Tips for Deep Treating Your Hair

Deep treatment refers to moisturizing treatments that include hair mask or protein treatments for hair. Essential for all hair types, deep treatment is an excellent solution for dry, frizzy and damaged hair. Not only does it moisturize your hair, but it also strengthens it.

Before we tell you some useful tips for deep treating your hair, let us understand why deep treatment is important.

Why is Deep Treatment Important?

 There is no denying that we experiment with our hair in a number of ways.  We curl it, straighten it, style it, and blow dry it. They are also exposed to sunlight, which makes them lose their natural strength. While trying out different things with your hair is tempting, giving your hair an occasional deep treatment to restore its natural moisture is essential as well.

According to hair experts, by deep treating, you can keep your hair hydrated and improve its appearance.  It reduces the negative effects of sulfate-based shampoo, and styling products that you apply on your hair. Moreover, it:

  • Prevents Damage

Deep treating your hair at least once a month prevents hair damage. It provides moisture while improving your hair texture.   By penetrating the shafts, deep treatment reduces split ends and breakage.

If you feel your hair are already in good condition, adding deep treatment to your hair care regimen will help you maintain healthy hair.

  • Promotes Elasticity

No one wants hair breakage.  People who have brittle hair often have to strive to maintain long, full and shiny hair. Deep treatment is the right way you can combat hair breakage –especially if you have dry hair.  By promoting elasticity, it nourishes and moisturizes your hair with essential oils.

  • Adds Shine

Your hair goes through a lot. With time it loses luster and the natural shine because of the chemical and harmful products you apply on it.  If your hair is going through the same, then deep treatment can repair your hair damage and give sheen.

How Can You Deep Treat Your Hair Effectively

If you a think your deep treatment session does not give you the desired results, the following tips can help you.   To make it easy for you, we have split the tips into some Dos and Don’ts.


The Treatment Regularly

 If you do deep treatment regularly, your hair will become softer, manageable and less prone to damage.  The hair will be able to retain their length.

However, by saying ‘regularly’ we do not mean you have to repeat the process daily.  How often you should take deep treatment depends upon the condition of your tresses.  If your hair is brittle and damaged, you might need to repeat the session in every 4 to 5 days.  

Otherwise, taking deep treatment session fortnightly is the best option if your hair is not weak or limp.

Heat up Your Hair

This tip is an excellent way to make your hair super soft and shiny.  Heating up your conditioning mask-particularly if you are using protein-based hair mask can double the effects.

According to Natural Haven’s published article, if you heat up your deep treatment mask up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit it increases the absorption level.  The ingredients penetrate the shafts effectively, making hair smoother and glossy.

For ideal results, you can heat up deep treatment mask in a hot water bath instead of using a blow dryer.

Try Alternate

The tip is the key to healthier hair. Many hair experts recommend having a proper moisture and protein balance. By trying alternate deep treatment sessions of protein and moisture, you can keep your tresses nourished and strong.

Furthermore, it reduces hair breakage while aiding length retention and hair growth.  The treatment products that contain Cetearyl, fatty alcohol, oil, emollient butter, Aloe Vera, ceramides and glycerin add moisture and softness to your hair.

Similarly, if you are looking for strengthening treatments, choose the products that contain amino acids, keratin, and hydrolyzed proteins.

Try Steam

Steaming during deep treatment sessions affects your hair health and appearance significantly.  Not only does it keep your hair hydrated, but it also provides moisture boost to revitalize hair texture.   Steam heats up conditioners or hair masks, and allow cuticles to lift up gently for better penetration of the ingredients.

In addition, steaming hair during deep treatment improves moisture retention and improves elasticity. Do not worry in case you do not have a steamer, you can try numerous DIY steam treatment methods.

Focus on Hair Tips

Shampoo is for scalp and conditioner is for hair ends’, if you have heard that, you must know the importance of deep treating your hair ends.  According to hair experts, applying conditioner on your hair tips is more beneficial than scrubbing it on the scalp. By concentrating on the hair tips during hair treatment, you absorb the goodness of deep conditioning in a better way.  


Over Do It

This tip helps you protect your hair from getting fragile and mushy.  Deep treating hair means you should not keep the mask more than 30 to 40 minutes.  If your hair mask does not show results in a reasonable period, you should reconsider your product choice. Besides this, over conditioning can weaken your hair and can cause hygral fatigue.


Using deep conditioners as leave-in or co-wash is a big No.  The deep conditioner contains a special formula to provide intense conditioning to your hair.  They contain highly concentrated cationic surfactants that may harm hair if used as a leave-in or co-wash.

Invite Bacteria

Whether you are using a high-quality product or some DIY deep treatment, avoid storing your deep conditioner for too long.  It is not good to keep these mixes for more than a month.  There are preservatives in a store -bought hair treatment mask that may give you some more time to leave it in your hair. However,   DIY home mixes contain no preservatives that could prevent them from molding away. Hence, the tip is very important to keep infections at bay.

Bottom Line

Overall, there is no doubt deep treating your hair is very important. By following these simple and effective hair care tips, you can make the most of hair conditioning masks and enjoy healthy, beautiful and shiny hair.