Spilling My Haircare Secrets With Kerotin

Do Kerotin Haircare products really work? Do Kerotin vitamins really help hair growth? Wtf is a silk pillowcase? What products should I use for easy, fuss-free hair styling? How can I repair damaged hair? These questions, along with many others, are often asked/googled about the Kerotin brand or haircare in general. I have exciting news - today, I’m going to answer every single one of them for you!

If you haven't heard the exciting news yet, here it is: I'm officially a KEROTIN HAIRCARE ambassador for the next few months! Let's have some real talk for a second. I only work with brands and companies that I wholeheartedly love and trust, and Kerotin is one of those. Even though I am being paid to create content for them and my links are affiliate, I would never promote products I didn't use and love myself. I have seen real results from Kerotin products, and I've used them long before this ambassadorship started. These products make up my hair care routine! I use every single one of these almost every day, and I have already seen dramatic improvements in the texture, strength, and look of my hair.

Q: What's all the fuss about silk pillowcases?

A: By now you’ve probably heard all about the silk pillowcase trend. Kerotin now carries them as one of their newest products - mine has quickly has become an essential!
I personally have noticed changes in my hair and skin after only a few days of use. Not only do they feel amazing to sleep on, but silk pillowcases actually have anti-aging benefits. If you do a little research on silk pillowcases, many dermatologists recommend them and agree that they have many benefits. A small, random thing I love about the KEROTIN SILK PILLOWCASE: it has a discrete zipper. It is beyond annoying when you’re sleeping peacefully and you wake up with your pillowcase halfway off your pillow! I want my pillowcases to stay put, and the zipper helps this one do just that. 
When you google silk pillowcases, the internet will tell you the pillowcase should be at least 400 thread count. The Kerotin one is 600 thread count! Higher thread count = softer pillow. 
It's made from 100% natural mulberry silk (which happens to be the highest quality silk out there) on both sides; It's soft, breathable, and feels amazing to sleep on! Momme is a unit used to describe the weight of silk thread. Kerotin pillowcases have a momme weight of 22, which means they're the best of the best!
I wash mine by hand every week to get the icky bacteria off. I put cold water and a tiny bit of laundry soap in a bucket and let it soak for 30 minutes. Then, I rinse it off with cold water and lay it over a stack of towels. It dries way faster than you’d expect! Mine was completely dry in 24 hours. Then it’s all clean and ready to use! It’s really important to stay on top of WASHING IT. Silk pillowcases are great, but they are far less beneficial when you don’t take care of them.
The Kerotin silk pillowcase is only $49 for one, $85 for 2, or $160 for 4. That is unbelievably cheap for the quality - other silk pillowcases on the market are lower momme, lower thread count, and cost $85+ each. 
Does being this excited about a pillowcase mean I'm a real adult now?!

Q: How often do you wash your hair, and what products do you use? 

A: If you didn't already know, you're not supposed to wash your hair every single day. It's actually not good for it! Doing so strips your hair of natural oils, makes your scalp dry, leads to product buildup and can make it look dull; It's also easier to style dirty hair. I WASH MY HAIR EVERY 2-3 DAYS. It doesn't usually look greasy in between washes, but if it does, I spray it with a little dry shampoo.  
As far as in-shower products, I keep it pretty simple. I have pretty much used the same drugstore brand shampoo and conditioner from my teenage years up until a few years ago. I was a little hesitant to switch shampoos because I figured, why fix what's not broken? These days, I use KEROTIN  KERATIN RENEWAL SHAMPOO and the KERATIN RENEWAL CONDITIONER. Like you probably guessed, I'm absolutely hooked now! These products smell amazing, and that great smell hangs around long after I wash my hair.  

Q: Any tips for styling hair? 

A: Let me preface this by saying I hardly ever style my hair, because #lazy. But, I do have a few go-to products that I use every time I style my hair. Let's start off with the KEROTIN SLEEK SILK SERUM. This stuff a) smells amazing (are you noticing a theme here?), b) makes your hair feel good, and c) gives your hair a beautiful shiny finish. I love using it after I straighten my hair, or on days I leave my hair looking natural. 
Pro tip: you can actually use this as a hair mask! My sister used the KEROTIN HEAT CAP with the Sleek Silk Serum. She lathered a bunch of product into her hair and covered it with the heat cap. 
As far as using HEAT on my hair, I rarely do. I let my hair air dry 95% of the time, and I honestly only use a straightener or curling iron once or twice a month. Obviously, you don't have to be as extreme as me, but try giving your hair a heat break one or two days every week!


Another one of my favorite products is the KEROTIN ENRICHING ARGAN OIL. This blend of nine nutrient-rich oils is perfect for people with dry hair and split ends. It adds shine and deep conditions. It's safe for your skin too, and it won't make you break out if it rubs off onto your face. I use about half of a dime-sized amount each time - a little goes a long way
If I'm going for shine, only I only apply it to the ends of my hair. If I'm going for a DEEP CONDITION, I put it all over my head and leave it for about a half-hour before jumping in the shower. Kerotin sells haircare products, but did you know that this product is actually super versatile? You can use it for: dry lips, facial moisturizer, treating stretch marks, and moisturizing cuticles

Q: Do Kerotin vitamins really help hair growth? 

A: The short answer, yes. The longer answer: still yes. I was first introduced to Kerotin haircare products with the KEROTIN HAIR GROWTH FORMULA VITAMINS. I take two of these in the morning, and it doesn't take long before I notice results. They are easy to swallow, have no weird aftertaste, and promote hair growth. The vitamins also help with thinning hair and hair loss. My sister has used them for years, and she (and everyone else) has noticed that her hair is far less stringy and is thicker at the ends. Nothing ever made her hair grow until she started using these
Biotin promotes hair growth, but too much of it is counterproductive. These vitamins have the perfect amount of Biotin. Many hair growth vitamins and gummies have extreme levels of Biotin, which can have negative effects, like breakouts. My sister has personally tried other brands of vitamins, and the high levels of Biotin instantly caused her skin to freak out. 
The Kerotin Hair Growth Vitamins helped my hair and my sister's hair. These vitamins are perfect for you if you want thicker hair, longer hair; especially if your hair is brittle and slow-growing hair. These are a miracle hair-growth product!

Q: How can I grow my hair? 

A: Well first, use the Kerotin Vitamins I talked about in the previous questions. It's important to take care of your body as a whole. You know the drill: eat healthy, drink lots of water, and get lots of sleep. You should also take care of your hair "from the outside". 
If you know me personally, you know I have my hair up almost every single day. I know this probably isn't the best thing ever for my hair, but one way I minimize breakage is by using SCRUNCHIES. They're a girl's best friend! Kerotin just came out with the cutest scrunchies and headbands, and I can't stop wearing them! My advice for growing out your hair is to make sure you aren't putting it up too much, and if you are, use scrunchies so your hair doesn't break. Breakage drastically stunts hair growth. The last important tip I have for you is to GET REGULAR TRIMS. Yes, it sounds counterintuitive, but trims help keep your hair strong and free of split ends. 

Q: How can I repair damaged hair? 

A: Damaged hair is the worst. It's hard to bounce back from, but it can be done! I am obsessed with the KEROTIN RENEWAL HAIR MASK. This mask helps rebuild hair structure and elasticity. It's also super moisturizing, and leaves my hair looking super shiny! To use: apply liberally all over your hair and comb through, leave on for 5 minutes, and rinse. It's not recommended to use this more than twice a week because it is so rich in protein. 
I use this once or twice a week to revive my hair. It makes my hair feel so good! It's easy to apply and easy to wash out. I've done a lot of DIY hair masks, and let's just say...banana masks do not wash out of hair. This one rinses right out, and it also doesn't drip all over you while you let it sit. This product is one that has made a huge difference for me. I have fewer tangles in my hair, and it feels light and healthy every day.

Q: What products should I use for easy, fuss-free hair styling?

A: Fuss-free is a priority for me, and Kerotin has a few products that make it easy to have nice hair with no effort. The KEROTIN BIG SURF SPRAY might be my favorite product. Beach waves are my go-to hairstyle!
My hair has natural waves in it, which I love, but they virtually disappeared when I cut my hair short. I’m all for easy hairstyles that require little to no effort (hence why I wear a bun every day), and this texturizing spray seriously makes me look like I just got a blowout. It defines my natural waves that I thought were gone forever and gives me the perfect amount of texture
No more wearing my hair up every single day! Plus, the amazing smell makes you feel like you are on a beach somewhere. I recently brought it on vacation with me to Aruba - I wanted to see how it would enhance actual beach hair! Let’s just say it did not let me down...I didn’t have to use heat to style my hair a single day on the trip. Even in the extreme humidity and 100+ degree weather, this spray made my hair look amazing. If you are looking to try out Kerotin for the first time, I highly recommend this product as the beginning of your collection! 

I like to use it on damp hair. I wait until my hair is close to being fully dry. I spray three or four sprays as evenly as possible at the ends and middle of my hair. I avoid the top of my head because I am super paranoid about having greasy looking hair (not saying that would happen with this product, but I just avoid it anyways). I give it a few scrunches with my hands, and then I have a few different techniques. Sometimes I leave it down (an obvious one), sometimes I do some loose braids, or sometimes I twist my hair into a few small buns. After my hair is 100% dry, I take out my hairstyle and have the most beautiful beach waves ever! 
Another life hack I have is using this before you go to bed. The same thing applies - wait until your hair is damp, don’t apply it when it’s dripping wet. I spritz on a bunch of this and then go to bed on my Kerotin silk pillowcase, and I wake up with perfectly wavy hair. I think the silk pillowcase has a lot to do with how great this hairstyle turns out!
Another favorite: the KEROTIN SHAPESHIFTER HAIRSPRAY. I have always had a rocky relationship with hairspray. My hair is super flat and fine, and no hairsprays I tried would hold my curls or volume for more than 5 minutes. That is until I started using the Kerotin Shape Shifter Hairspray! Trust me, if it can hold style in my thin, volumeless hair, it will do wonders for you!

Q: Do Kerotin Haircare products really work? 

A: Yup, they really do; I wouldn't use or promote them if they didn't! I pride myself in being a simple girl when it comes to hair and makeup, and Kerotin products keep my hair looking amazing without all the effort. Kerotin is built on the foundation that women should have products available that accentuate their natural beauty. 
My sister has drastically different hair than me. She is a blonde with thin, full, texturized, slow-growing hair; I'm a brunette with fast-growing, medium-thick, wavy-but-flat hair. Both of us have used Kerotin products for over a year, and we have both been really happy with the changes we've seen in our hair. This just goes to show that Kerotin products are not one-size-fits-all. They work for any person with any hair type! 

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If you still have some burning questions about my hair routine or Kerotin products, comment down below and I’ll do my best to answer them!