Looks to Avoid

Six Unflattering Styles That Are Best Left on the Rack

If you are preparing to update your wardrobe for the upcoming season, you may be taking a closer look at some of the top styles that are making their way from high-fashion runways to your local department stores and online retailers. Adding the right pieces to your wardrobe can help you to look great for the next season and even for several more seasons in some cases. However, you do not want to pick up just any pieces that cash your eye and that appeal to you from a visual standpoint. There are some unflattering styles that simply should not be worn by anyone. As you shop around, consider avoiding some of these styles.

Loose, Flowing Outfits

One of the hottest trends in high fashion is loose, flowing fabric from head to toe. While this looks comfortable and appears to be able to hide all of the body image flaws that cause you concern, the fact is that this look is simply not attractive on any body type. You can modify it to include one piece that flows along with more sleek or contoured items elsewhere.

Harness-Style Collars

Another popular trend that is making its way to stores near you is the harness-style collar. This look may appear to be bold and eye-catching, it also has an unflattering, restrained look that may give others the wrong impression about you. It is better to steer clear of fashions that have a harness-style collar.

Denim or Brightly Colored Overalls

Overalls may be comfortable to wear, but it is best to leave this fashion item to children and agricultural workers. Regardless of whether they are brightly colored or denim, they are simply not flattering to any body shape.

Suits with Shorts

One of the hottest trends in professional fashions for women is a shorts suit. These are suit-style outfits with shorts on the bottom. While they appear to help you keep cool on warmer days, a skirt is a better professional look on warmer days when pants are not an option.

Different Types of Stripes

Striped fabrics are making a comeback with a vengeance, but gone are the days of plain horizontal or vertical stripes. The new stripes are in geometric patterns, zig-zags, diagonal lines and more. While some of these may be flattering, you should purchase these items with care. Keep in mind that lines can give the illusion of extension, and this can be unflattering if the lines do not fall perfectly on your body.

Pieces with Photo Prints

Another popular look that is best left at the stores is photo print apparel. These include everything from shirts and shorts to shoes and accessories. They are items that have a photo print emblazoned on them, such as a beach or animal scene. You may consider leaving the artwork on the walls and choosing more flattering prints and solids for your attire.

When the time comes to update your wardrobe with the latest fashions, you may want to avoid investing in these pieces. These are items that typically are not flattering on most people, and your money may be better spent with other items.