Be Featured On YouTube!

Hello ladies,

Have you heard, we are getting back on YouTube and we want to feature you all! We are so excited to see what you ladies submit and create. Oh, and as an incentive, you will receive a $10 OFF COUPON* and the top 5 videos will receive a $30 OFF COUPON. Let the submissions begin and may the best videos win!

If you would love to be featured on our YouTube channel (and get a $10 off coupon!) make sure to do the following:

Step One: Use a smartphone or a tablet that can record video. If you have both make sure to utilize whichever device can provide the best quality for your video. Remember, we want the world to see your results up close.

Step Two: Record your video in an area that has good lighting. Good lighting will make sure your pretty face can be seen well and will allow our audience to drool over how gorgeous your hair looks! Now if you can, use a tripod to record your video to guarantee the video keeps a clear shot. No tripod? No worries- ask a friend! A friend might be better because they can always make sure your best angles are being featured throughout the recording! Who’s complaining there? Haha.

Step Three: Once you have recorded, make sure you have a fresh set of eyes take a look at the recording to catch any edits that can be corrected. Two heads are better than one, and we are sure this will be fun for you and your friends, almost like team bonding!

Here’s Your Video Checklist:

Good Quality: Is the video shaken? Can we hear you clearly? What you are saying? Does your voice come in and out? Does it seem pixelated?

Horizontal Recording: Make sure to film horizontally to allow our team to edit your video easily. Any vertical submissions will be denied, and you’ll miss out on $10 OFF and a possible $30 OFF. 

30 Second Minimum: Please make sure your submission is a minimum of 30 seconds. We won't be mad if you go over! Who doesn’t love to hear a compliment, and how happy you are?!

Good Lighting: We cannot emphasize this enough; No one likes a cloudy, gray day- make sure to have a “sunny” recording and spread that joy and shine!

Don’t Be Shy: State your name, where you are from, what hair type you have, your hair struggles, and the name of the product you will be reviewing.

Make It Clear: Show your flawless face and make sure the product(s) can be seen clearly within the recording.

Don’t Know What To Talk About?

Your Hair Struggles: How you use the product? Many women need support, and it’s nice not to feel alone #ShareTheStruggle.

The Results Obtained: Just started? No problem, give a week by week explanation of what you’ve noticed. We all want to know!

How Long You’ve Used The Product: Are you a loyal family member? Are you new to the family?

Your Hair Routine: How do you use the product throughout the day? How long does it take you to do your hair? How does your hair routine make you relax?

What’s In It: Talk about the natural ingredients and how it benefits you specifically! What do you like about it? What specifically is in the product that you like?

We cannot wait to see everything that you will say and suggest. Submit your videos to and subscribe to our YouTube Channel and see yourself being featured!





*All videos that follow the guidelines above will be selected and a coupon code of $10 off will be emailed to the video submitter.