The Most Popular African-American Hairstyles You can Opt for

Whether you have loose tresses or tightly coiled locks, styling your African-American hair in different attractive styles is a bit tricky. And that’s not the end as such hair is weaker, more fragile, and susceptible to breakage than other types of hair. Split ends, frizzed tresses, and less moisture make it even harder to manage your hair without breakage.

There is no doubt that your nappy curls come with a slew of problems; your Afro hair has its own exceptional annoyances. You may be more concerned about your hair health, when you find it difficult to be a little more creative when it comes to styling your Afro hair. But the good thing is that there are hundreds of protective hairstyles for you.

Now you can say goodbye to those bad hair days when you have to struggle a lot. Untangling your hair while keeping them hydrated is even easier than before. All you have to do is add kerotin products to your daily hair care routine.

Classy, modern, and edgy, some Afro hairstyles can make your appearance more appealing. Brace yourself as below we are sharing some of the most creative hairstyles that will give you glamorous looks, for sure.

African American Hairstyles that will Reveal your Beauty

Besides its entrancing and eye-catching looks, the Afro hairstyles we are going to share will also help manage and style your stubborn locks with no trouble. Whether you prefer to support them with extensions or just go with your natural hair, we have a plethora of options that can make your hair look amazing. In addition to the latest African-American hairstyles, these ideas will surely make people around you compliment your appearance.

If you have long hair, these styles will stand out with their excellent creative depiction reflected in a stunning braided coiffure, breathtaking curls, and heavenly updo. On the other hand, you can make your short Afro American hair look more aesthetic with simple hairstyles, including chic puffs, funky faux-hawk, and attractive finger waves.

Being social media savvy, you probably have an idea how steadily the Afro hairstyles are becoming popular. That being said, you must not miss the chance to learn new ideas to style your Afro curls and stand out in the crowd.

Curl up your Hairs in Box Braids

The way you style your hair often express your mood and adds an exotic flair to your personality. This is especially true when it’s about your Afro hairdo as there are a plethora of ideas to tie them up. However, one of the timeless styles include ‘braids’. With its roots in the African culture, braids have been constantly altered with modern twists. Versatile in manner, there are endless options to curl up your Afro hairs in braids.

Among the various braid styles, the most popular African-American braid hairdos are box braids. This style not only looks classy, but also adds lovely flamboyance to your looks. While using the sleek square tool, box braids are created with a traditional three-strand technique. If you are wondering why this style is called ‘box’, it is because of the tool used in the method.

If you want to keep them for 3-5 days, you can lock the ends or tips of each braid strand by heating the fake hair tied at ends. Whether it’s a family party or just a hangout with friends, box braids will give you traditional looks while adding aesthetic beauty to your personality.

Stand Out with Fluffy Curls

If you follow the history of African-American hairstyle trends on the internet, you probably have an idea of what’s vogue these days. Aside from hundreds of popular Afro hairstyles, many women are embracing their curls along with unique hairdos.

Among those unique ideas, fluffy Afro style is one of the easiest and attractive hairstyles that can enhance your beauty while giving you an amazing look even on normal days. This hairstyle not only makes you look captivating, but also shows that you celebrate the natural texture of your gorgeous Afro American hair.

Nevertheless, as your hairs are more susceptible to damage, you need to take special care when you leave your hair open. For that, nothing is better than using kerotin hair care products. From shampoos and conditioner to argan oil and hair mask, a variety of hair care items can keep your tresses strong and frizz free.

How About Ombre Box Braids?

Styling up your natural textured hair is awesome, especially when you have a unique hair type- Afro American. As you may struggle a lot while styling them, there is no denying that you get tired of donning you Afro hairs at times. Not to worry as ombre box braids are one of the low-maintenance and protective hairstyles that not only make you appear fashionable, but also protect your hair from breakage and damage. 

The technique uses dyed hair extensions that let you complement your everyday look. Along with incorporating captivating hues into your hair, ombre box braids add color to your appearance. Hair extensions dyed in shades of specific color are tied to your natural hair. It’s then braided with a traditional three-strand method.

As a protective hairstyle, you can tie up your Afro hair in ombre box braids without worrying about your hair strength. Not to mention, a number of hairstylists recommend Afro Americans to use Kerotin hair serum before styling hairs in ombre box braids.


Twist out your Afro Hair!


As one of the most famous natural African-American hairstyles similar to braids, twist outs is the trouble-free and classy hairdo. This amazing style protects your locks and keeps your hair from losing moisture, especially when you wash your hair with kerotin shampoo before styling them. You will agree that your Afro hair grows slower than other types of hair. While this might sound surprising to you, twist outs can actually help your Afro hair grow faster.

Besides that, the best thing about twist outs is that it is super easy to make. Technically, twist outs are created by parting your damp hair into two parts, twisting, and leaving them to dry overnight. So, when you get up in the morning, you will be seeing this chic style, adding a statement to your looks. 

Braided Bob is a Perfect Style for your Short Hair

If you think that you cannot style your hair in an attractive way because you have short hair, it’s not true. Fortunately, this year has brought some amazing hairdos for short Afro hairs, which will perfectly suit your looks. Among those short box braids are quite trendy these days. This style is becoming increasingly popular among Millennials. So, whether you have a lob cut or bob cut, you can make your looks more attractive by incorporating box braids.

In case you still want to sport a long braid, you can simply add hair extensions. However, it’s important to mention here that before tying up your hairs, you must use a kerotin serum to keep them frizz-free and avoid damage. Furthermore, you can use a kerotin shampoo and conditioner on a daily basis- it not only makes your mane stronger, but also promotes hair growth.

Style your Teeny Weeny Afro

Again, most women with short Afro hair are very concerned about their looks. If you’re one of them, you probably think that there are only a few styles that can enhance your appearance. Well, that’s not true. The most amazing thing about short African-American hair is that they are easier to style and can be styled in different ways.

Believe or not, your short Afro hair looks amazing when kept open, especially when they’re very short. However, you can use a variety of kerotin hair care products to encourage hair growth. But remember that super defined curl locks can add a great flair to your personality. For your teeny weeny Afro, you can use a sponge brush or gel to style them in the way you want.

Twist your Hairs in Braids and Curls

If you feel that a braided lob or a twister bob is too much and will not perfectly align with your personality, you can think of combining the two styles. You can part your hairs in two; create braids in one part and leave the other part of your hair as natural as it is, open and curled. The great thing about this hairstyle is that it is not only super simple to manage, but also looks amazing.

When it’s about styling your partial hairs in braids, there are a plethora of choices for you. For example, you can create box braids, three-strand braids, or just twist your locks. Moreover, you can style cornrow on your hair sides, or even in the middle; it will certainly look beautiful. Mixed with curls, these braids will look sophisticated and enchanting, and reflect your beauty. This hairstyle can be worn on several occasions- from a streamlined look at a formal party to a date night.


Straight Pixie can Switch up your Every Day Looks

Whether you agree or not, the straight pixie hairstyle is one of the most timeless and popular hairstyles among African-American women. Whether you have tight curls or loose manes, you can rock with this style undoubtedly. Moreover, you can straighten them with a flat iron or leave them in their natural texture- the style is going to grab everyone’s attention. However, if you’re going to straighten them, don’t forget to treat your hairs with kerotin products.

Braided Bun is a Perfect Fit for your Party

At times, you may not want to leave your hair open or maybe you want to style up in a different manner. If that’s a case, you can consider a braided bun. It not only makes your hair look tied up nicely, but also makes you look amazing. In fact, this hairstyle is a statement-making idea to wear traditional box braids, while keeping everything trendy and modern.

In case you have long locks and want to take your messy hair curls to the next level, the braided bun is the best idea. Refresh your braids, pull them back, and secure your hairs into a high ponytail. Twist or roll them up high to give a more sophisticated look. Whether you’re heading to a family gathering or a formal party, this style will perfectly suit you.

What can be more Chic than a High Ponytail?

Like a braided bun, you can’t deny the beautiful appearance of a ponytail. With its intricate pattern and long braided eye-catching locks, you can switch up your everyday looks in an incredible way. Just for an idea, you can also put it at your shoulder to achieve classier looks. Furthermore, make sure that you use kerotin products- they will help you create intricate yet beautiful styles without any hassle.

Are you wondering to Style you Hair in Crochet Braid? That’s a Great Idea

If you’re thinking why this hairstyle is known as the crochet braid, it is simply because this style is donned up by using a crochet hook. In this method, your natural hair is first braided into cornrows. Once this is done, the synthetic hair or hair extensions are weaved into it. Not to mention, crochet braid hairstyle is one of the favorite hairstyles among African American women today.

This hairstyle is not only easy to manage, but super long braids can also help you make a statement with your hair in a captivating way. Using the crochet hook, you can experiment a lot.

The Takeaway

Despite the intricacy of styling Afro hair, now you can tackle your manes using kerotin products and stand out with any hairstyle we have mentioned above. Whether you have long locks or short curls, these hairstyles not only eliminate bad hair days from your life, but can also transform your personality, making it more appealing. Not to mention, kerotin products can keep your African-American hairs moisturized and rejuvenate their health, without any doubt.