Perfect Hair-care Routine For Summer

The Importance Of A Climate-Friendly Hair Routine

Healthy, shining, and good looking hair adds up to the personality, to your attire, and most importantly, the first impression that we usually care about. You must’ve noticed that your mood instantly lightens up the moment you realize that it is a good hair day; everything around you seems welcoming. In a nutshell, the better the hair, the happier the vibes.

It is not necessary that the conditioner or shampoo that you were using in winters, it will give you the same enriching results in summer. The climate change counts to a lot; the moisture levels are different. Moreover, the stimulation of natural oils varies, chlorine exposure is less; the salty water or salty air won’t bother your hair in winters but drastically in summers.

Hence, it is necessary to have a hair care routine planned and practiced according to the climate we reside in, also testing the products on a strand of hair would be better in the long run.

Hair-Care Tips For Summer 

Are you wondering how you will protect your hair from the summer spell?

De-stress yourself, as it can cause hair-loss and leave it all on us as we’ve got it all covered for you.

The following are some sensational, experimented and five stared hair-care tips for summer.

1.    Escape The Heat

The scorching summer heat can damage your tresses, and an easy way out of that is by covering your head with an enormous hat, scarf, or even take an umbrella with you. This way, you can protect your hair from the lethal ultraviolet waves, damaging your shiny and volumized hair.

2.    Combat Frizzy Hair

Isn’t it annoying when you’ve spent almost an hour on straightening your hair, but the moment you step outside it turns frizzy and sweltering?

If you think you can’t do much about the frizzy hair, then you’re wrong. We’ve got the perfect trick to combat frizzy hair. The product that will save your day and smoothen your hair is the Kerotin’s Enriching Argan Oil; it will repair your dry, damaged hair covered with split ends instantly, and align your crinkled hair in a blink.

What are you waiting for?

Quit spending your hard earned money on overly expensive shampoos and natural oils, instead get this Argan oil at affordable prices with assured quality results.

Also, Kerotin offers frequent discounts, which makes it easier for the customer to stock up their hair care collection every passing season.

3.    Sunscreen For Hair To The Rescue

We know it sounds awkward, as many of us think sunscreen is just for the skin and never thought that there must be something that must protect your hair from the harmful rays too.

Sunscreens for hair exist. Kerotin understands your struggle, in that regard, they have introduced an impeccable shapeshifter hairspray that has Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, an ingredient that protects your shiny, healthy hair from the damaging UV rays, and maintains it’s elasticity, no matter how long you enjoy the sunbath, the entire day at the beach, or outdoors in summers.

It is not just fantastic sun protection but also repairs your dry, dead hair by absorbing into the cortex through the cuticle and creating moisture that brings shine smoothness to the hair.

Also, an alternate option for this is while you’re applying sunscreen on your body, leave some on your palm and lightly brush your hair with it. The technique is not guaranteed that it will protect from the UV rays but worth a try.

4.    Go For Messy Loose Buns

In summers, hair tends to turn sweaty due to the increased perspiration, but if you loosely tie your hair into a bun or even a rough braid that would minimize the full hair exposure and prevent extra stimulation of natural oils.

Also remember to keep the tied up hair loose, as tightly tied up hair will put up a lot of pressure, which can result in strands pulling off and immediate breakage.

5.    Everyday Wash Kills The Smooth Texture

We understand the heat must be killing you and believe us it’s a complete myth that washing your hair every day in summers will keep them healthy and shiny.

In reality, it’s the opposite.

The logic behind is that washing your hair every day, eradicates the essential oils on the scalp, turning your hair dry and weak. It is advisable that no matter how warm it is, take daily body baths but don’t wash your hair every day. Washing your hair thrice a week with a rinse of conditioner can be highly beneficial. It will smoothen your hair, also remove any split ends.

Also, if the heat can damage your hair, so can the warm water. Try to wash your hair with cold water, not icy cold but the kind of cold that doesn’t feel warm.

If you’re confused about what would be the perfect shampoo and conditioner that will help in maintaining the shine and volume of your hair, the following is a suggestion.

Kerotin Shampoo and Conditioner

6.    Protein Containing Conditioner

The way protein is essential for muscle building; it is equally essential for hair strengthening.

Especially in this era, where hair fall is a significant worry, and in summers the issue elevates. But not to worry anymore, as the solution is to use conditioners that have protein as ingredients such as one that is offered by kerotin, known as Keratin renewal conditioner.

It has soy and wheat proteins that repair and strengthen the hair, also unlimited vitamins which are crucial for hair growth and reducing hair fall.

Remember to use conditioner only twice a week, as frequent use can revert it’s affecting and might against the well-being f your hair. 

7.    Step Sideways From Chlorine

Summer season calls for a pool day. Unfortunately, the amount of chlorine can react with your scalp leaving your hair brittle, dry, and easily breakable.

The trick to pre-wet your hair with tap water and apply mild keratin renewal conditioner, this way the chlorine won’t react with the scalp as the conditioner contains an ingredient which resists the chlorine invasion. 

An alternative for this method would be wearing a swimming cap, so if the chlorine is not in contact with your hair, then there is no risk involved. But note that swimming caps usually wear off accidentally, which can allow the chlorine to reach your scalp the moment your hair takes an accidental dip.

8.    Apply Few Hair Products

They say the more, the merrier, sadly, in this case, it has to be the less, the merrier.

Anything overdone can be damaging; the same is the case with hair care products.  We know you have a whole collection of hair products, and you can’t wait to try them all. But it’s important to use one or two at a time, you never know which product reacts with the other product, the positive approach might turn into a negative result.

So using limited products can help, and getting a collection that the company has piled up for your hair care routine is even better. Just like the way kerotin is offering a full flash hair-care package with four products in total and that too with discounts.

Click on the link below and avail the summer package as soon as you can.

Summer Combo for Hair-care products

9.    Refining Shampoo

Refining shampoos are the most important product when it comes to repairing and softening your hair.

We all hate it when our hair is all frizzy and uncontrollable at times, but worry not, Refining shampoo offered by kerotin are the best in town, and you can make the best bang out of your buck. The shampoo is known as Keratin Renewal Shampoo.

It is not like other shampoos, where you have to wait for complete four washes to view the fine results, but you’ll see the ravishing result after the first wash only.

Also, this shampoo will treat all the split ends, smoothening your hair. Also, it straightens all the strands that always turn frizzy and brittle. 

Moreover, if you have colored hair, then this shampoo will act like your hair color saver also maintain the silkiness and shade impeccably.

10.  Combs Are Better Than Brushes

If you have naturally curly hair and you often wonder why you don’t get those fine and separated curls that most girls have, then re-consider your brushing tool.

According to an experiment, girls who comb their hair with a broad brush tend to end up with frizzy and loosely consolidated hair. It’s better to use a broad-tooth comb. Instead, it won’t break your hair, also separate your curls and make them look noodle-like, which looks beautiful and elegant.

11. Healthy Diet

The most important part of the hair care routine is to strengthen the hair follicle, which can only be done through a healthy diet, as the rest shining and smoothening can be achieved through external hair products.

The most crucial intake for healthy follicle is a diet or meal which is rich in minerals or vitamins. Plus, a healthy consumption will ensure hair growth and less hair-fall as well.

Following is a list of necessary foods required for healthy tresses care routine.

  • Almonds
  • Oysters
  • Sweet potato
  • Avocado
  • Salmon
  • Egg
  • Spinach
  • Nuts
  • Flex, sunflower and chia seeds
  • Sweet peppers
  • Beans
  • Shrimps
  • Meat

12. Choose Water Over Any Fluid

We know whenever someone brought up the topic for good skin, everyone has a one answer high intake of water. This is true, but the fact that many aren’t aware of is that water can also help in the betterment of your hair in summer.

As the Body water levels are usually low in summers, so the body struggles to provide energy for growth of hair and other body functions. But if you will stay hydrated enough that the body can provide sufficient power to the follicles to grow, it would all work in your favor.

So next time choose water over any fizzy drink in summers.


Hair-care is crucial, especially in summers when the texture of the hair is highly against us, and we need to fight the smoothness and the silkiness back with every hour of the day, such struggle requires extreme preparation.

So before the striking heat takes all the good qualities of your hair, you get all the necessary tools to eradicate the summer’s evil intentions.

Happy Hair-care to you, may your every day is a good hair day.