Mistakes You Must Not Make When Washing Your Hair

There is no denying that ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’. However, you cannot ignore the importance of well-kept and healthy hair when it comes to creating a perfect image of yourself. Almost everyone craves shiny, lustrous and beautiful hair. We all go an extra mile to give our hair the care it needs to stay healthy. Washing them is just one of them.

However, little do we know about the mistakes we often make when washing hair. Just like our skin, our hair requires attention. Effective care begins when you know the mistakes that must be avoided to protect your hair.

From over-washing to skipping conditioner, we have listed some common mistakes that you must not make when washing your hair.

Over Shampooing

If you think that regular hair wash improves your hair health, you are wrong. It is a myth. According to Danilo Dixon, a celebrity hairstylist, the need to wash your hair depends on your environment and lifestyle. For example, if you exercise a lot and due to perspiration your hair gets oily, you can wash them daily.

 Apart from this, shampooing your hair twice a week is an ideal way to keep them healthy. Not only does over shampooing removes the natural oil from your hair, but it also damages it. If your hair is already damaged and dry, avoid washing it daily to keep it hydrated.

Use Conditioner Instead Of Shampoo

If you feel your hair requires a daily wash, consider using conditioner instead of shampoo. It will clean your hair and make your hair feel fresher without stripping the scalp.

Avoid Mix and Match In Shampoos and Conditioners

Hair care companies develop and test the efficacy of shampoos and conditioners in pairs. It allows manufacturers to assess and optimize each ingredient for its individual function.

 However, when you mix and match these hair care products, they become less effective, including over-conditioning or under-conditioning, which is not good for your hair.

Do Not Apply Conditioner like a Shampoo

Shampoo and conditioner have different functions. They have different application methods. You use a shampoo specifically on your scalp and hair to clean it. Conditioner, on the other hand, reduces evaporation and moisturizes hair. However, applying conditioner on your scalp can make it extra greasy.

 Hair experts recommend that you should not apply conditioner on the roots, rather apply it to the tips in an upward direction.

Conditioning Is Must

Your conditioner is a must-to-have product. Skipping it may leave your hair dry and frizzy. If you think applying conditioner makes your hair flat and greasy, you can reduce the quantity.

Another thing that you can do is to apply it to the ends of your hair which are more fragile and prone to breakage. This is an easy way to keep your hair tips moisturized.

Washing Hair with Hot Water

This is another common mistake that most women make without realizing the damaging effects of hot water on their hair. Washing hair with hot water may:

o   Weakens your Hair

 Hot water opens your hair cuticle and strips out the keratin and natural oils, making your hair lose its strength and natural shine. According to hair experts, your hair becomes fragile and easily breaks when you expose them to hot water.

o   Damages Hair Roots

Exposing hairs to hot water may damage your hair roots. Your hair roots become frizzier that increases the risks of premature graying.

Cleanse Your Scalp

 Shampooing does not mean you just apply it on your hair and wash it off quickly. You have to be patient with the process. Remember, it is not only your hair that requires cleaning; your scalp needs to be cleaned too. To put it simply, there are five easy steps you need to follow when washing your hair:

  • Comb your hair gently with a wide toothed brush or comb. It reduces tangles.
  • Wet your hair with warm water
  • Squeeze shampoo (required quantity) and gently massage your tresses, from scalps to the tips
  • Work it through the length of your tresses
  • Rinse your tresses with cold water

 Avoid Leaving Shampoo Residue in Your Hair

Many hair experts recommend standing under the shower for at least 2 minutes. It is essential that you give the water some time to rinse out the shampoo residue from your hair. Leaving residue in your hair does not only weaken strands, but also causes scalp irritation and infection.

 Moreover, sulfate in your shampoo rips off your hair cuticles and that results in loss of natural oils. It affects your hair color too. Hence, make sure that you gently detangle your tresses before you rinse out shampoo –especially if you have curls. Detangling will allow the shampoo to rinse through your tresses easily. It will also prevent breakage.

Forgetting Hair Moisturizers and Balms

 Your hair loses moisture very quickly. Washing your hair with only shampoo and conditioners is not enough. There are numerous products like hair masks and balms that you can apply to your tresses to enhance their growth. Make sure the products you choose suits your hair type and do not damage it.

Using them with your shampoo and conditioner doubles the effect. You can also apply them right after rinsing off your hair.

Do Not Tie Wet Hair

According to hair experts, tying wet tresses is a big ‘No’. Women commonly make this mistake after washing their hair. It weakens your hair strands and causes severe breakage, especially when you tie your wet hair with a rubber band. It also increases the tension in the strands. No matter what high- quality product you use for your hair, tying wet tresses will damage it.

Avoid Drying Hair with a Towel

To avoid damage to your hair follicles, do not dry your hair with a towel. After washing, gently blot them from roots to tips. Moreover, you can use a cotton T-shirt to tie them instead of using a towel.

Bottom Line

The above-mentioned mistakes are some of the most common ones that women make due to which they suffer rapid hair loss and hair deterioration. By avoiding these mistakes, you can overcome damage and get shiny, fuller and beautiful hair.