Style Your Jewelry Like a Pro with These 6 Handy Accessorizing Tips

Even the most stylish outfits can look unpolished and even rather plain without the perfect accessories to dress them up. Accessorizing with jewelry is the perfect way to dress up your looks, but there are some tips that you can follow to ensure that you always look your best. As you style your outfits with jewelry, consider following these accessorizing tips.

Think About Minimalism

Each piece of jewelry that you wear can make a big statement on its own. Some people enjoy adding piece after piece to their ensemble, but there are many instances when only one or two pieces is all that is needed to complete the look. Therefore, consider carefully selecting the right piece or two to wear rather than dressing up your body with many different options.

Wear Large Pieces to Dress Up Plain Clothes

There certainly is a time and a place to wear smaller, demure pieces of jewelry, but you may want to choose bolder, eye-catching pieces when you are dressing up plain clothes. For example, everything from a white peasant-style blouse to a little black dress can look stunning with a larger or even colorfully bold piece of jewelry. Along those same lines, such striking pieces may be overpowering when paired with brightly colored clothes, vivid prints or other bolder wardrobe choices.

Think About Balance With Your Earrings

Earrings should be chosen with care. While the color and style are important, the size should also be considered carefully. The size that you select should be balanced with your hair style as well as the size and shape of your face. For example, a piled-high up-do is often best paired with smaller earrings while larger earrings can look great when hair is loose and flowing.

Pay Attention to Your Neckline With Necklaces

Necklaces come in a wide range of sizes, ranging from chokers to almost navel-length. The length of your necklaces should be carefully selected based on the neckline of your shirt or dress. When a necklace length closely follows the neckline of a shirt or dress, it can be confusing to others. In many cases, part of the necklace may be hidden from view under the shirt or dress.

Manicure Hands When Wearing Rings

Whether you are wearing a large fashion ring or a simple ring with a brightly hued stone, you will be drawing attention to your hands when you wear rings. This means that your hands as well as your jewelry will get noticed. It is best to manicure your hands when wearing rings. When wearing bold or large rings, go for a simple manicure rather than brightly colored, long nails.

Make the Right Statement

While you want to choose the right colors, sizes and shapes of jewelry to wear, you also want to choose the right style to wear with your outfits. Jewelry can be bold, romantic, feminine, sophisticated, modern, chic or something else altogether. Make sure that the pieces that you select have the perfect style for the look that you want to achieve.

It can be nearly impossible to complete your looks without the right jewelry pieces to accessorize with. As you shop for your pieces or select the right pieces to wear on a daily basis, keep these important tips in mind.