The Ultimate Guide to Drying Your Hair

Whether you’re getting late for a party or a meeting, you will find that heating tools are the ultimate solution to quickly drying your hair. However, do you know that heating tools, if not used correctly, can wreak havoc on your tresses?

When it comes to opting for the best method for drying your hair, there are two main ways; air-drying or blow-drying. However, the combination of these two techniques surely brings the best results, only if done in the right way.

We have researched and asked some famous hairstylists to give us hair drying tips. The best thing is that all of them are super easy to follow. So, let’s find out how to dry your wet tresses in a manner that causes least or no damage to your strands.

Use an Appropriate Brush

Since your hair is more prone to breakage and damage due to its delicate nature, it’s extremely important to use an appropriate hair comb to detangle your tresses while drying. Depending on the type and texture of your hair, make sure to choose the right brush for your hair. For instance, if you have thicker manes, use a paddle hairbrush that has sturdier bristles.

For fine and thin tresses, you can use a natural boar brush; it includes wild boar bristles that are soft and flexible and thus cause the least harm to your hair. Besides air-drying, make sure to use a vented brush. It has a hole on the surface and will allow hot air to pass through during the blow-drying process, protecting your tresses.

Towel or No Towel

When it comes to drying your tresses, you probably have come across a contradiction regarding the use of a towel. While some stylists suggest using a towel to dry your hair is good, others say that doing that will make your hair frizzy. That’s probably because when you rub a towel, its thick absorbent fibers cause frizz, which make your hair weak.

However, it completely depends on the way you’re drying your strands with a towel. Some stylists recommend going for a cotton pillow-case, t-shirt, or microfiber cloth. Unlike a thick bath towel, all these materials have finer threads and cause less damage to your wet tresses.

Moreover, don’t forget to apply Kerotin’s renewal conditioner after washing your hair. It will strengthen your strands and make them look smooth and shiny, bringing that fabulous look to your mane you desire for. 

Don’t Blow-Dry when your Hair is Sopping Wet

When in a hurry, you probably hop out of the shower and blow-dry your strands. That means you will be blow-drying your wet tresses for a very long time. However, you need to realize that your delicate locks are more prone to damage, especially when exposed to heat for a long time.

 Moreover, wet hair is more brittle; therefore, you need to take extra care and avoid such practice. Be sure that your tresses dry about 80% before using a blow-dryer.

Dry Strands in Section

Besides what we have discussed in the above sections, not parting your hair in sections will take a lot of time to dry your tresses. One of the efficient ways to dry your hair is to go section by section. Keep in mind that when you don’t dry your hair this way, your hair dryer won’t get to all of your tresses.

Parting your strands in sections will ensure that all your hair dry out completely. In addition, drying your hair this way will take less time.

Use Thermal-Protect Product

As we mentioned before, wet strands are more susceptible to breakage and damage, and you need to take special care to protect your hair. Using heating tools like blow-dryer or flat iron can potentially wreak havoc on your fragile tresses, making them breakable and lackluster.

 Therefore, make sure to spritz on a thermal-protect spray before using a blow-dryer or any other heating tool to protect your hair. 

In addition to that, you can use Kerotin’s shape lifter hair spray as an alternative. Made with natural ingredients, it will help protect your cuticles from heat and damage.

Correct Heat Settings

You have certainly noticed the different heat settings on all your heating styling tools, including your hair dryer. But you might have been using it according to your choice, most probably on high heat to dry your strands quickly. Well, it’s crucial for you to know that these heat settings are provided so that you use the device according to your hair type.

For instance, if you have thicker locks, you may have to use a higher heat setting to dry them. But if you have fine hair, remember that a lower heat setting is enough. Moreover, the less heat you put on your stresses, the less they become damaged.

Use Cool Shot

Wondering what is that? Well, you will find this mysterious cool shot button on your blow-dryer. Once you have dried your hair on an appropriate heat setting, make sure to use this button. It will help seal your cuticles and keep your blowout for longer.

 Furthermore, make sure to use Kerotin’s big surf spray to keep your tresses moisturized and conditioned. So, when you blow dry, they will ensure that your strands don’t lose the charm and style.

Don’t get too close to a Blow-Dryer

We all have been there: this happens whenever you want to dry your strands as quickly as possible. And the only way you usually find is to position the blow-dryer close to your locks. Although your tresses would dry quickly, the heat will cause great damage to your hair, making them brittle and fragile in the process.

Therefore, you always need to keep your blow-dryer at a certain distance to avoid damage. Moreover, if you want to stand out with your blowout, don’t forget to apply Kerotin’s high gloss mist. Along with adding moisture and reducing frizz, it will bring more volume and shine to your hair.

Clean your Blow-Dryer on Regular Basis

As we shared in our previous article you need to keep your hairbrushes clean, the same goes for your blow-dryer. This is probably because every time you use the blow-dryer, the dust and particles from your hair (residue of hair products), get stuck in the filter, which reduces the efficiency of your heating tool.

As a result, you will need to put more efforts into using your blow-dryer; maybe you will have to keep it on for a longer time to dry out your tresses. Therefore, make sure to clean your blow dryer regularly. Also, to speed up the blow-drying process, you can use frizz-ease hair serum like Kerotin’s sleek silk serum. It will make your hair shinier, healthier, and help protect your tresses from building up dust particles.

What About Air-Drying?

Whether you’re just feeling lazy or need a break from your styling tools, air-drying is the best option to have an amazing hair look that will captivate everyone around you. While coming across so many ‘hair drying guides’, you probably have read this.

Getting that great hair look only on ‘wash and go’ isn’t as simple as it seems. Air-drying, however, can make your hair look dull and frizzy, especially when you don’t do it the right way. For that, you need to keep certain things in mind.

If you have long tresses, they become heavy when they are wet. Leaving them as is for air-drying can pull on your roots and cause tension. Not to mention, your fragile strands become weaker and can snap.  Therefore, you need to pat dry your hair with a soft fabric, like a cotton t-shirt or a pillowcase.

Other than that, if you take a shower before sleep, make sure your tresses are dry enough and not sopping wet. While washing your hair before going to bed might save you time, it can cause problems for your hair as well.

As your wet tresses are more prone to damage, the turning and tossing coupled with the roughness of a pillowcase can lead to tangling and breakage. Therefore, make sure to dry your hair completely before going to bed.

In addition, make sure to wash your hair with Kerotin’s renewal shampoo and don’t forget to condition them with its renewal conditioner. This will help strengthen your hair from roots to tips. Moreover, if you have frizzy locks and want to tame them, make sure to use Kerotin’s sleek silk serum to ease them.  

Hair-Drying Tips to Protect your Hair

Now that you have come across the right ways to dry your hair, it’s important for you to keep certain things in mind. Whether you’re a working woman or a busy mom, don’t forget that beautiful hair not only enhances your personality, but also gives you a fabulous, celebrity like unique feel that you may wish for.

Therefore, besides the abovementioned steps make sure to follow the tips we have shared below to make your hair look charming, alluring, and beautiful.

Shampoo and Condition

You might be wondering why we are mentioning these products. Well, the major concern while drying your hair is avoiding frizz. Right? However, harsh chemicals in ordinary hair products not only make your locks dull and lackluster, but also wreak havoc when you dry them.

So, the best way to avoid frizzy locks is to wash them with Kerotin’s renewal shampoo. Don’t forget to condition your brittle hair with Kerotin’s renewal conditioner. Using these products will keep your hair hydrated and moisturized, ensuring no harm when you dry your tresses.  

Styling your Hair

Whether it’s your friend’s birthday party or a corporate dinner, you want to don up in a way that everyone around you is mesmerized with your looks. For that, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘styling your hair’. Most women, especially when they are in a hurry, find blow drying as the quickest and convenient option. But don’t forget that drying your hairs as is, without applying any hair product can damage your delicate strands.

Moreover, only a few hair textures look fabulous just on blow-dry. But most types of hair require little effort. So, applying specific products, such as Kerotin’s shape shifter spray, provides a maximum effect to your hairstyle and maintains moisture as well.

Argan Oil to Prevent Damage

Most of you will agree that your hair becomes rough and dry after drying out. But not anymore! Using argan oil will tame frizz, seal your cuticles, and strengthen your locks. Unlike other oils, enriching argan oil doesn’t give a greasy and unwashed look.

Apply it in minimal quantity just after washing your hair. Make sure to opt for the best quality argan oil, such as the ones from Kerotin. It will provide your tresses a rejuvenating effect and prevent them from breakage. Not only this, but you can also use Kerotin’s enriching argan oil before washing your tresses.

Brush and Twirl

If you are not using a blow-dryer, you’re likely to brush and scrunch your tresses continuously to dry them. Well, if you have straight strands, brushing or combing is probably the best way to dry them. However, if you have curly manes, keep in mind that your hair is in the most fragile state when wet.

So, you need to be very careful while brushing your curly locks; make sure to use an appropriate brush. (you can find it in our previously shared article). Not to mention, using Kerotin’s renewal conditioner is super easy for you and will untangle your curly locks with no hassle.

The Main Idea

Whether you have thick manes or fine tresses, when it comes to drying your wet hair, make sure to dry them in an appropriate manner to prevent damage. Not to mention, wet hair is more prone to damage and can make your hair weak and brittle if not cared properly.

For your convenience, we compiled a super simple list of tips to dry your hair, which ensures that your fragile tresses stay strong and don’t lose their charm and luster. Furthermore, don’t forget to add Kerotin’s hair products that we have mentioned in your hair care regimen to have mesmerizing locks.