Colored Mascara

Everything You Need to Know About Styling Your Lashes

When most people reach for a tube of mascara, it is a more neutral hue like an earthy brown or midnight black shade. These colors provide you with a more natural look while extending and thickening the appearance of your eyelashes. However, these are not the only color options available, and there are actually numerous striking color choices that you can consider. Colored mascara can accent the color of your eyes, make the whites of your eyes appear whiter and give you an eye-catching look that is all your own. However, this look must be pulled off with care, and you can more easily style your eyelashes with colored mascara when you follow a few steps.

Choose the Right Hue for Colored Mascara

One of the most important steps to take when applying colored mascara is choosing your color carefully. You should consider your outfit, your coloring and the hue in your eyes when selecting a color to wear. Typically, green mascara is not flattering on anyone because it makes lashes appear to be shorter. Blue is a universal go-to color that looks great on most people. Violet and purple hues can look amazing on those with blue and green eyes or hints of these colors in their eyes.

Make Your Eyes the Focal Point

Colored mascara is generally worn for dramatic impact and flair. When you choose to wear blue, purple or some other hue on your eyelashes, you typically do not need to dress up other areas of your face quite as much as you otherwise would. You can keep the eyeshadow on your eyelids a neutral hue or keep the eyelids completely bare. Likewise, go for a natural look with your blush and lipstick choices. The drama of your eyes will make an impact when the rest of your make-up is neutral. Furthermore, if you have too much color on your face, you may wind up looking almost comical.

Apply Make-up With Care

While you want your lashes to have the main color on your face, you do not want to neglect other areas of your face. Ideally, you will use foundation, concealer and powder to create flawless-looking skin and to give your face a finished look. The mascara itself may be applied with a single coat over the tips of the lashes. If you need more mascara, consider applying your regular black or brown mascara as a first coat. Then, apply the colored mascara only over the ends of the lashes.

Colored mascara is becoming increasingly popular and more mainstream, but it must be applied with care if you want to enjoy the best overall results. If you are thinking about using colored mascara with your cosmetic efforts, you can think about how each of these tips can help you to achieve a gorgeous result. You may also consider practicing at home in the evening to pull off a gorgeous look before you head out with your colored mascara for a full day away from the house.