Define Your Own Beauty

We live in a world where touching up your roots seems to define beauty when in actuality you define your own beauty. Who is to say that natural beauty is not good enough? As a brand, we believe that staying true to who you are is important and you are the only one who can define that beauty! This is why we believe that staying true to you is the highest form of beauty!

Say hello to Clarke Finney, a newscaster and our influencer, who we are so immensely proud of for showing off her natural beauty and starting a trend. Clarke has just recently embraced her natural hair and has received much positive feedback and has also inspired other African American women in entertainment and TV to wear their hair natural in whichever texture, curl and style that may be. #EmbraceNaturalHair

Keep a lookout for Clarke’s stunning, natural curls towards the end of the week, when she gives her hair a break from intense styling. 

Clarke’s Message To All Women:
“There is only one you in existence on this planet and you will never truly be happy unless you get to know yourself and love yourself and find what makes your unique qualities stand out from everyone else.”

Clarke’s Favorite Products:
Shapeshifter Hairspray: “This is my favorite product so far because it holds my hair shape without making it stiff. The added shine is a bonus.”

Hair Growth Vitamins:I haven’t just noticed a change in my hair. I’ve noticed nail growth and skin clarity as well. The vitamins keep my overall health in check, not just my hair length.” 

Argan Oil: “A little goes a long way. I love how soft and weightless my hair feels when letting the argon oil soak into my hair before washing and drying it. My hair doesn’t feel greasy either!”


Remember, every hair journey starts with you and ends with you!