5 Hair Care Mistakes That Every Girl Makes – and How to Fix Them Quickly

Everyone has a bad hair day now and then, but if you find that you struggle with your hair frequently, the fact is that you may be making some common hair care mistakes that are leading to your challenges. The fact is that everyone will make a hair mistake from time to time, but some make mistakes regularly with their hair care that ultimately may cause dryness, breakage or worse. By learning more about some of these common hair care mistakes, you can easily fix them so that you can enjoy full, healthy and gorgeous hair every day.

Washing Tangled Hair

When your hair is wet, it is in its weakest state. Hair will inevitably get tangled while you wash it, and brushing through tangles can increase the likelihood of breakage. When you brush your hair before you get it wet, you can minimize the tangles. In addition, after you get out of the shower, you can run your fingers through your hair first to break up the tangles before brushing. A wide toothed comb is also effective when hair is wet.

Washing Your Hair Too Often

When you wash your hair, your strip your scalp of essential oils that are critical to nourishing your hair. While you need to wash your hair to keep it clean and healthy, washing it too much is not beneficial. You may consider only wetting it daily and washing it every other day or every third day, depending how much product you use to style it.

Not Brushing All of Your Hair

Many people have heard that over-brushing can damage hair, and because of this, some will only brush the ends of their hair. However, when you fail to brush all of your hair, you are not distributing the natural oils on your scalp across all of your strands. A great idea is to brush your hair from the scalp down to the ends on a regular basis to distribute the natural oils that your body produces.

Forgetting About Heat Protection

Many people will use heat to style their hair. This may include heat from the hair dryer, flat iron, curling iron or other efforts. Heat can cause dryness and damage, and this is particularly true if these heating elements are used on wet hair. Allow hair to dry completely, except if you are using a blow dryer. In addition, use a heat protection serum to protect your hair while styling with heat.

Bad Towel Drying Techniques

Many hair care and styling products will advise you to apply the products to damp hair, so towel drying is necessary. However, rubbing wet hair too stringently can result in damage to your hair strands. This can result in frizzing, dullness and even breakage. A better idea is to blot hair gently and to allow hair to air dry partially. This will take longer, but it will result in healthier hair.

Healthy hair is easier to style and manage, and it will generally look better for you on a regular basis. If you are making any of these common hair care mistakes, you can easily remedy the situation for healthier hair.