Scalp & Hair Health: What To Look For In A Brush!

Hello Ladies,

When it comes to taking care of your hair and yourself It’s all about the xoxo's (love and care)!

Yes, your hair deserves as much love as you do! How you treat your hair can make it or break it. Make sure you love yourself and your hair. Hair is as delicate as a flower. With that said, make sure to know how to handle with care!

Love Your New Hair Growth!
It is so hard to see the new growth that you’ve worked so hard to achieve, but this could be a result of breakage. It is essential to use a brush that has various bristle length to allow new growth and those stubborn ‘fly-aways’ to be reached.

Get a Massage!
Who doesn’t like massages?! Giving yourself a scalp massage isn’t just enjoyable; it is good for your overall health. Brushing your hair from root to end will stimulate hair growth by inducing circulation to the hair follicles. Brushing from root to end also allows the natural oils from your scalp to be dispersed throughout your hair resulting in shinier hair.

No Additional Stress!
Stress is never a good thing, and whether you think it or not your hair is under stress all day. Your environment is continuously affecting your hair. Think about it: UV rays, heat damage from styling tools, and everyday pollution. Avoid additional stress on your hair and make sure to use a brush with beadless and flexible bristles. Beadless and flexible bristles do not pull on hair while detangling and also minimize breakage; this is especially good for new growth. Overall, promote your hair to become thicker and longer.

Enjoy A Shower!
A shower is the best part of the day, whether at night or in the day, a shower melts the stress away. Not cleaning your hairbrush allows the compiling of dead skin, product, hair oils, lint, and hair to stay within your hairbrush. This accumulation can lead to scalp irritation and bacteria. So be sure to use an easy to clean brush.

Stay Spontaneous!
Live your best life, and don’t let anything hold you back, not even your hairbrush. Keeping a compact hairbrush with you will make you ready for all of life's adventures: jumping into the ocean, riding a convertible with your hair loose or even trying the new glitter root trend! It is handy to carry a wet or dry brush, especially one with an ergonomic handle for all of life's adventures!

Remember, every hair journey starts and ends with you!