Get Your Glow On with Our List of 5 Great Workouts You Can Do from Home

Working out regularly can leave you feeling invigorated, relaxed and generally more at peace with yourself. You may feel great inside and out, and you may love the way you look when you workout on a consistent basis. The good news is that you do not have to pay for an expensive gym membership to have a great workout regularly. These are five great options that you can do from home at any time.

Jumping Squats

The best workouts are those that engage most or all of your major muscle groups at one time while also raising your heart rate. These give you the benefits of active muscle movement along with a cardio workout to burn calories. Lunging squats are one of the activities that you can do at home that meets these goals. You simply lower into a squat position, then explode upward with a jump. At the end of your jump, lower back down into a squat position. Adding arm movement with your jumps incorporates more muscle movement for the best results.


Burpees are a great total body workout option that can tone and strengthen your entire body while also adding a cardio element. You will quickly move from a push-up position into an upright standing position before jumping upward with your hands in the area. Then, you will lower quickly back into a push-up position to repeat the process.

Jumping Jacks or Jump Roping

Both jumping jacks and jump roping have similar movements, and they provide you with a great upper and lower body workout. The faster that you move with this workout, the more calories you can burn. This is a simple yet highly effective way to get some exercise at home.

Jackknife Crunches

Jackknife crunches are more advanced, and they can tone both your upper and lower abs quickly while also giving you a cardio workout. To complete this type of exercise, you lay flat on your back with your arms and legs outstretched as far as you can reach. Arms and legs will be raised off the ground, and you will jackknife upward so that your arms and legs remain straight the entire time. After touching your arms and legs together overhead, lower them back downward without allowing them to touch the ground. This is a fabulous core body workout.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are ideal for toning muscles and burning fat. You simply lower into a push up stance, and move your legs back and forth in alternating fashion, rotating your knees slightly outward so that your legs can be brought as far forward with each movement as possible. Faster movement is ideal to raise your heart rate.

You can choose one of these workouts that you enjoy doing, or you can consider incorporating each of them into a more comprehensive workout routine. Through these workout efforts at home, you will be able to tone muscles, burn calories and get the glow that you desire.