Did You Miss Paris Fashion Week?

Let’s Take a Look at 8 of the Most Memorable Moments

Fashion-forward individuals often look forward to Paris Fashion Week each year. This is a milestone event that designers prepare most of the year for. The top designers in the world showcase their latest styles on runways at this event, and these are the styles that may trickle into department stores and online retailers throughout the following year. If you missed the last Paris Fashion Week event, take a look at these top memorable moments that people are still talking about.

The Luxury of Hermes

Hermes’ designer Christophe Lemaire showcased his preference for luxurious decadence for fall fashions this season. While other designers showed skin and tight-fighting clothes that revealed feminine curves, this designer’s collection featured loose-fitting fashions that draped comfortably over the models. Color choices were classic, including warm grays and light beige.

Animal Skin Suits

Hermes also made a fashion statement at Paris Fashion Week by re-inventing the women’s business suit. A stunning sheered fur suit in black was the talk of the town. This is a luxurious alternative to traditional materials that are commonly used with women’s business attire.

American Prep With European Flair

The designer Miuccia Prada introduced spring pastels with fall fashions in true prep school style. Sport skirts and athletic jackets have been created with baby pinks and blues, making the Miu Miu runway a true highlight of Paris Fashion Week. The looks here blended American prep school style with a uniquely European flair.

Bold, Utilitarian Looks

The Miu Miu runway also made headlines during Fashion Week when tennis dresses, quilted skirts and puffer jackets were combined with clear rain boots, primary colored vests and sleek, modern lines. This created a utilitarian look that is fresh, young and edgy.

Subtle Style From the Past

Louis Vuitton took a different spin for the coming season. This designer’s fashions featured neutral hues with striking contrasts between darker and lighter hues, and they took a humble, subtle spin off of 70s styles. The result is fashions that are wearable and trendy but that are also understated and completely elegant.

Hauntingly Gorgeous Dresses With Decadent Fabrics

Designer Alexander McQueen unveiled incredible designs that had an almost haunting impact on the Paris runways. These were dramatic pieces that included an anglaise dress with a frayed organza collar, an almost eerie and doll-like dress with a sailor’s color and black bows and several impressive furs that were almost fairy tale-like with their dramatic look.

Simple Patterns With Bold Colors

Valentino is a designer that is known for romantic flair, and the designer did not disappoint fans during this year’s Paris Fashion Week. It unveiled fashions with a 70s feel, complete with geometric shapes, bold patterns, full skirts, flowing dresses and even harlequin-style gowns.

Chic Yet Casual Looks

Chanel typically makes headlines during Paris Fashion Week, and this year was no different. The designer unveiled fashions with striking hues like violet, turquoise and burnt orange along with fascinating fabric choices that ranged from tweed to knits. These were fully accessorized with signature Chanel sunglasses, scarves, handbags and boots.

While not all of the fashions featured at Paris Fashion Week will make their way to department stores in the near future, you may be pleased to find that many of these gorgeous looks will be available to you soon. You can spend time learning more about these and other incredible styles and begin updating your wardrobe soon.