High Gloss Mist For Summer



Hasn’t the heat this summer has been a bit unbearable? Not only is it unbearable but it is torturous for your hair. It takes so much longer to get ready and combat what the environment does to your hair.

Luckily, Kerotin’s High Gloss Mist protects against temperature and humidity. This High Gloss Mist protects both your hair and scalp from heat and sun damage. Made to combat high levels of humidity and frizz, to save you time and frustration!

This fine mist smoothes and straightens leaving a high gloss shine. Who doesn’t like to look glossy?! Not to mention, it is extremely lightweight and non-greasy to avoid weighing down your hair.

High Gloss Mist is made up of natural ingredients (Algae extract and Sea Lettuce) and promotes healthy hair growth as it protects your gorgeous locks from the environment and future damage.

Makes Combating Summer Hair Damage Looks Easy:

Adds Moisture- prevents breakage, split ends, and flyaways
Diminishes Frizz-  designed to combat high humidity environments and prolong styling
Increases Body- providing volume and suppleness
Protects From Heat- protects both your scalp and your hair from UV damage and heat damage. Blow drying and sunbathing is now safe!
Shines Bright- provides a glossy finish making your hair look healthy and picture ready
All In One: throw away all your additional products because this beauty does it all. Now you can travel with one product that does it all.

Simple To Use:
Step One: After shampooing, towel-dry hair.
Step Two:  Shake well before use. Hold the can 8 to 12 inches from hair, spray from root to end focusing on troubled areas. Blow-dry using a round brush for best results. When hair is completely dry, respray small sections lightly from root to end, proceed to flat iron or curl.
Optional: Once finished spray lightly all over hair. The results will be shiny and silky.

Look flawless and natural this summer and make people wonder how you do it!