7 Tips to Help You Avoiding ‘Over-matching’ Your Makeup with Your Outfit

Every day, you make many wardrobe and styling choices that ultimately impact the image that you portray to others. You certainly want to look your best every day, but the unfortunate reality is that some women struggle with choosing the right colors of makeup to wear with different outfits. You do not want your colors to clash, but you also do not want to over-match them. By following a few important tips, you can minimize the likelihood of over-matching your clothing colors to your makeup hues.

Invest in Various Shades of Make-up

The absolute best step that you can take to minimize the chance of having your makeup match your outfits too closely is to invest in different shades of make-up. If you are only using one type of eye shadow and one tube of lipstick or gloss, you likely will run into issues with over-matching. Consider having at least three or four different options available at all times, if not more.

Mix Up Your Routine

Some women have a very specific makeup routine that they follow every day. If you have the same routine, you may also use the exact same types of makeup every day. This can make you look amazing some days. However, with some outfits, the colors may match too closely. Therefore, avoid sticking to the same routine every day, and adjust your routine based on your outfit.

Go for the Neutral Look

There may be instances when you do not know which colors of makeup to wear with your outfits. For example, you may have a green dress on, and you may not be certain which color of eye shadow or lipstick to pair the dress with. When in doubt, you can go for a neutral or natural look with your makeup. This works particularly well if you have bold color choices with your outfits.

Change Your Accessories

After getting dressed and applying makeup, some women will determine that their color choices are too closely matched. Before you decide to wash your face and head back to the closet to try again, you may consider how adding a few accessories in a complementary hue can benefit you. Accessories can provide you with the extra splash of color that you need to break up a monochrome appearance.

Make Your Lips Pop When Wearing Neutral Colors

If you have chosen to wear neutral colors, such as beige or white, a wonderful idea is to make your lips pop with a splash of color. You do not have to overdo all of your makeup and risk having a clown-like look. Instead, simply choose a beautiful and rather vivid color that looks stunning with your natural coloring.

Think About Shimmering Shadows

Another fabulous idea is to use shimmering shadows. You never want to match your eye shadow to your outfit colors, and you can use colors that enhance your eyes or that are great accent colors to your wardrobe choices. The extra touch of shimmer on your eyes will further create differences between your outfit and your makeup to ensure that you do not overly match.

Use Colored Mascara or Eyeliner

You can also think about how the use of colored mascara or eyeliner can be used effectively. Just as you do not want to match your eye shadow to your clothes, the same holds true for your mascara or eyeliner. However, the use of the right colors with mascara or eyeliner can make a subtle yet dramatic difference in your makeup for beautiful results.

Choosing the right colors for your outfits and makeup can seem challenging. However, when you apply these tips over time, you will find that you can make quick and stunning decisions that help you to look your best every day.