Once You Go Black

Six Unique Ways to Wear Black Liquid Eye Liner

Black liquid eyeliner is among the best kept secrets in many women’s arsenal of cosmetic products. Some women live by their black liquid eyeliner, but others have not yet discovered all of the fabulous looks that you can achieve with this product. With a closer look at some of the unique ways that you can wear this product, you may never leave home without it again.

Dramatically Dark Under Eyes

If you are like most, you think about applying black liquid eyeliner in smooth, thin lines evenly on the top and bottom of your eyelids. However, when you make the lower eyelid slightly darker and thicker, you can have a far more dramatic look. Couple this with a lighter hue of eye shadow with a dark smudge of shadow in the crease of the eye, and you will have a truly breathtaking result.

Smudged Eye Liner

Another idea is to smudge your eye liner when it is still wet. Rather than leave the liquid eye liner in a smooth, crisp line, you can use a cotton swab to smudge and blend the eye liner slightly. This can create a smoky, beautiful look to your eyes.

Black Lips

For a more dramatic result, you can use the eye liner on your lips. Black liquid eyeliner applied over the entire surface of the lips will give you a gothic look that you can easily fall in love with. While this may not be the right look to wear to the office on Monday morning, it can show off your edgy side on the weekend.

Dark, Shapely Eyebrows

Black liquid eye liner can also be used to help you darken and shape your eyebrows with impressive results. You can go for curved, shapely eyebrows or darker, wedge-style chunks for a completely different look.

A Lovely Beauty Mark

Many of the most beautiful women in the world have a beauty mark on their face. You do not have to be born with a beauty mark to enjoy this look yourself. Simply use the black liquid eye liner to create a small but noticeable mark. Typically, high on the side of the cheek bone or just over the lip are the best options for a beauty mark.

A Washable Tattoo

There are times when you may wish you had ink on your body, but you may not want to invest in a permanent mark on your body. You can use black liquid eye liner to create a small but noticeable tattoo on your neck, shoulder, arm or another location. This takes an artistic touch, but the result can be stunning.

While you may largely use black liquid eye liner for the main purpose of highlighting your eyes in the typical fashion, you can see that this is a versatile product that provides you with many different cosmetic options. Take time to experiment with some of these options today to find new looks that you love.