Hairdos that You Should Avoid at all Costs

Whether you agree or not, hair care is one of our important responsibilities, especially for those who love trying and experimenting with unique and new hairstyles. With new trends come new hairstyles and plenty of us adore them by trying our best to wear those same hairdos, regardless of what hair type we have.

From slick ponies to tight braids and unnatural hair colors, we make our hair go through a lot without thinking the adverse effects of these trendy hairdos on our hair.

If you follow a good hair care regime or provide your hair with the essential nutrients it needs, there is no harm in trying new hairdos. However, if you take your hair health for granted, any adorably chic hairstyle, haircut or hair color may damage your hair. That means there are hairstyles that look trendy or stylish, but can be damaging for your hair, causing serious damage.

 One of the inevitable damage that these hairstyles cause is hair thinning or hair loss, which no doubt everyone worries about. Losing 20 to 40 hair strands every day is considered normal. However, if you find clumps of hair falling out or strands sticking on clothes, especially after shampooing, combing styling and hairline receding, this is something alarming.

You may find this bizarre, but it is not emotional or physical stress, heredity or medical condition that causes hair thinning. But there are certain hairdos, haircuts, and hair color that may lead to serious hair damage. To make matters worse, all these hair experiments become even more damaging if your hair products fail to provide the nutrients your tresses need to grow or keep the moisture locked in.

That is why it is important to understand that avoiding these hairstyles is not the only solution. Switching to a good hair care routine is of paramount importance.  A lot of people don’t realize that hair can take advantage from structure, consistency and an undeniable glossiness that an indulgent and proper hair routine provides.

To put it simply, Kerotin products can be your all-in-one solution, no matter what hair type you have or what rough or wild hairstyles you try.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t find out which hairdo may create havoc on your hair. If you haven’t considered it before, we have you covered here.

Below we have included some of the hairdos including hair colors and hair cuts that might become a threat to the longevity or vitality of your hair.

Hairdos You Should Avoid



Many of us are fond of tying our hair in a firm, sleek ponytail due to a super chic and glamorous look they give to our appearance. There is no doubt that ponytails are a good way to tame your messy locks, especially if your hair type is wavy or curly.

Ponytails are also a call back to the 80s and 90s era that is one reason you will find many people who are a fan of this era tying their locks in a ponytail on a daily basis. For some people, high ponytails are extremely energetic and make you feel free-spirited.

One of the most important reasons why many women love this super cool hairstyle is its easy-to-go look. Not only does it look good, but it's also incredibly easy to make and hardly takes 2 to 3 minutes to pull off the look you want to carry.

Unfortunately, little did we know about this on-the-go hairstyle is that it can be one of the causes of hair loss or thinning. Tying a tight ponytail once in a while is not a bad idea, but if you wear the same hairdo on a regular basis, it will restrict the blood circulation in your scalp. 

The damage can be serious if you constantly pull over your locks for a long period of time. According to dermatologists, the condition may lead to traction alopecia- a hair loss disorder commonly caused by physical or emotional stress put on scalp due to excessive hair tugging or pulling.

Hair thinning is a common indicator that there may be something wrong with your hairstyle. Pigtail or ponytails can also lead to a receding hairline on the temples and forehead. Not only this, there are other symptoms that include itchy scalp, headache, and hair breakage, especially around your scalp.

 To avoid this damage, it is better to wear a ponytail at the base of the neck and use quality hair products, like Kerotin shampoos and conditioners.


Although cornrows have its roots in the African region, the unique hairstyle is becoming exceptionally popular in the Western culture. The interesting thing about this hairdo is that it is equally popular among all age groups across the world.

Some of the popular celebrities to have spotted with cornrows are Alicia Keys, Ludacris, Willow Smith (daughter of Will Smith), and Sean Paul. There is no denying that cornrows add a unique touch to your personality. The sassy and cool hairdo with high ponytails can make your appearance look fabulous. It is fast and easy and liberates you from managing frizzy and dry hair.

Where a hairstyle like this makes you look stylish and ravishing, on the flip side, they can be really damaging. Your hair is tightly braided and stretched from the scalp when you wear cornrows that can create tension in your scalp. 

The excessive pressure can scar the skin and cause hair breakage or hair loss, especially if you choose the same hairstyle for a long time. Another important thing that you need to consider when picking this hairstyle is proper maintenance.

If you don’t clean your tresses properly, they may get messy and become prone to bacterial and fungal infections. These infections further promote bald spot formation.



Who will not fall in love with Lenny Kravitz, Whoopi Goldberg, and Bob Marley’s super chic hairdos? Whether you agree or not, these well-known faces are just not adored because they are supremely talented, but they are also loved because of their eye-catching and glamorous dreadlocks. The hairdo looks equally beautiful not only on long hair, but on short locks also.

But as beautiful as the hairdo looks, it comes with a plethora of disadvantages. According to hair experts, dreadlocks can damage your hair follicles if your hair remains twisted and tangled in the form of dreads.

 Not only does it cause hair loss, but also itchy scalp, dandruff, and many other problems. That is why it is important to consider the strength of your hair no matter how light or strong the hair pull is.  Think carefully or consult to your hair expert before you opt for fashionable and stylish dreadlock braids.



There is no doubt that artificial integration of tresses is an innovative technique to boost your self-esteem and self-confidence temporarily, but it may have an inevitable drawback as well. One of those drawbacks is traction alopecia that, as mentioned earlier, is a hair loss disease, typically caused by stress. In addition to causing hair thinning, artificial extensions can also cause bald spots.

The common process of integrating artificial extension includes clipping, gluing and weaving and all three methods can damage or scar your scalp beyond your imagination. Plus, cleaning hair extensions is also difficult as they do not absorb water and can easily get tangled.

Twisted Headband Hairdo

Twisted headband seems like a royal hairdo with its every strand beautifully entwined into each other, giving it an elegant height. It is one of the trendiest and funkiest hairdos that you will see in 2019. It appeals to a lot of people, especially ones with long, voluminous tresses.

However, it may sound peculiar, but this sophisticated hairdo damages your hair as it requires a lot of twists. If you frequently make this hairstyle, it entangles your tresses and makes them frizzy and dull. Plus, it will give you a tough time when it comes to undoing your hair after the event you attended.

Smooth Chignon


If your tresses are hard to manage or have damaged ends or split ends, smooth chignon can be an ideal hairdo to hide them. Although the elegant hairdo may hide your already damaged hair, it may further harm it as well.

To make this hairstyle, you need two small sections of your tresses from both the sides and gently twist them to tie together by using a soft scrunchy. Once it’s done, you need to tuck the rest of the hair and bring it upward. The hairdo requires a lot of hairpins and hair sprays to set in properly and this is where it becomes damaging for your locks.  

It is always better to try this hairdo occasionally and use high-quality hair products to protect your hair from damage.

 Half Crown Braid

There is no doubt that this hairstyle is one of the ideal picks for your most lazy days. But, hang on! If you really love your tresses and care about them, the hairdo would be a bad choice. Despite the fact that it looks subtle, easy and sophisticated, it may become a daunting task when it comes to repairing the damage it may cause you.

Just like a smooth chignon, this hairdo also requires to be sectioned into two portions. No matter if you like to leave your hair open after making half braid or want to make a fishtail, you need to crisscross the hair strands and fix them with a lot of hairpins and hair spray.

 And that may make your locks susceptible to damage and dullness. To put it simply, the hairdo is easy to make, but really tough to manage because of the hair tangling it may cause.

Twisted low Bun

Another incredibly beautiful hairdo, a twisted low bun doesn’t take much of your time and is one of the go-to hairstyles you can choose for any occasion. Whether you make it with a ribbon or style it with an elastic headband, the hairstyle looks spectacular on everyone.

To make the hairstyle, you need your hair ends to be folded upward and secured in the accessory you use.  After that, you need to give a little fluff to your hairdo to make it look voluminous.

Unfortunately, the problem with this hairdo is the same as we mentioned above with the hairstyles that involve twisting strands. Since it is in the form of a bun, it requires more twisting and turning of your hair strands.

Wearing this hairstyle over a long period of time can make your locks fragile and cause split ends. This is where the role of quality hair products comes in. Kerotin hair strengthening products and hair growth formulas come with potent nutrients and vitamins that help you promote hair health.

Messy Updos


There is nothing better than going with traditional updos when you feel like keeping it simple and all natural. And messy updos are the perfect way to rock your all natural look. Despite the fact that the hairstyle is a good alternative to ordinary buns and looks amazingly polished, this is exactly what you need to avoid.

 The point is that you need to avoid excessive stretching of your tresses, no matter what hairstyle you make. To get this messy look, you need to mussle up your hair front and tease it from the sides. This excessive teasing is what leads to hair breakage as it pulls your hair follicles. This hairstyle may also cause traction alopecia because of its rigidness.

Crimpled Hair

The hairstyle is commonly called deep waves and is included in one of the leading hairstyle trends of 2019. Crimpers are an easy way to get a frazzled look and add volume to your thin and dull locks. However, the process involves a lot of pulling and heat that may damage your tresses. Avoiding this hairdo is the best thing you can do if you are above forty.

Final Thoughts

All in all, knowing your hair type is substantially important if you want to try a new, trendy hairdo. Not all hairdos are suitable for your hair type and wearing them frequently can be detrimental for your hair.  Thus, avoid the above-mentioned hairstyles as much as you can and add kerotin products to your hair care routine to avoid possible damage even if you wear these hairdos.