Holiday Gift Guide


If you have many queens in your life that you want to spoil this holiday season then this is just the guide for you. We have something for every queen and budget!

Keep this tip in mind when doing your holiday shopping!
TIP: You can gift it all as one gift or split it up for stocking stuffers or a little add on to another gift. You may want to #Bundle&Save.

What is a nice gift of around $50?
Affordable gifts that promote self-love and relaxation. Kerotin Argan Oil can be used for deep conditioning and styling your hair, but also for skin, face and nails! The Deep Conditioning System is an innovative way to get salon results at home, with your microwaveable heat cap.

What is a nice gift of around $100?
Every queen deserves to wear a beautiful crown. Our original Queen Combos are just the thing. Get Wear the Crown for whoever is looking to grow hair; Queen of Resilience for a friend who is looking to strengthen and nourish hair - and Fit For A Queen for a relative who loves to experiment with new hairstyles!

How do I get more for my buck?
This is simple! Choose a combo that brings a variety of products and split them up!

What is the perfect gift for a fashionista?
We have something for every fashionable queen: from the blow out lover to the busy girl on the go!

What is the perfect gift for my grandma or mother-in-law?
You can never go wrong with gifting the essentials for hair care! Something every queen no matter age can use and love!

What is a good stocking stuffer?
Here’s a good tip: 6 month supply goes a long way if you split it up. Oh and any combo that offers variety. Fill up all your stockings!

How can I gift and save?
Bundle, bundle, bundle! Purchase a bundle and divide and conquer!
A six-month bundle with 12 products can provide six bundled gifts or even 12 individual gifts!

If you need any help feel free to send a direct message through social media or use facebook messenger and we will be quick to respond with the ideal gift for your holiday shopping!

Remember, we are here to love you, support you and guide you!