Let's Talk Styling Tools & Heat

If styling your hair as your favorite vlogger takes longer than the video you watched you’re going to want to take extra good care of your efforts. Here’s how to protect and style your hair!

What do hot tools do to my hair?
Not every new hair trend requires the use of hot tools but if it does here’s what to keep in mind:

Dry hair or skip the styling!
Don’t use hot tools on wet, damp, or slightly damp hair it will lead to breakage and damage.

Your heating tool shouldn't be hotter than you!
You’re heating tools can get pretty hot and dangerous. Heat is a great thing because it breaks the Keratin hydrogen bonds and reforms them to the shape you create with your hot tool. But heat is dangerous you should never go higher than 400 degrees and the finer your hair, the lower the temperature should be. Heat cracks the cuticle of the hair, leaving hair looking dull and lifeless and who wants that? 

Pick the right thermal protectant
Few things to ask when looking for a thermal protectant:

~ Does it lock in moisture?

~ Is it alcohol-free?
~ Does it help build strength in your hair?
~ Does it protect the hair against UV rays?
~ Does it build up on the hair or hot tools over time (no one wants this)?
~ Does it enhance shine?

Ceramic tools are a healthy hair choice!
Ceramic tools allow heat is spread out evenly throughout the tool. Ceramic also emits negative ions that help seal the hair cuticle and repel moisture and humidity. Ceramic tools also emit negative ions that help seal the hair cuticle and repel moisture and humidity. This creates that shinier and sleek look you’re going for.

Tip: Ceramic is good but Keep an eye out for Tourmaline.
Tourmaline ions/straighteners are even better because they emit 6x more negative ions.