Honoring Childhood Cancer Month

It brings great joy among the Kerotin Family to honorably close out Childhood Cancer month this past week with a partnership with Pequeno Principe Hospital, located in Curitiba, Parana, Brazil. The Kerotin Family has just recently expanded to Brazil and will be launching next month, based in Curitiba. Pequeno Principe Children's Hospital has just celebrated its 100th anniversary of providing medical attention to children. Given the importance of Pequeno Principe for the local community, we decided to launch our efforts by sponsoring an event that will help the children at the hospital and, ultimately, our community.

Pequeno Principe Children's Hospital Specialties
Pequeno Príncipe Complex is a non-profit institution devoted to promoting childhood healthcare that focuses on technical and scientific excellence, social mobilization, and comprehensive healthcare. The Complex comprises three units a Hospital, College, and Research Institute. Together, the Complex helps the organization perform integrated and complementary care in the fields of medicine, education, and research. Pequeno Príncipe Hospital is Brazil’s largest children’s hospital that has provided quality health care for children and teenagers since 1919.

Each year, the hospital receives many referrals around the country for complex procedures. In 2017, more than 311,000 outpatients, 23,000 admissions, and 20,000 surgeries were carried out in 32 different specialties. 70% of its resources are allocated to providing services to patients covered by the Brazilian Public Healthcare System (SUS).

Saving Children Through Research
Complementing the hospital services, the research unit – Pelé Pequeno Príncipe Research Institute – opened in 2006. Since then, it has been concentrating its efforts in the investigation of complex, high-incidence diseases in Brazil, helping to reduce child mortality rates. Currently, 16 researchers are working on more than 100 ongoing research studies. These studies include molecular genetics, cell biology with a focus on stem cells, bionanotechnology, and bioinformatics, as well as areas like infectious diseases, mental disorders, cancer, and complex and rare diseases.

Specialized For Children
The hospital is referenced in more than 30 medical specialties. The hospital offers lab services and diagnostics and the most complex surgeries and transplants. Pequeno Príncipe is the largest pediatric hospital in Brazil. 51% of patients come from other cities to receive treatment in this hospital.

The Pequeno Príncipe Hospital is a high complexity general pediatric hospital that is specialized in attending and adolescents under 18 years old. It has 260 beds and all the surgical and clinic specialties, including heart, kidney, and liver transplant. It has a structure for outpatient clinics, surgeries, and emergencies. Universal access to conservative and surgical treatment without any distinction between economic status, with the best technological and evidence-based medicine available.

Helping Families In Need
Pequeno Príncipe Hospital treats patients from all countries and neighboring counties. It offers treatment through SUS, which is the public health system from Brazil, insurances, and out of the pocket. But 70% of the public comes from SUS, without any cost for the families. The hospital relies heavily on donations, as 16% of its annual funding comes from donations.

100 Years Worth Celebrating
As you can see, Pequeno Príncipe Hospital has 100 years worth celebrating this October 2nd. The Hospital celebrated its 100 years of growth and success by hosting a golf tournament with the participation of 280 golfers. Many companies and brands joined forces to help sponsor the tournament and raise funds for the fight to aid the community and change the lives of children.

Be A Part Of The Difference
If you would like to be a part of this project and be the reason why others have more in life, please send an email to info@kerotin.com.

You can donate here, and if you'd like to attend Pequeno Príncipe's upcoming event, the hospital will host a gala in NYC to raise funds.

We look forward to collaborating and partnering with all who wish to be a reason why others smile a little brighter each day!

We are here for you, to guide you, to love you, and to embrace you.