moisturizers and oils are not properly penetrating your hair shafts
  • Your hair is treated with an over-processed chemical, such as bleach. It can damage hair cuticles

 Hacks to Reduce Frizz from Curly hair

Since you know the science behind curly hair getting frizz, there is a plethora of tips you can use to reduce it.  If you are embracing your natural spirals for the first time, the given hacks are wonderful to combat frizz.  Plus, they will help you decrease puffiness and nourish your wavy tresses.  

These hacks are suggested by curly hair experts and are tried-and-tested. If used properly, they can be your comprehensive guide for a complete curly hair makeover.

Use Deep Conditioner Weekly

One of the major reasons curly hair gets frizzy is dehydration. A lot of studies have proven that naturally wavy locks have a propensity to lose moisture way faster than straight hair. The condition deteriorates especially if you are in a country that has dry or humid weather.  This is where the role of deep conditioning comes into play.

Many curly hair stylists consider deep conditioning one of the substantial steps to keep frizz and dullness at bay. Deep conditioning works as a natural treatment to provide the essential protein and moisture your spirals need.

 It is because conditioning replenishes moisture in curly hair by penetrating the hair shaft and opening cuticles. It also smoothens the closed cuticles. Deep conditioner is typically the concentrated version of regular conditioner with powerful absorbent properties to retain moisture in the curls. That is why curly hair experts believe deep conditioner is a key when it comes to overcoming frizz.   

The good news is that there are many companies that are making quality hair care products, particularly deep conditioners.  Kerotin deep conditioners are included in some of the best choices if you are looking for something with premium quality.

  • Using kerotin deep conditioner at least once a week for thirty minutes if your curls are tighter or dryers, is beneficial.
  • If you have loose waves or curls, you can use a deep conditioner at least once in two weeks for 15 minutes.

Avoid Hot Styling Tools


If you really want to see your curly locks shiny and flowing, it is important to minimize the use of hot styling tools. That may sound impractical or something impossible, especially if you are in the entertainment industry. However, if you use iron or straighter on the daily basis, you can reduce it to twice or thrice a week.  Some heat is better than exposing your hair to high temperatures regularly.

The point is to stop relying on it because the more heat you use on your hair, the more it will suffer from damage. Split ends and dryness are inevitable if you use excessive heat on your curls. The best way to overhaul the heat damage is to give your wavy locks some steam. It works great for dry and damaged curls and helps you reduce frizz. Steaming hair is an easy way to add more moisture to your curly locks.

Not only is this, giving steam to your hair is an ideal way to enhance the curly patterns in your hair and strengthen elasticity in the spirals.

Replace Blow Dry with Diffuser


Understanding what will work for delicate and sensitive hair is extremely important for all curlies. It may require you to change some of your hair routine habits you have been practicing for years. Precisely, we are talking about your blow dryer; it is one of the reasons for damaged and frizzy curly locks.

Replace it with a diffuser which is a safer option than dryer when it comes to drying hair. Unlike regular blow dryer, diffusers efficiently disperse heat throughout your hair. As a result, you get a more defined and maintained curly shape rather than a hot mess of wavy locks.

One of the interesting features of a diffuser is that it adds minimal heat to your hair while keeping your wavy locks in their natural state.

Try Pineapple Method

 You might have not heard it before, but the way you sleep with your curly hair has a great effect on its health. Pineapple method is a popular way many women have long been using to manage their curly hair. It is a convenient way to preserve the curly locks from frizz and damage.

All you need to do is tie your curly locks in a high ponytail in a crown style. Avoid tying it too tight as it may cause hair damage or sore scalp. Tying curly hair in a well-positioned ponytail will help keep your curls safe from hair strand friction, rubbing and dreaded bed head. You might not find that look very attractive, but you will wake up with managed and gorgeous curls.

Using up-do hair clips is very useful for securing your curls and holding them softly without any pain or scalp soreness.

 Swap Your Towels for a T-Shirt

Never heard this before? Well, this is a powerful hack that can do wonders when it comes to protecting your curly hair. We all are aware of the fact that towels contribute to hair damage. The harsh surface of the towel may lead to dreaded frizz you have been trying to get rid of.

This is why swapping your hair towel with a cotton T-shirt is an excellent way to reduce the risk of frizz and hair thinning. Not only does a T-shirt absorb water gently, but also keeps curly locks frizz free.

Co-wash Your Curls

Co-washing is a simple way to tame your bouncy and frizzy hair. Those who have already tried this method know how effective it is for reducing frizz from curly hair. There is nothing scientific in this hack; all you need to do is wash your curls without a shampoo. Just use a conditioner to cleanse your hair.

However, you may find your curls getting greasy after a few days, but you will notice the difference gradually as your hair will become silkier and smoother.

 Use Satin Pillows

Apparently, there is no connection between your curly hair and your pillow; however, in reality it does have an impact on your hair health. A number of studies have shown that the way you toss and turn during sleep can damage your luxurious locks.  

Satin or silk pillowcases are an ideal way you can deal with this problem without having to spend money on expensive hair treatments. Silk pillowcases cause no friction between your curls and treat them gently no matter how you rub them during sleep. Sleeping on silk pillowcase will help you wake up with flat or frizz -free hair.

 Don’t Use Regular Brushes

The hack is simple yet can be extremely effective in protecting your curls from damaging effects. Make sure you use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your wavy locks as regular brushes can be really damaging for them.

Bottom Line

Overall, there are few things you need to remember if you are curly- haired.  Locking-in moisture is substantially important to maintain healthy curls. Without it, your curls will become frizzy, dry and puffy.Plus, hacks like using sulfate- free shampoo, oiling and co-washing can be very effective in keeping your tresses frizz free. Most importantly, consult a curly hair expert if these hacks fail to make a difference as every hair type is different. He/she will help you find out quality hair care products, such as Kerotin shampoos and conditioners.