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Is It Right to Deep Condition Your Hair before You Wash it?

Posted by Brandi Marcene on

Is It Right to Deep Condition Your Hair before You Wash it?

Dry and frizzy hair has a tendency to lose moisture quickly, which leaves them dull and lifeless. Deep conditioning, in this regard, is a one way to help your hair replenish moisture and restore strength.  Many hair experts believe that you can protect your hair from everyday stressors with deep conditioning.

Deep conditioner helps hair retain the much-needed hair moisture, turning it into a healthy and new mane. Deep conditioning fortifies hair strands and makes them stronger to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Particularly,  people who have hair more prone to frizzing and drying up, there is no better solution than applying deep conditioners at least twice a week.  

While hair masks and deep conditioners have become an integral part of good hair regimen, how and when to use them properly is a much-debated topic. Some people get confused whether they should apply deep conditioner before washing hair or after that. Plus, how is it different than regular conditioner?  These queries are common when it comes to using a deep conditioner in the right way.

To help you determine that, we have described how deep conditioning is different from regular conditioning. Plus, is it right to apply deep conditioner on your hair before you wash it?

Is Deep Conditioning Same as Regular Conditioning?

When learning what suits your hair best, it is essential to know the difference between different types of conditioning processes.  Regular and deep conditioners have different effects on your hair as they have different compositions.

The regular conditioner is a surface conditioner that is a part of your daily hair care regimen.  You do not usually leave surface conditioners in your hair for more than 10 minutes.  Used as a co-washer, you apply it, scrub it and rinse it out.

 As a rinse out conditioner, it has ingredients that moderately absorb in your hair. The ingredients are gentle and safe enough, so you can use regular conditioner daily.   Most regular conditioners have emollients, humectants, and silicones that lock moisture in your hair.

On the other hand, deep conditioners have a thicker consistency than rinse out conditioners. They require more time to absorb so you need to leave them longer in your hair.  The best formula for deep conditioning tends to penetrate into the hair shaft.  It nourishes your hair cuticles better than a surface conditioner.

Deep conditioners consist of deep penetrating oils such as avocado oil, olive oil, and coconut oil.  Highly viscous, deep conditioners leave a long-lasting effect on the hair as compared to surface conditioner. Moreover, deep conditioning requires heating as a part of the process. It helps ingredients and oils absorb better in the hair. Heating deep conditioner moisturizes your hair and locks the moisture in the hair.

Hence, both regular and deep conditioners are different in formula and how you use them.  Specifically, deep conditioning is crucial for your hair.  However, when and how often you use it makes a lot of difference in terms of accomplishing better results.

Should You Apply Deep Conditioner on Your Hair before You Wash it?

Deep conditioning is an excellent way to restore the moisture in your hair.  With high-quality deep conditioning, you can treat your hair that are damaged and dried due to dye, sun exposure, styling, and heating.

 Although the right deep conditioning makes your tresses shiny and healthy, it has to follow the right order too.  Some people use it before shampooing hair while some believe it gives better results when you use it after shampooing.  

Many hair experts believe that there is nothing wrong with deep conditioning your hair before you wash them.  However, deep conditioning doubles its effects when you apply it specifically after shampooing.

This is how you can apply it in the right the way,

Choose the Right Product

Knowing your hair type is very important when choosing the right conditioning treatment.  You may get overwhelmed by the numerous brands available on the market.  You need to look for the right ingredients that are tailored your hair specific requirements.

  • If you have textured hair, choose a product with that is specifically made for this type of hair.
  • If your hair is fine, choose a weightless and light product
  • If your hair is curly, choose a product that can keep frizziness at bay

Wash Your Tresses

 Apply a shampoo that has a mild effect on your hair and does not strip natural oils. Sulfate shampoos have abrasive ingredients that can lead to hair breakage. Gently massage your scalp with shampoo for at least 5 minutes until it washes away the dirt.

Apply Deep Conditioner

You do not need to use regular conditioner if you are deep conditioning your hair.  

  • Squeeze an adequate quantity onto your hands, and gently rub it on your palms
  • Apply it on your hair, halfway down the roots, moving towards the ends
  • Apply it carefully on the tips which are drier

Allow it to Set

 The deep conditioner will take at least 10 minutes to penetrate to the core of each strand.  Normally, deep conditioning requires 30 minutes to work on your hair. Keep your hair covered with a shower cap.

Apply Heat

 Deep conditioning requires you to heat up the product you are using.  You can use a blow dryer. Set it on low heat and thoroughly heat up the conditioner. Make sure your hair is covered and temperature is not too high.

 Rinse Out

 Remove your cap and wash your tresses with cool water. It will tighten your hair shafts and make them shinier.   After rinsing, let your hair air dry and enjoy the glossy and bouncy, well-conditioned hair.

Bottom Line

Deep conditioning improves your hair texture by making them smooth and manageable. Using it before you wash your hair adds life to it while leaving a long-lasting effect. Make sure that you pick the right product and follow the directions above to deep condition your hair.





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