A Comprehensive Guide to Scalp Nourishment and Better Hair Health

It’s hard to take your eyes off from long, lustrous hair. No doubt, they look simply amazing and mesmerizing. No matter the color, texture, type, or style, almost everyone desires healthy, long, and strong hair. However, your hectic schedule rarely allows you to take extra care of your hair. With that said, no one loves to have thin, rough, and dry hair, which comes with it’s own issues.

But it’s time to say goodbye to all those bad hair days when you have to struggle a lot to manage your stubborn tresses. We have spoken to some top hair experts to create a comprehensive guide that will help you with scalp nourishment and hair health.

There is no denying that beautiful hair enhances your appearance. Moreover, when you’re tresses are long and strong, everyone around you compliments for your enchanting hair. Unfortunately, there are a plethora of reasons that contribute to damaged, dry, and lackluster hair. Here are some of them:

1.     Not Moisturizing your Scalp

If you wash your hairs with hard water that carries chlorine and other heavy metals, keep in mind that it leads to cuticle damage and sap off all the moisture from your scalp. Furthermore, it results in weaker strands and inevitable breakage.

Moreover, if you don’t hydrate your hair enough, your tresses become more prone to breakage. Most hair stylists suggest that your hair care regimen should start with the right shampoo and conditioner that provide enough moisture. But besides that, you need to ensure that your scalp and tresses are hydrated enough.

2.     Excess Use of Heating Tools

Be it your family dinner or a hangout with friends, there is no doubt that your makeover starts with styling your hair. Of course, you want to look great and can’t compromise when it comes to your beauty. However, with a number of hairstyles out there, many require you to use heating tools to style your locks. No matter what texture or type of your hair is, styling them with heating tools such as flat iron or blow-dryer make your tresses weaker.

3.     Blow-Drying Sopping Wet Hair

At times when you want to dry out or style your hair quickly, you probably pick up a blow-dryer and fire away! That’s fine if you’re doing it when your tresses are not dripping wet. But if you’re doing that as you get off the shower, especially when your hair is sopping wet, keep in mind that it not only damages but saps off all the shine and moisture from your hair. In addition, stretching your tresses with a comb or brush during blow-dry is not great for your hair health by any means.

4.     Chemical Exposure

Spring is here; with every flower blooming and new hair fashions evolving, you might have treated your hair with the trending color dye. There is no denying that dyeing your tresses can bring a whole new look. Moreover, this transformation certainly enhances your beauty and brings a captivating flair to your appearance. But if you dye your hair on a regular basis, you probably have noticed a drastic effect it causes to your hair health.

Hair colors include harsh chemicals that not only lead to damage but also make your hair more brittle with time. Not only this, it makes your scalp rough and dry. As a result, your scalp may develop excessive dandruff that causes significant hair loss.

5.     Sleeping on a Cotton Pillowcase

You may not have an idea, but your favorite cotton pillowcase is another reason for hair breakage. This is because cotton pillowcase creates friction between your tresses and the fabric, which further snaps out your strands. As a result, you will lose all that mesmerizing flair that your healthy strong strands once carried. So, instead of using cotton, invest in a silk or satin pillowcase, which causes least snagging while you’re sleeping.

The Best Ways for Scalp Nourishment

When it comes to hair health, one of the major factors that you should consider is a healthy hair care regimen. It’s not always  because of a genetic disorder; your hair appearance also depends on ‘how you’re treating your tresses. In simple words, it’s more about how much you take care of them. We understand that it’s not easy to follow a strict hair care regimen when you have hectic schedules.

However, there are always ways to do things; we are sharing 10 best tips for scalp nourishment. It doesn’t mean you need to incorporate each step into your hair care routine, but we are sharing enough ways so that you can adopt the ones you find most valuable.

1.     Protect your Strands

Don’t forget that your hair is an extension of your scalp. That means, the healthier your scalp is, the stronger your tresses are. If you don’t take preventative steps to maintain or enhance your scalp health, it can lead to excessive oil, dandruff, psoriasis, or hair thinning. Fortunately, a few ways can help you to keep your scalp as well as you strands healthy.

One of these is to add Kerotin’s hair products into your hair care regimen. Made with natural ingredients, all of the hair products by Kerotin ensure significant protection from common hair problems.

2.     Wash your Tresses Regularly

Unless you stay indoors 24/7, your hair is exposed to dust and environmental pollution on a regular basis. Moreover, the hair products, such as hair spray or serum, you use leave a residue that sticks into your scalp. Not to mention, your scalp also needs to breathe; clogged pores on scalp prevent assimilation of nutrients and weaken your follicles, making your hair more prone to breakage.


Therefore, it’s important to wash your hair regularly with good quality shampoo, such as Kerotin’s renewal shampoo. But it doesn’t mean you should wash your hair daily; a number of hair experts recommend washing your tresses three times a week. This is probably because your scalp develops natural oils. Washing your hair daily will sap off the natural moisture and make your scalp rough and dry.

3.     Exfoliate your Scalp

While you probably have heard about exfoliating your face and hands, but the idea of exfoliating your scalp might be new to you. Just like for skin, exfoliating is incredibly crucial to keep your scalp healthy by  clearing away the bacteria and dead skin. Moreover, it will help keep your follicles clean from any excess buildup or debris.

Not to mention, natural oils on your scalp with dust and residue can lead to long-term acne, which is an inflammatory disease of the oil glands and can only be treated with medications. Moreover, when your hair follicle is filled with dirt and oil, it forms a blackhead that causes a blockage. As a result, you will experience irritation and possibly develop pus-filled pimples.

Exfoliating your scalp on a regular basis can help prevent such distressful conditions. All you need to do is to exfoliate your scalp gently with a facial scrub that contains Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide.

4.     Massage your Scalp

Whether you have straight strands or curly locks, giving your scalp a gentle massage is always beneficial. It not only promotes blood circulation around your follicles but also boosts your hair growth, relaxes muscles, and soothes nerves. By doing so, your hair will become stronger and longer. Moreover, it will help nourishes your scalp, which will bring a captivating shine to your tresses.

A number of hair stylists suggest massaging your scalp once a weak. Make sure not to exert pressure, instead, use your fingertips to apply a gentle pressure on your scalp and massage in circular motion. In addition, keep your fingers under your tresses; it will prevent your hair from pulling out.

5.     Incorporate Argan Oil in your Hair Care

While there are a number of hair oils available in the market, each claiming its own benefits, argan oil may be the best option for a healthy scalp. Enriched with essential nutrients and vitamins, Kerotin’s argan oil rejuvenates your hair health and brings luster to your strands.

Moreover, it carries anti-dandruff properties that help to fight off buildup on your scalp. In addition, argan oil ensures optimal hair health while preventing your tresses from breakage, making them stronger. Apply two drops of argan oil before every wash and massage gently. You will be surprised at the benefits.

6.     Use a Good Shampoo

When it comes to choosing the right shampoo and conditioner, you can get confused due to the long list of brands each claiming it’s own unique formula. Make sure to avoid using the shampoos and conditioners that contain sulfate. As a healthier alternative, opt for Kerotin’s renewal shampoo. Made with natural ingredients, it contains the essential nutrients that bring vitality and longevity to your tresses. It not only cleanses your hair properly but also moisturizes your hair from roots to tips.

7.     Deal Carefully With Wet Tresses

As we have mentioned before, wet hairs are more prone to damage and can easily break.  Whether you’re shampooing or drying your strands, try not to be harsh with your delicate tresses but treat them gently. In addition, avoid blow-drying your hair immediately after a shower; make sure to leave your strands for air-dry or pat with a soft fabric to remove excess water. For instance, you can use your cotton shirt or a silk pillowcase to dry your hair.

Besides that, don’t comb your wet hair or else it will snag out your fragile strands, making your hair thin. Make sure to use the right comb to brush your hair; we have discussed it in one of our previous articles.

8.     Condition Your Hair Regularly

Many people shampoo your hair but forget to condition them. Make sure to use a moisturizing conditioner, such as Kerotin’s renewal conditioner to maintain your hair health. Try not to walk out of the shower without conditioning your hair. Not conditioning your hair will make your hair dry and rough. In addition, it will make your tresses frizzy, something you don’t want.

Using conditioner after every wash will ensure to protect your hair from breakage while preserving the moisture and natural oils. Moreover, it will make your tresses look smoother and shinier while adding life to your desired hair style.

9.     Don’t Over Apply Heat On Hair

Whether you have to rush for a friend’s birthday party or for a corporate dinner, using blow-dry or flat iron is one of the quick ways you find to dry or style your strands. But as we said above, overusing heat tools can wreak havoc on your hair health. Furthermore, it will make your strands weaker and lackluster. In addition, using heating tools for any reason on a regular basis can make your hair dry and frizzy. However, you can still use the heating tools to style your strands; make sure apply heat—protectant product before using a blow-dryer or any other styling tool.


10.Avoid Tight Hair Ties

When styling your hair, make sure not to use any tight hair ties. Instead of that, use any soft fabric ties to tie your hair. Not to mention, using tight hair ties create friction and pull out your hair strands. So before going to sleep, make sure to tie your hair in a loose braid; it will keep your hair from turning into a frizzy mess. And if you haven’t already done so, switch your cotton pillow with a satin or silk pillowcase. 

The Bottom Line

Now that you know the best ways to protect your hair, make sure to follow the tips we have shared in this article to keep your hair long, strong, and shiny. And don’t forget to incorporate Kerotin’s hair care products to your regimen.