Self-care With Our Deep Conditioning System

Sometimes finding the time to take care of yourself is harder than getting through the day of responsibilities and to-do lists! Not to mention that the holidays are approaching and it is time to give yourself some serious loving because those holiday pictures live forever online!

Our Deep Conditioning Combo is a simple process that can be done as you wait for your slow cooker to ring or in between laundry

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Expect To See: Damage Repair, Rebuilt Elasticity, Smoother Hair, Added Shine

The process only takes 2-30 mins. What can you do in 20-30 mins?

Relax and Don’t Worry, Just Deep Condition:
Our Deep Conditioning Combo brings the resources needed to repair your summer fun damage and it’s simple to use. Kerotin Renewal Mask is a reconstructive hair mask that reverses the effects of damage by adding moisture and deeply nourishing hair. Our Heated Gel Cap is an easy-to-use, microwaveable cap that boosts the effect of the mask through heat.

What Does It Do?
The Deep Conditioning System goes the extra mile and uses heat to open up the cuticle to allow our Renewal Hair Masque to penetrate deeply and repair the cuticle. Rinsing with cool water then gently closes the cuticle and allows the hair strand to rejuvenate and replenish. Our Deep Conditioning System will minimize your porosity and regain your hair health.


So don’t feel bad about taking care of yourself. Now you can repair your hair as you multitask just in time for the season's greetings cards!