Protecting Your Hair from the Sun: The Ultimate Guide


You may have luscious, bouncy, and healthy hair all year round, but as summer comes, your hair turns lackluster and lifeless. You find no signs of that bounce. This happens due to the high humidity in the atmosphere. This humid content settles on your hair, resulting in limp hair. Dust and sweat contributed by summers plus the scorching sun increase your hair problems, like split ends, dandruff, and hair thinning.

In other words, the summer sun never shows any mercy and dries out everything, including your hair. Moreover, it can be harsh on your scalp too, which bring a set of problems all ending up in damaging your follicles and cuticles. It’s the time when you notice your hair feel dry and the moisture is ripped off.

Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to avoid sun exposure as much as you can and take preventative measures to protect your hair while you’re outdoors. Considering a large number of hair problems, here’s an ultimate guide for you to protect your hair from the sun:

Avoid Excess Use of Cosmetics

While summer and the sun already dry your tresses and cause damage to your fragile hair, go easy on any chemical hair treatments during this period. This means avoid using hair cosmetic treatments, such as coloring. If you want to give your hair a new color for the summer, dye them a month before.

Moreover, if you want to style your hair for a friend’s party or family dinner, try not to apply too much hair spray and avoid using tight ties. Once you get home, detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb and apply Kerotin’s serum to protect your tresses from damage.


Summers are here! You will be hitting the pool every second day, right? Well, if you’re going swimming, keep in mind not to shampoo your hair before going to the pool. This is because it will rob all the protective oils and make your hair extra vulnerable to the chemicals in the pool water.

However, whenever you get out of the swimming pool, take a quick shower right away. It will remove all the chemicals and salt stuck into your strands from swimming water. Also, use a shampoo made with natural-ingredients and contain tetra-acetic acid. It will rejuvenate your hair, leaving them stronger and smoother.

Avoid Using Heating Tools

The sun and hot winds are already putting too much heat on your tresses. Therefore, you must avoid additional heat as much as possible. Well, we understand that styling your stubborn strands is not an easy task at all! And because of that, some of you may have to use heating tools to style them. In that case, apply heat-protecting hair product before exposing your delicate tresses to a blow dryer or straightener.

Besides that, go slow on your blow-dryer. Moreover, wash your hair an hour before so that it will be somewhat easy to style them after a quick air-dry. Don’t forget to lock your tresses with essential oils by applying Kerotin’s hair serum. It will keep your hair moisturized and protect them from damage. Also, this treatment will help you detangle your tresses without any hassle.

Trim Out the Split Ends

The scorching sun can do great damage to your hair, making them dry, which also leads to split ends. Whether you recently opted for hair keratin treatment or color treatment, having split ends and damaged hair never looks good. Also, they won’t bring the alluring flair to your strands’ appearance. With that said, you need to chop off your hair’s split ends right away. Note that, summer is the ideal time to get a new haircut.

To protect your hair from more split ends in the future, add Kerotin’s renewal shampoo and conditioner into your hair care regimen. As we mentioned before, this not only nourishes your hair but also prevent split ends, leaving your hair smoother and shinier than before.

Care for Color

When it’s time for the season to change, you’re likely to change your hair color too. Of course, adding color to your strands will make your hair look more alluring, giving you the enchanting looks. Once you chose the right yet trendy color to dye your hair, keep in mind that color treated hair is more prone to damage. This indicates that you will need to take extra care of your recently colored hair and protect them from the sun.

Not to mention, your color can fade away, creating excessive dryness to your hair. Although there are a wide variety of hair products in the market, opt for the ones made with natural ingredients, such as Kerotin’s. For instance, you can use Kerotin’s hair mask to keep your hair safe from sun rays.

Essential Protection

Whether you’re commuting to your office or heading to pick up your kids from school, wearing a scarf is one of the best ways to screen your hair from the scorching sun. In case you don’t like wearing a scarf, apply a leave-in conditioner that comes with sunscreen properties. Moreover, if you have to spend considerable time outdoors, you will be spending much of your day under the sun.

This means, more exposure and more damage! To protect your curly manes or straight strands from the sun, choose the hair products that contain SPF. Furthermore, you can opt for the hair mask, such as Kerotin’s to keep your scalp and tresses moisturized for all day long. However, don’t forget to wash your hair once you’re home. Leaving hair products on your hair for more than a couple of hours isn’t good for your hair health, no matter how great the product is.

Combat the Frizz

It’s no secret that the harsh sun rays make your strands extra dry and frizzy. Combined with the summery days, sun rays can sap off all the moisture from your hair, leaving them brittle and dry. Considering this, try to control the frizz and prevent your hair from becoming dry. You can do that by using Kerotin’s enriched Argan oil, renewal shampoo, and conditioner.

Besides that, don’t comb your strands frequently, especially 50 to 100 strokes a day. You probably heard that the idea of 100 strokes is good for your hair health, but it’s not true at all. Brush your hair only when tangled. Also, depending on your hair type and texture, pick the right hair comb for your strands. Not only does it keep your tresses protected from frizz, but it will also make your hair smooth.

Consume Plenty of Fluids

While you would be doing all the things to protect your hair from the sun, if you’re not replenishing your body with enough water, you won’t achieve the appearance and health you desire for. It’s important to keep in mind that your skin and hair will benefit hugely from the amount of the fluids and water you consume. In simple words, water and other fluids help keep your body hydrated and thus your hair gets nourishment.

This means if you want healthy, strong, and long strands, you need to drink enough water, at least eight glasses a day. Other than this, add as many fresh fruits and green veggies to your diet as you can. This will prevent you from running out of essential nutrients that your body, including hair, need to thrive.

Wash Your Hair Regularly

By regularly, we don’t mean daily, but three times in a week. Your scalp is likely to sweat a lot in the summer. Plus, you will be applying hair oil. Hence, your hair would become greasy. In that case, wash them with Kerotin’s hair renewal shampoo thrice a week. Along with removing all the dirt and grease from your scalp and strands, this shampoo will provide all the essential nutrients and vitamins that your hair requires.

In case you’re a diehard fan of dry shampoo, opt for the best brand to ensure optimal hair health. If not that, you can also try sprinkling some baby talc on your strands and combing it out. This is one of the most essential hair care tips for the summer.

Deep Conditioning Treatments

Scorching sun and heat waves, summers are a harsh time, not for your skin but for your delicate hair as well. When exposed to the sun, your tresses tend to get thinner, drier, and weaker! Therefore, you need to treat your hair carefully every day. Along with that, your hair requires extreme care regularly. So, deep conditioning is a must to keep your hair nourished and hydrated.

For that, give your scalp a gentle massage with a few drops of Kerotin’s enriched Argan oil. Don’t forget to apply conditioner after every wash. Although you will find a wide range of hair care products, you must opt for natural hair items. This is especially because your hair is fragile and more susceptible to damage. If you use products that have no natural ingredients but synthetic chemicals, it will wreak havoc on your tresses and make them more brittle and frizzy.

Summer Hair-Dos

Summer is for flaunting hair-dos but that doesn’t mean you should struggle a lot with styling your alluring locks. Be it a messy bun or a tight ponytail, some hairstyles are not good for your hair health, specifically when you have weak and brittle manes. Although it becomes quite difficult to tackle your wild flowing tresses in the summer, you need to strengthen your hair health by taking extra care.

Once rejuvenated, you can coif your straight or curly locks in whatever style you love. For that, add Kerotin’s hair renewal shampoo and conditioner into your daily hair routine. This will certainly make you strands strong and frizz-free within a matter of days. Whether it’s intricate braids or high ponytails, you will be able to create every elegant style with your hair.

Pick the Right Hair Products

Are you taking extra care of your hair but not getting the desired results? You probably need to shift to the right hair products! From shampoos to conditioners to color dyes, most hair products contain harmful chemicals that can stealthily damage your hair follicles but seeping through your scalp. Not only this, these products are the actual reason for your brittle and frizzy strands.

Search for the products that have hydrating, replenishing, and moisturizing properties, such as Kerotin’s.  Make sure none of the products you choose contain sulfate. Sulfate causes great harm to your tresses. Also, avoid styling product has formaldehyde and other hair products that have tags ‘bouncing’ or ‘volumizing’. These items can dry your hair.

Night Care

It’s no wonder that your strands are delicate and more prone to damage. Therefore, they require utmost care even when you’re sleeping. It might surprise you that your all-time favorite cotton pillowcase can quietly pull out your fragile tresses during sleep. This happens because of the friction between your hair and pillowcase. To prevent this, switch your cotton pillowcase with a silk or satin one.

If you have rough and frizzy manes, applying a few drops of Argan oil before sleeping would really help! Kerotin’s enriched Argan oil not only rejuvenates your strands but also tame frizz and moisturize your scalp.

The Bottom Line

With all the preparations you would be doing for the summer, don’t forget to add a perfect hair care regimen into your ‘list-to-do’. With that said, what can be better than infusing Kerotin’s products into your daily hair care routine? Along with strengthening your strands from roots to tips, Kerotin’s wide range of products protect your fragile tresses from the harsh rays of the sun. Don’t forget that beautiful hair will bring more alluring flair to your appearance!